By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Today has been a long hard day for me, not because I am unwell but because I know people are dying! People are not dying or even seriously ill from measles, chickenpox, or any other childhood illness, they are dying because of vaccines! Take a look around you and look how sick most children and adults are! Most children in the modern world have some sort of chronic illness or learning disability, this can be traced back to the vaccines!!! Take a look at the following videos and ask yourself can you afford not to be involved? Can you afford not to stand up and help change the world around you?

Vaccine injury is at an all time high and despite what the media is saying it is about so much more than Autism. Many years ago on the advice of a doctor I got the first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine, by that evening I was in the emergency room and they were packing me in ice telling me that I had the flu… At first I assumed they were telling me the truth but a few hours later common sense started to kick me in the head like a mule. NOBODY CATCHES THE FLU 4 HOURS AFTER A VACCINE!!! This was the thought that was running through my head! Off and on I was sick with vomiting and other fun stuff for over a month. During this time I started to gain weight rapidly and went from 180lbs to around 225lbs and I was losing muscle mass.

I was also losing hand eye coordination and it got to the point that I was drinking out of plastic cups because I could not hold on to a glass. To this very day I have a fear that I will be out to dinner and go take a sip of wine and I will spill it all over myself. I have this fear because that did happen and I had to retrain myself to hold a glass properly. I had to retrain myself to use a camera and take video! When I go to do camera work or shoot video I now treat it as if I am aiming a gun and that if I get it wrong I am going to die. I do great work but what was once easy is now really hard for me. I no longer play video games and this one is hard for me because anyone who knows me knows that I am a giant goofball who loves video games, horror flicks, and anything of questionable taste.

Because of being injured from the Hep B vaccine I no longer can digest meat and while I am fine with this it took me almost six months to figure out that OMG! I now have serious digestive issues with meat and dairy.  In a strange way I am very grateful for this because I was 180lbs and I am only 5ft6 this means I was already about 30lbs overweight! Like most people I was consuming the typical American diet of processed crap, more processed crap, and even more processed crap! At that time I could have cared less what was going into my body and now that seems so strange to me. I am now a damn good cook, mostly vegan, and the one my friends go to for suggestions on where to take somebody for a date. The compassion I have found for animals is a blessing that I really can not explain other than I know that I am better as a person than I used to be.

In short I have pretty much told you my story of vaccine injury except for a few years ago I realized that I was vaccine injured long before I ever had the hepatitis B vaccine. In talks with my mother I found out that I had reactions to all of my vaccines this includes that fact that when I was given the oral polio vaccine I was unable to walk for over four days!  As a child I was one of those kids who almost never got sick (not even the chickenpox) but I never really had the energy to play either. While other kids were out riding bikes and doing whatever I was often in my room reading, or I was in front of the TV watching old movies. While this fostered my love of film and my love of comic books I now realize that I missed out on a lot. I often tell people this is is why I can’t sit still now!

Everyone reading this, I am begging you to do your research! Don’t just look at the scientific papers that tell you how harmful vaccines are, I am asking you to dig deeper! Talk to families and individuals who are vaccine injured, take a look at old medical books and children’s books that are pre vaccine. Those books tell a very different story than what the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry are telling. Mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella aka German measles all were the norm and when one kid had it parents sent their kids over to catch it! These kids gained lifelong immunity, learned coping skills, and gained a stronger immune system. We are trading these mild illnesses for true disability, autoimmune diseases that used to be unheard of, and a startling increase in the number of people with cancer. Maybe the old ways are for the best?

As you learn about what is truly going on I am hoping it will inspire you to stand up, tell your story, and fight for others. All of us in the know have a duty to protect the innocent from harm and I believe this with every fiber of my being! The fact that the anti vaccine community is not at every vaccine clinic and pushing for people of all ages to disobey vaccine laws has me angry. We need to make a collective effort to change tactics or the war to protect others from harm will be lost! I love and respect those fighting to change vaccine laws but there needs to be civil disobedience to add fuel to the fire. We have to stand up and say NO! NO MORE VACCINES! NO MORE DEATH, NO MORE VACCINE INJURIES! No group of people has ever won their rights by simply talking about them or asking for the laws to change! We have to be bold, we have to stand up, and we have to be willing to sacrifice everything to protect others. (CW)


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