The AFP learned on Thursday that the funding of 500 million euros will complement the 6 billion allocated under the agreement concluded in 2016 to finance programs implemented by NGOs for the approximately 3.7 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, explained a source.

The executive chaired by German Ursula von der Leyen also proposed to facilitate the issuance of visas for Turkish nationals.

European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell announced on Wednesday the release of 170 million euros in emergency aid “for the most vulnerable in Syria” during his trip to Ankara.

So Erdogan Khan has been calmed down for now. But commentators don’t expect this to last for very long, and Moscow’s at the end of its rope with him.

Below, Pepe Escobar (in a piece originally titled Empires of the Steppes Fuel Erdogan Khan’s Dreams) explains why, for historical reasons, Erdogan would indeed be a Khan, at least in his own mind, and why this kind of tribal, warlike behaviour has form in this part of the world. And how, supreme irony of ironies, it is in fact Russia that is preventing the migrant flooding of Europe.

Here’s the RT video of yesterday’s post-meeting media address in Moscow: