Watch This One Minute Video & You’ll Never Have to Watch a GOP Debate Ever Again

Watch This 1 Minute Video and You’ll Never Have to Watch a GOP Debate Ever Again

By: Claire Bernish

Clearly, the pro-war advocacy campaign and its propaganda is in full swing, as evidenced in Tuesday night’s GOP debate — both in the often absurd questions posed by the panel, and in candidates’ ludicrously eager readiness to outdo each other in killing terrorists — and their families.

Almost the entire debate seemed to center around various terms of belligerence, mostly concerning the need to destroy ISIS — mentioned 14 times in the duration of the program. War, not surprisingly, came up 53 total times. Of course, ISIS appeared to be on everyone’s minds, considering it came up over 100 times — and though Muslims (14 mentions) around the world almost unanimously insist the Islamic State espouses a version of Islam so distorted the group shouldn’t be considered “Islamic” at all, radical Islam as a (phantom) menace was mentioned 21 times by the candidates and moderators.

As for terror — and incarnations such as terrorism and terrorist? That was uttered 74 times. Attack came up 45 times; military and destroy were mentioned over 20 times each; bomb was brought up 15 times in various incarnations;  jihad (or jihadist) and defense both received 12 mentions; and weapon came up nine times. Somewhat strikingly, refugee came upover 30 times, but only a smattering of those remarks were neutral — the majority were in a negative context — and none were outright positive mentions.

What the candidates and moderators really missed the mark about were positive terms: freedom received four mentions, though two of those times were because of the USA Freedom Act — which has little to do with freedom, and everything to do with the government’s right to spy on its citizens.

Perhaps the biggest loser of the evening — though inarguably the exact concept the country, and in fact the world, needs most right now — peace was uttered a scant four total times.

To illustrate this lopsided debate, just watch the following video which sums up the above in just one minute and 30 seconds:


Author: Claire Bernish

Claire Bernish joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in May of 2015. Her topics of interest include social justice, police brutality, exposing the truth behind propaganda, and general government accountability. Born in North Carolina, she now lives in Pontiac, Michigan.


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