V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events: Episode 2


By TLB Contributor & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

RebeccaRebecca L. Mahan is a U.S.M.C. Veteran, retired peace officer, and published author who currently hosts three radio shows on TLB Radio Network. Her focus is to help others by bringing awareness about relevant issues, helping people overcome trauma, and encouraging kids to learn U.S. History.


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This episode of the V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, shows cases 5 people who are making significant changes in the lives of others.

The first guest, Dr. Art Capperauld, Doctor of Chiropractic, Healthy Weight Loss Expert and Lecturer, shares the importance of how he uses the laws of nature to guide his patients through a natural diet. He focuses on bringing attention to the foods we consume correlate to the specific conditions affecting us in an unhealthy way. Dr. Capparauld gives history about the role of sugar in our body and the length of time sugar disrupts it. He also shares how certain foods affect the body, at what time of day a specific food can work to our advantage, and achieving optimal health by smart eating. Dr. Capperauld demyths the role of eggs and cholesterol by focusing cholesterol level ratios from a different lens. He also shares how he and his family’s diet include 3-4lbs of butter a week. A free diet plan is offered at his website www.conceptsforhealth.com.

Nicholas C. Rossis, a Blogger and Author of “Runaway Smile,” a book that has launched him as an Award Winning Finalist in the International Author Network Competition and the International Book Awards Competition, paints a picture of the protagonist, a little boy, who is looking for his smile. Runaway Smile was written to share how we get our joy back. Nicholas allows the listener insight to his real world by sharing an incident that happened to his grandmother. His grandmother jailed herself internally due to the horrific death of her daughter, not making peace until later in her golden years. The effect from the incident tricked down through generations. He talks about guilt, anger, and forgiveness and how forgiving is ultimately to help ourselves heal. We discuss how seeing beyond pain, looking in scripture, and looking for the good that can come from trauma can make a significant difference. www.nicholasrossis.me

Lusi Santiago and Janie Terrazas, co-creators of the “The Love Coaches, Inspiring and Building Loving Relationships,” shares how the two came together, their backgrounds, and building a foundation as a team placed them into a position of transforming unhealthy relationships. Working as a couple allows a 360 degree view to address issues that can be overlooked by relationship coach that works solo. Janie talks about illuminating the dim light within ourselves. Luis ties the disparity of their childhoods into the creation of the “S.A.F.E. Communication Method. The two blend views on communication to place a stop to the “rattling of cages” and avoiding issues that manifest itself in other areas and cause confusion. They leave the listener with a free tool to start the relationship transformation today, The “R.A.D. Love Deeds” can be found at: www.thelovecoaches.com

Theresa Roemer who is an entrepreneur, small business owner, and philanthropist, began her life on a small ranch in Nebraska. As a young child, she faced a series of health issues, one of which caused a heart murmur. She was told this challenge would limit her in doing activitess. Theresa would not accept this, rather flourished by following her desire to do the things she wanted to, despite what she was told. She loved being active and physical as a child. This desire and the love for being active catapulted her in becoming a great athlete, personal trainer, and owner of a health club chain. At 38 years old, she sold the chain and became a millionaire. From here, Theresa talks about the struggles of divorce and deaths of close loved ones that came about during her rise in success and how she continued to not let these trials stop her. “It’s all about choices.” She shares that she looks at a number of opinions before coming to her own decisions. “The only person standing in your way of success is you. Live with no regrets. Never give up.” www.theresaroemerceo.com


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