“Wag the Dog” Mass Killing, Race Wars and Gun Confiscation Obscure Sleight of Hand TPP Passage


By Joachim Hagopian

The accelerated rate of New World Order events unfolding every single day is becoming mind boggling. The latest tragedy in South Carolina where a wacked out white man on Big Pharma killer drugs murdered nine African Americans in a Charleston church has triggered a litany of hot button issues that smack of false flag agenda to attack gun owners, foment a race war, and wag the dog for streamlining the fast track TPP in one fell swoop.

Last Wednesday night 21-year old Dylann Roof was taken in and welcomed by a black bible study group only to have the gunman turn on them an hour later pulling out his .45 caliber handgun and murdering nine victims in a diabolical scheme to start a race war. This latest incident comes on the heels of two months earlier with the Walter Scott shooting also in Charleston where another trigger happy white police officer shot in cold blood another African American in the back.Race tensions are already running high with the sting of the Baltimore riots still fresh a couple months ago. Combined with Jade Helm Special Forces operations already underway infiltrating civilian communities throughout the Southwestern states, the stage is set for a very long hot summer.

Of course mainstream media’s agenda is simply to enflame the tragic situation, reporting how the killer’s long been planning to be the incendiary device that initiates a full scale war between white Americans and black Americans. One of Roof’s friends recalled a drunken rant when Roof vowed a six-month plan “to do something crazy” to incite a race war. Meanwhile, several family members of the shooting victims belonging to the oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church in the South spoke out publicly forgiving the deranged young racist killer. It turns out that Roof had been taking a cocktail of prescription drugs prone to inducing violence, among them the drug Suboxone that’s replaced methadone for treating opiate addiction but is also known to cause both suicidal as well as homicidal impulses in patients.

A common undisputable pattern amongst all the highest profile perpetrators of mass killings in the US to the person is that they all have an extensive psychiatric history of taking notoriously dangerous destabilizing Big Pharma medication. Yet because of the immense power of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and active support from both the psychiatric profession and feds’ Food and Drug Administration, the drug companies are allowed to continue distributing their killer poisons that cause such grave harm to so many American families. Of course it’s no different from another chemical company Monsanto that kills untold numbers of humans, animals and plants around the world, and then manipulates Congress and Obama to pass and sign laws protecting Monsanto from all lawsuits.

As an example of how the media fans the flames of conflict, Salon.com on Twitter made the statement, “White America must answer for the Charleston Church massacre,” as if all Caucasian Americans pulled the trigger. This message is meant to instill guilt and shame in every white American, and its corollary appears intended to stir up justifiable payback revenge amongst a victimized black population. For media to willfully manipulate, falsely misinform and blatantly attempt to shape public opinion through such inflammatory, biased reporting explicitly instructing dumbed down, docile Americans on how they should think, feel and behave in response to this kind of tragedy classically illustrates a state-run, fascist, corporatized propaganda machine that’s operating within the current US totalitarian regime. And again, the thematically threaded agenda is to create even more mistrust and racial divide, risking yet more acts of racial violence.

Mainstream media virtually ignores racially motivated crimes committed against white victims by black offenders. Yet according to FBI records, the incidence of white criminals victimizing blacks occurs far less. We have a media today with an apparent agenda to intentionally distort the truth in favor of instigating conflict between the races. This age-old divide and conquer strategy by the ruling class is once again being played out while the combinational effect from these devastating lethal shooting sprees is purposely geared to turn Americans against each other along both racial and ideological (gun control vs. gun rights) lines.

Similarly, Obama keeps using these tragedies to feebly invigorate his longtime agenda (23 executive orders worth with now more on the way) to disarm the American citizenry. Right away Obama was calling for more gun control as part of his scheme to criminalize gun ownership timed with the commencement of the Jade Helm operation. The president in fact lied when he said mass killings only happen in America, also purposely misleading citizens into believing that gun violence is ever on the rise. When the per capita population for mass shooting fatalities is taken into account, from 2009-2013 America was not even in the top five at half the ratio. And those five countries Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Israel and Switzerland all have more restrictive gun policies than the US. Additionally, the mass shooting deaths in the US decreased from 93 in 2012 to 68 in 2013.

Regarding Obama’s other flawed assertion, the only gun violence ever on the rise in the US is police murdering hundreds of fellow Americans, 500 already observed so far this year alone. Amongst the rest of us, highly credible sources have consistently shown that violent crime has been dropping steadily in America in recent years, the lowest in nearly four decades. But then the truth is rarely factored in when it comes to either Obama or MSM’s agenda.

It’s rather telling that to Obama disarmament in America pertains strictly to its citizens, violating their Second Amendment rights by only disarming them while war profiteering arms dealers continue amassing the biggest global arms race buildup of weapons of mass destruction (including biological and chemical) in human history. World War III seems right around the corner. The marching orders from Obama’s globalist handlers are quite clear, in short order destroy the United States and eliminate Americans’ capacity to fight back when the US military is ordered to conduct house raids at gunpoint to confiscate privately owned guns while movement toward one world government tightens its death grip of absolute totalitarian control over the global masses.

The militarization of US law enforcement in recent years is part of the sinister plan to wage war against the American people, starting with those of color and extending to veterans, gun owners, Christians, Tea Partiers, constitutionalists, property rights activists, First Amendment protesters and all dissidents taking a stand against fascist governmental tyranny, branding all these groups together as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state.

The exponentially soaring number of police murders of African Americans in particular in this country has the obvious effect to increase racial tensions between black Americans and largely white police. Police murders of blacks triggered widespread protests and violence in Baltimore as well as Ferguson, Missouri this last year. Authoritarian aggression perpetrated by an oppressive state against its citizens by design directly causes reactions leading to civil unrest, which in fact is the intended, planned agenda to ratchet up yet more authoritarian control and aggression. This escalating cycle of creating crises, then imposing a so called state solution that increases tyrannical control is simply the Hegelian Dialectic increasingly employed by modern tyrannical governments.

So this week another highly suspect chain of interrelated events have been unfolding at breakneck speed that feed into the oppressive federal agenda as a wag the dog, sleight of hand focus with the Charleston shooting taking center stage while the US House of Representatives in a 218 to 208 vote quietly sneaks through another critical piece of the most dangerous, most sneaky hidden agenda of them all, the globalist designed ultra-secret Trans Pacific Partnership agreement that grossly undermines United States sovereignty as an independent nation.

After Obama and his masters were denied the necessary House votes just days ago by his own party, another mass shooting tragedy suddenly obscures a retooled vote giving Obama presidential authority to negotiate secret trade deals, creating an giant step closer to the TPP becoming codified law. According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution only US Congress has the power to “regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” Actually only five of the 29 TPP chapters that virtually no one has access to involve foreign trade. AfterWikiLeaks acquired parts of the TPP, its founder Julian Assange had this to say about the 24 TPP chapters not involving trade:

The others are about regulating the internet, and what information internet service providers  have to collect, they have to hand it over to companies under certain circumstances, the  regulation of labor conditions, regulating the way you can favor local industry, regulating the hospital, health care system, privatization of hospitals, so essentially every aspect of a modern  economy, even banking services are in the TPP. So that is erecting and embedding new ultramodern neoliberal structure over U.S. law and the laws of other countries. And putting it in treaty form.

Obama’s abominable open border policy will also be codified into law by one TPP chapter that deals exclusively with immigration, calling for easing restrictions on visa entries. Hundreds of thousands of jobs once belonging to Americans have been outsourced in recent decades. That sober trend will only increase dramatically under TPP. As an example, 250 Disney workers were laid off last October because the very same foreign workers that the Disney employees trained were then brought in to take over their jobs at lower pay. The exact same, all too familiar pattern has been taking place at many large US companies. As examples, Southern California Edison and Northeast Utilities terminated hundreds of jobs in the last two years.

Bottom line, humans and American humans in particular are becoming increasingly obsolete, replaced by either cheap labor or automation. Due to robotics, Oxford scientists predict that within just one generation nearly half of all jobs in the world will disappear. Increasingly we humans (upwards of 90% of us) are looked upon by the elite as mere “useless eaters” taking up needless space and squandering finite energy. Hence, enter their eugenics plan along with UN Agenda 21.

In short, more than ever Fortune 500 transnationals will rule completely over both the dozen nations that have signed on to TPP as well as all their millions of citizens. The twelve nations standing to lose in addition to the United States are Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Current US federal and state laws will be superseded by globalized big business.

As Obama strengthens his already dictatorial power, after the Senate already voted in favor of the earlier version that hit a wall in the House a week ago, its passing this latest standalone fast track package will next seal the deal in driving the final nail in the coffin of America as a once great nation. This largest economic treaty in history representing 40% of the world’s GDP is far more about global governance than global trade.  With passage of the TPP by the traitors in Washington, clearly the New World Order and its one world government enslaving what’s left of the soon-to-be diminishing global population looms ominously closer on our horizon.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.


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  1. like ALL of the fake, false flag shootings the past year, this one happened while a drill in the same location, same time, and exactly the same scenario that they were training for was planned out coincidentally on the same day, same tragedy that they claim unfolded………mass shooting! Just like Sandy Hook, which the drill was dealing with mass shooting WITH CHILDREN, this just coincidentally occurred again in the same manner. Other FALSE FLAG hoax events where our govt just happened to coincidentally scheduled a drill to take place on the same day, same location, and same scenario that played out that day was just like the drill they scheduled. Now how is that possible? The odds of that are slim to none, and slim left the building.

    On the day of 9/11, the feds had a training drill setup up in New York, on the same day, same time, and (what do you know) the topic of commercial airplanes flying into skyscrapers? Now that one is just too stupid to consider being happenstance!

    On the day of Boston Bombing, they were doing a bomb drill on the same day they were holding the biggest event that Boston conducts each year. Now why would they hold a drill, let alone a freaking bomb drill on the day when they must force every officer to work overtime because they need every officer managing street closures, directing traffic, and securing the safety of the attendees!?! They wouldn’t, unless they were planning this thing to look real. Unfortunately, it didn’t look real. They also, coindentally, they decided to hold this bomb drill within yards of the Finish Line, and the 1st smoke bomb going off just feet from the drill location! So, you tell me if that’s coincidence! When Dan Bidondi asked them in the press conference about the drill, they freaking denied the drill was going on!

    Other “coincidence” drills that took place at the same location, same time, and same exact scenario:

    Houston Hoax- Cassidy Stay. That story is pathetic! She saves herself from being seriously hurt by her finger ricocheting the bullet off her head! ROFLMAO
    2 days later, she’s out of intensive care with a bandaid on her finger and waving like a prom queen and smiling bigger than Robbie Parker that her entire family was dead

    Arapaho School in CO

    LAX – The stupid TSA rolling a wheel chair with a dummy in the chair! Then the fake photo that they later had to say wasn’t the mexican TSA worker because it looked nothing like the guy they claimed. Right next to the fake body, was a moulage crisis actor kit full of fake blood and other makeup. The water-based blood on the carpet stood out because all of the blood stains had a 2 inch water ring around the fake blood

    the Elliot Rodger hoax, coincidentally Janet Napalliton (Fast & Furious criminal) moved to the school with the fake shooting? I’m sure she had nooooo role!

    The stupid couple that shot each other in Las Vegas after the MSM claimed they shot cops eating in a chain fast food place that wasn’t open at the time they were allegedly eating!

    Then, the stupid Naval Yard shooting with the injured walking off base to wait for EMT help! That was so ridiculous, but of course they all are too stupid to believe!

    I can go on and on and on! Just about all of the MSM stories since 2008 are fabricated to push Obama’s agenda!

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