UNITE – Is It Possible …?

UNITE – Is It Possible?

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

I just listened to Roger Landry’s latest talk as a guest on the National Intel Report: Is COVID-19 Intended To Be … The Destruction of America As We Know It?

I have to say, I LOVE HIS RANTS! And that’s not because I favor the wild, mindless ravings of a rebel which they are not. They are well-researched, sanely delivered facts about what the hell is truly happening on this planet. Who wouldn’t get emotional??

The final note was about the need to unite which prompted this article.

For me, it makes me want to go to some mountaintop and shout, “What’s with you guys? Don’t you get it?” It’s been said hundreds of times in many different words but I can understand why many of us, myself included, had turned their backs, either in disbelief or fear. We want to believe this great, powerful country will never fall. But now we are faced with that very real possibility.

One of the main tactics used by those who would destroy is to turn people against each other. I’m so disturbed to see many on Facebook who are bickering and arguing and making each other wrong over what this virus is all about instead of searching for the truth and turning the attack toward the correct target. Or at least being more polite with each other and considering their views.

Why do we do this? It’s because when we are confused, worried and fearful, we seek out something to hold onto, the anchor in a storm. For example, one might think, “My religion will save me” or, “Trump will handle it” or “I still have my 401K”. It brings relief and hope, even if it might be wrong. It steadies the rocking boat so we can live calmly. And then, when we read disagreements to our solutions, that invites anger or a harsh response back and the boat rocks again.

I’ve been guilty of this myself. I interject my thought into a rival conversation and it goes over like cod liver oil in their ice cream. They spit it back at me with another video or article to cement their rightness. I’m tempted to unfriend them.

Then the real enemy wins again as the chain weakens.

I ask myself, “Why are they so clueless?” They’re not clueless; in most cases, they just find it hard to view the evil which is all dressed in overwhelm. So do I. It’s a survival mechanism. When you’re a kid, you hide under the blankets to avoid the boogeyman you see in the shadow on the wall. Then you scream for Mommy, your anchor.

So how do you handle this? Well, we do baby steps. Like – offer proof of how few people have died from the virus compared to the flu. Here’s a video from a reputable doctor that might convince you. He talks about curing it with Vitamin C and how false the alarming data is from the media.

Roger posted a video as part of the article on the podcast mentioned which shows empty hospitals, including no testing done while the media gives fake news about how many people are hospitalized. So now they are not just twisting and altering the news to make it worse, they are telling you the opposite!

So, another thing to offer – stop watching the news. Well, we can’t avoid it completely but cut it down, look for news that offers solutions.

Something else you can tell people to do (which I do myself do to great advantage) is to get outside and take a walk. Nobody is banning exercise. Look at things while getting out of your head where the cobwebs of anxiety linger and grow. This refreshes the mind and creates a vacuum for positive, creative thought. Try it. The simple answers are the most powerful.

The most important and vital thing we should do, though, is find ways to band together. We are truly in a war and we all need each other. Think of the massive street protests that have resulted in turning the tide on some nasty government oppression’s and defeated them when all looked lost and impossible to overcome.

Online is the only way to do this right now. If more people adopted the idea and joined together, it can be done. We need intensive protests about 5G, about the dangers of vaccines, about exposing the lies in the media, about the destruction of our economy and out very culture and who’s causing it, about the cheap, natural cures for this virus, about the fact that there have been many times more suicides than deaths these days from the virus. Watch this:

How do we do this? Don’t ask me; I’m no computer techie. How would YOU do it? You see, that’s my first step in joining together. Get participation. Get brain cells burning. Survey the answers. Invite tons of people. A Facebook page? Instagram? Twitter? All of them? What would you call it? That’s assuming their not banned for “violating community rules” since, of course, it would be alternative news. But we won’t go there. Useless worry.

Most likely, it would be petitions. Of course, Facebook is loaded with those but how would you make it different and more effective? The bottom line is we need millions of people all over the planet, all flowing in the same direction with the power of agreement which creates reality. We need to get out of the fear zone and into creative thinking and doing; that’s who we really are, not victims of suppression.

I hope to hear from you.


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