Where Did ‘Kids In Cages’ Talk Go?

Where Did ‘Kids In Cages’ Talk Go?

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Just in time for the U. S. House Impeachment of Mayorkas (MayorkASS, as I call him) articles to be sent over to U. S. Senate to SUPPOSE TO take up as Trial, weigh the evidence of his “dereliction of Duty,” and should remove him from Office. However, and of course, we know Chucky Schumer will not do his Job and try to stall, delay, if not bury it entirely.

Where Did ‘Kids in Cages’ Talk Go? No, seriously? The Cages that were created by #obaMAO (rather the #ObamaBinBiden (because they have more in common with our Terrorist enemies than U. S. Citizens) administration) in order to actually bother to comply with then Law passed under Bill Clinton (to prevent Kids being Trafficked by “having to be held separately” until “relation” could be established with whom to release with. Those “Cages” that then became a supposed major scandal during Trump (who did not create them, actually had far less Children in them as he had the Border flow drastically reduced and therefore less new Children came across to house), and are STILL THERE now under/during the #JoeBiDUMB (puppet still of #Oblunder) administration. So, again, seriously: Where did the Kids in Cages talk go?!?!

The Clinton era Law still applies, Children must be separated from those they’ve crossed with until, supposedly unless, proper Guardianship can be appropriately established then released into their custody. That was a BiPartisan reached agreement made Law to protect Children from those attempting to Traffic them into USA. But, like all the Immigration Laws, current administration just ignores and hands many, actually most, over to virtually anyone – they care not about Immigration Laws nor Human-Trafficking concerns!!!

[image source: Twitter (now “X”) post from/by user: walkawaymovement]

Below from “The Left’s Shallow Argument About Separation Of Children” (originally published on/at Before It’s News on Sunday, June 17, 2018 18:40ET)…

It is very easy to dismiss a Leftist (and, before you leftists whine…. #Leftists whine about #namecalling? Hilarious… #Democraps ultimate name-calling scream Everyone #Racist, #Sexist, etc., (#IdentityPolitics) cuz cant Win #Policy debate! Play #VictimCard to #dodge, #deflect, #distract, etc..) regarding this topic. Ask them (trap with) this: So, Criminal Illegals should NOT be separated from their Kids? They will give the usual, knee-jerk, emotional, completely devoid of thought, response: YES. Then ask them: So, you think all the Prisons should be Closed and Prisoners sent Home because, you know, it breaks up Families and separates them from their Kids? Then take several steps back to avoid getting the manure on you as their Head explodes! tens of thousands of American Citizens are separated from their Children, for many different reasons, and you’ll never hear a Democrat/Leftists lament about them. And, of course, lastly, there is the hypocrisy of claiming to care about Kids while supporting the murder of Children via Abortion.

And the Law under which this is happening?? You guessed it. From 1997 signed by BILL CLINTON!!! Was/is to Help Fight Human Trafficking, guess Libtards conveniently forget that and/or don’t care about that anymore. It’s not as if they are coming across the Border with Birth Certificates proving they are a Family. Further complicated by Judicial Rulings that actually upheld and order separations. #hypocrite You want that changed; Republicans already offered several Immigration Bills that included such changes! #Obstructionists

For many years it’s been a non-issue, but now that Trump was POTUS – Libtards lose their minds! All the while still promoting the killing of Children through Abortion.

You’ll notice how the Left is no longer showing those pictures of “Kids In Cages” as they insisted on calling Temporary Holding areas – as it was proven those pictures happened during the Obama Administration and therefore hurt their argument!

If someone brings their Children and breaks into your Home, are you forced to then continue to House and Feed the Lawbreakers Children? Ask a Leftist, if you catch someone roaming around your back yard, do you invite them to stay or Call the Police and report a Trespasser?!?! #hypocrites (you will, of course, get utter silence in response knowing they are cornered in their false narrative)

Should Children benefit from the Crimes of Parents? Should Bernie Madoff’s Children get to keep the Money Bernie stole? You know, by Libtard logic, having lots of Money “is all the Children knew” and “it was no fault of their own” so Bernie’s Kids should not have to return the stolen loot!!!

As others pointed out: You break into Disneyland with your Kids in tow – is Disney only allowed to kick you out but required (by Leftist Logic) to let the Kids stay and Ride the Rides for Free and Eat the Food for Free?!?!?

As always, this is another knee jerk emotional trap by Leftists trying to present Crying Children so people do not engage their brains and use reasoned-thought on the topic!!!

As the saying goes, for the Left (Communists/FASCICRATS): The issue is never the issue, only The Revolution and sadly far too many Liberals enable the false narratives that the Leftists are using just as a means to destroy the US as it was founded and trying to reign in yet another Failed Communist utopia that never pans out as promised! If you don’t know who CLOWARD AND PIVEN were (or even Saul Alinsky) it’s time you did some damn research for a change and see what you’re being used for!!!!

#Trump Critics Show #Ignorance on #Immigration #Issues with #Coyote Posts

They are clueless as to the basic terms and #facts on this & virtually every issue, but we are supposed to listen to their #EmotionalHysterics concerns over reasoned thought?!?!

[image source: © ConservativeDailyNews and © A.F.Branco]

As Monty-Python would say: And now for something completely different… Human Trafficking is so ugly, icky, disgusting, let’s close out with something like a discussion with a Clown (“Bullseye” who has toured with Patch Adams) – though still very serious as we discuss not just “Humor and Health” but too (also involving mainly Children issue) Bullying and more…

VIDEO (36 10s): ChristiTutionalist TM Politics (S1EMarSpecial3, 20240327) Bullseye The Clown (Bullying, Humor, Health, Healing) BTS/SP Video


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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