Wars of Deception … It’s Time to Wake Up

By TLB Staff Writer: Ariyana Love

Film Producer: Ryan Dawson

I had a chance to talk with Geopolitical analyst, author and human rights activist, Ryan Dawson, the results of this conversation is the presentation of this article and his Documentary where Ryan presents the case of Israel’s direct involvement in the orchestrated events of 9/11 which was undeniably the biggest conspired terror attack on the United States in US history, as well as many other vital issues. Strap yourself in for a mind bending ride …

Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and Muslim terrorists did not carry out the massive detonation of the World Trade Center towers and building 7, as we have been programmed to believe.

In his documentary film, “War Is Always by Deception,” one of the main focuses points is Ryan walking us through the events of 9/11, detailing with great accuracy which foreign states, together with a cabal within the US government, carried out the mass murder of nearly 3000 people on September 11th, 2001.

The catastrophic event was planned, executed and whitewashed by a continuity of government within a compartment of the CIA that acts as it’s own intelligence and with it’s own agenda. 9/11 was a staged national emergency with no other intention but to hijack the US Government and nullify our Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

This documented trip through recent history is well worth the time invested. Grab a snack, a soda, make yourself comfortable, and take a deep breath, because things are about to get very real …

The US “shadow government”, cabal has infiltrated every department of the US government, utilizing with impunity US citizens tax dollars to execute massive crimes against humanity. This cabal has been financing their own secretive operations with illegal arms and drug sales for decades. Opium from Laos during Vietnam War, cocaine from Central and S. America and currently opium from the Golden Crescent in Afghanistan. Black market weapons sales and the sale of illegal drugs, are routine methods used for financing Black Ops projects.

CIA is entirely a front organization for the US cabal, carrying out covert and unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects that are in violation of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents. The CIA is engaged in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S. political process, under the guise of “National Interest” and in direct violation of its congressional charter. Operating proprietary “false front” companies for profit while conducting a major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity.

CIA and Israeli Mossad have been conducting countless covert operations and false flags, too many to name. Heads of state have been assassinated and puppets have been installed. Politicians are bought and paid for and mainstream media is nothing but a PR machine for the Pentagon and the Pentagon is non-else than a management arm of corporate welfare for defense industries, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The cabal remains cleverly out of sight from public scrutiny. Through privateering, a third party organization is hired to do their dirty work. This way, if something goes wrong, nothing can be traced back to their doorstep. Agencies of foreign states are serving a select few corporate business interests, namely DynCorp International, Sikorskey, Northrop Grumman and Bell Helicopter.

ISIS is another great example of privateering and deserves an article all of its own.

Mossad: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS):

USA: Integrated Systems Improvement Services (ISIS): “Providing international security & intelligence services” to governments.

The cabal is responsible for trading our liberty for their security and subverting the US Constitution for a “Homeland Security State,” as they move us towards a New World Order. This could only be accomplished in the event of a “national emergency” such as 9/11.

The very same criminals involved in the Iran Contra Affair, were hired to whitewash the 9/11 investigation. These same criminals were also involved in the Niger Forgeries. These forgeries falsely claimed Iraq was involved in acquiring uranium from Niger and this acted as a central lie in the pre-war propaganda for Weapons of Mass Destruction, pre-emptively used to wage war on Iraq. And the same criminals hired to whitewash the Iran Contra scandal, are the same criminals George Bush hired to whitewash the 9/11 investigation.

The US Government cabal and Israeli Government did 9/11. The US Government provided protection, giving Pakistan money and Israel bombs, while Saudi Arabia provided financial backing and bodies; useful idiots being guided by Mossad within the “hijackers cells.”

The 9/11 “hijackers” were helped while they were in the US. There is solid proof that Israeli Mossad was spying on the “hijackers” and FBI was helping the “hijackers.” They did not die in the WTC bombings, but were arrested by the FBI and then released after being in police custody! Every one of the “hijackers” had either worked for Mossad or the CIA, prior to 9/11.

The US corporate media, being owned by none other than the cabal, served to cover up 9/11, reading from a pre-empted script. US media corporations are also complicit in genocide, overtly lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – a crime punishable under the Genocide Convention.

TV media being state run lied to the public to create a war with Iraq. All mass media sponsors are from weapons industries and big pharmaceutical companies who are all tied into a corporate welfare game. They get money from the state, recycle it and influence the electoral process.

Urban Moving Systems was a front for the Mossad and had access to the basement of the towers prior to 9/11. Urban Moving Systems operated under the guise of being consigned to “install a new security system” into the World Trade Center. Some independent thinkers may have discovered already the three dancing Israeli’s or the three white vans that were confiscated by New York Police Department. Found near the World Trade Center on 9/11, the vans belonged to Urban Moving Systems and contained explosives and traces of explosives.

One of the Israeli vans was intercepted near the George Washington Bridge, containing enough explosives within it to blow up the GW Bridge! The van also contained two Mossad spies who worked for Urban Moving Systems and had passes to the WTC.
Listen to the NYPD radio transmission about the arrest of the Israeli’s on 9/11

CBS, ABC, WABC, CNN and NBC gave live reports about the Israeli van with explosives and said the NYPD believed they had “intercepted the next target,” (GW Bridge). After the live reports, media did not mention it again.

But that’s not all. There were 130 suspects arrested by NYPD on 9/11 and every one of them was an Israeli citizen or a confirmed Mossad spy!

Michael Chertoff, who at the time of 9/11 ran the Department of Justice “criminal investigations division,” had the dozens of Israeli’s arrested on 9/11, including the dancing Israeli’s and Mossad spies found with the van of explosives. These spies were all given polygraph tests while in police custody and each one of them failed the test. Never the less, Chertoff had them deported back to Israel for nothing other than “visa violations.” No further questioning, no further investigation.

Mossad gave the financial loan for Urban Moving Systems as well as Aero Trucks, both involved in the 9/11 attacks. The owners of Urban Moving Systems, Dominique Suitor & his wife, fled back to Israel. FBI raided the complex and confiscated over a dozen PC hard drives.

Michael Chertoff moved over to head of Homeland Security between Feb. 15, 2005 to Jan. 21, 2009. He is a co-author of the US Patriot Act, the totalitarian legislation (bill) that was pushed through Congress under the false threat of Anthrax, 7 weeks after 9/11. The Patriot Act nullified due process; Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, giving the US Govt. ‘card blanch’ impunity over citizen’s rights.

The Patriot Act bill was so thick it equaled three novels. Not a single Congress member was able to finish reading the bill during the two weeks they were given to make a decision to sign or not sign the bill. They chose to sign our liberties away, without even knowing what they were doing!

Chertoff is the son of a hardline Israeli Zionist family and has dual nationality with Israel, as do most of the cabal’s appointed politicians. Chertoff is a foreign terrorist and one of many within the US Government today.

Ryan goes on to explain in his documentary that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) briefly called itself the Office of Homeland Security, an executive post 9/11 spawn before the Homeland Security Act passed, which quietly incorporated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA was responsible for the 9/11 cleanup and they were positioned in NY City on September 10th, the night before the attack for a “drill”. Bush senior was involved in FEMA’s inception.

9/11 is hiding trillions of dollars in unexplained funds. It’s very important to understand that the specific section of the Pentagon that was struck, was the financial wing of Naval Intelligence, responsible for investigating trillions in missing funds, as was the Security & Exchange Commission housed in WTC building #7 and the specific floors of WTC towers 1 and 2 that were hit, were not random.

The third building to collapse, building 7, was not struck by an airplane but went down in a controlled demolition on 9/11. It housed offices for the CIA where the Security & Exchange Commission was investigating tens of billions of dollars in corporate fraud.

9/11 allowed criminals to hide trillions in stolen funds and for a couple of NY billionaire’s to collect billions more on insurance. Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC, called his lawyer the evening of 9/11 to arrange a new contract that allowed him to collect double on the WTC insurance claim in the case of an airplane hitting the towers.

The source of lies for 9/11 came from Israeli intelligence & the cabal nestled inside the Bush administration. The 9/11 Commission was hired to investigate. George W. Bush tried to block all investigations into 9/11, but when pressed, he agreed to order an investigation under the stipulation that he could appoint the members of the 9/11 Commission himself. And naturally, G.W. Bush hired his cronies, the exact same criminals who were hired to whitewash the Iran Contra affair.

Conclusion: Message to the American people and to Congress:

When the American people understand Israel is not a friend to the US and come to know of Israel’s crucial role in 9/11, the billions of dollars in aid to Israel will come to an end. America’s aid to Israel is the number one source of funding for the illegal military occupation of Palestine. Without US funding, the Zionist state will be forced to enter negotiations and forced to stop its rogue state behaviors and violations of our international laws with impunity.

Our thanks to Ryan Dawson for the information and documentary he provided TLB for this publication.

ariyana-loveAbout the Author: Ariyana Love is a TLB Project Staff writer, researcher and project Director. Ariyana is also the director of the  TLB Project website Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East on a level rarely matched on the global stage.



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