[Video Report] . . . Evidence Obama Regime Orchestrating Coup

Farrell Points Out Evidence Obama Regime Orchestrating Coup

By Rick Wells

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch lays out some of the many pieces in the pile of evidence that Hussein Obama and his regime were intimately involved in the COUP against President…

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Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research, Chris Farrell, joined Stewart Varney for a discussion of how new text messages between the lawless lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page could provide a link between the FBI Coup attempt and the criminal Obama regime.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Farrell says, “There’s clear evidence, in their own language, their own text messages, explaining how they were communicating, coordinating with White House officials.” He references a text message uncovered a few weeks back from Lisa Page, that says, ‘Potus wants to know everything we’re doing.’ That is pretty clear language by anyone’s standard.”

He continues, “We also know that Andy McCabe had meetings on his calendar with Lisa Monaco, who was the Obama White House Homeland Security Director. And guess who she used to work for – Mr. Mueller. So this is all very cozy and it’s very apparent now with the addition of Brennan, who, just in his last few television appearances, seems somewhat unhinged, that there was direct White House involvement in this if not coordination.”

“This is the kind of stuff that would make Richard Nixon blush,” says Farrell. This is deadly serious stuff and I’m glad that you covered it, but it should be a ten minute segment and not a reader at the head of the news.” He’s asked by Varney to recap the earlier comments of that unhinged former CIA Director, John Brennan, attacking President Trump.

Farrell says, “He may be a  political opponent and have all sorts of personal opinions but the man has no integrity and no dignity. He has no business, as a former CIA Director, sitting there and sort of free associating and speculating about what he thinks might be. It’s a disservice to the country, it’s a disservice to the office of the Presidency.”

He says, “This guy is humiliating himself. He’s turning himself into a cartoon character by making reckless comments that really denigrate the office and really undermine the public’s faith, not just in the Presidency and the government generally, but in who picked this guy to be CIA Director. I mean this is really reckless conduct.”

After Varney points out that both Huber [US Attorney John Huber of Utah], the investigator offered up in lieu of a second special counsel, and the Inspector General are both Obama appointees, Farrell notes, “This is what makes the American public crazy. This is the kind of nonsense when they try to blow a fastball past the American public and we’re supposed to just stand there and say ‘Oh, okay, you’re doing something.’”

Farrell notes his earlier statements that “the Inspector General’s office is where the truth goes to die, and now you’ve got an outsider Obama appointee from Utah. He may be a wonderful man, I’m not attacking him personally, but he doesn’t necessarily have the biggest heavy-hitterresume in the world. He’s supposed to come in and he’s going to clean up what has been going on?”

Farrell says, “Let’s circle back around to your opening comment about the level of involvement of the Obama White House in staging this attack on the incoming President. This makes Judicial Watch supporters crazy, it makes Lou Dobbs Tonight viewers crazy, anybody who is paying attention, they’re throwing something at the television right now.”


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