VaXXed Theater Screenings on the Increase + DVD Availability

Published by TLB Staff

VaXXed the Movie is going above and beyond anyone’s expectations in opening the minds of Humanity to the dangers of vaccinations, exposing dishonesty at the CDC and starting a dialogue where their was none.

We at The Liberty Beacon as especially proud of Dr. Brian Hooker… proud of his courage in bringing the information shown in VaXXed into the light of day… and proud that Dr. Hooker is an Adviser to TLB.

Notable this week in VaXXed News is not only the Whirlwind of Theater Screenings, but the news of DVD Availability. Finally, VaXXed is now being offered on streaming and for DVD pre-sale.

VaXXed home page Click Here

Other links of interest:

Vaxxed’s Facebook page.

Be sure to follow Autism Media Channel on Periscope.

PARENTS PLEASE keep sharing your stories with United for Vaxxed.


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