Who’s in charge of the “War Button” for Iran? [Video]

Who’s in charge of the “War Button” for Iran?

by Ralph Ely | (TLB) Editor-at-large

Button, Button, who has the Iran “War Button”? We have been asking that since, and before, the days of the Head War Hawk, John McCain…

We are absolutely sure John Bolton and The Neo-Con Singers did background for the video above. (Confidentially, Bolton can’t sing alone because he is always off beat and out of tune with those around him.)

With McCain off to his “great reward” (not sure if it was up or down) we are left with Bolton selling and singing the same old “war mongering” lyrics as written by the writers of the Deep State, and produced by The Military Industrial Complex for your evening’s entertainment via MS Media News in print and over the air waves.

Back to “the button”

Print Media wonders…

Is John Bolton the most dangerous man in the world?


Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton wants the United States to go to war with Iran.

We know this because he has been saying it for nearly two decades.

And everything that the Trump administration has done over its Iran policy, particularly since Bolton became Trump’s top foreign policy adviser in April of 2018, must be viewed through this lens, including the alarming US military posturing in the Middle East of the past two weeks.

Just after one month on the job, Bolton gave Trump the final push he needed to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, which at the time was (and still is, for now) successfully boxing in Iran’s nuclear program and blocking all pathways for Iran to build a bomb. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – as the Iran deal is formally known – was the biggest obstacle to Bolton’s drive for a regime change war, because it eliminated a helpful pretext that served so useful to sell the war in Iraq 17 years ago.

Since walking away from the deal, the Trump administration has claimed that with a “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran, it can achieve a “better deal” that magically turns Iran into a Jeffersonian democracy bowing to every and any American wish. But this has always been a fantastically bad-faith argument meant to obscure the actual goal (regime change) and provide cover for the incremental steps – the crushing sanctions, bellicose rhetoric, and antagonizing military maneuvers – that have now put the United States closer to war with Iran than it has been since at least the latter half of the Bush administration, or perhaps ever.

And Bolton has no qualms about manipulating or outright ignoring intelligence to advance his agenda, which is exactly what’s happening right now.

In his White House statement 10 days ago announcing (an already pre-planned) carrier and bomber deployment to the Middle East, Bolton cited “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran to justify the bolstered US military presence. But multiple sources who have seen the same intelligence have since said that Bolton and the Trump administration blew it “out of proportion, characterizing the threat as more significant than it actually was”. Even a British general operating in the region pushed back this week, saying he has seen no evidence of an increased Iranian threat.


So there you have Bolton’s performance as reviewed by the Guardian. Not to be left out of the equation is President Donald J. Trump’s performance, as reviewed by the New York Post…


Trump says ‘I hope not’ about getting into war with Iran

New York Post

President Trump suggested Thursday that he wasn’t gunning for a military conflict with Iran.

“I hope not,” the president responded when asked by a reporter outside the White House if the US was going to war with Iran.

That answer echoed what he told his acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan in a meeting Wednesday, according to the New York Times.

Despite saying he would “absolutely” send ground troops to the region if necessary, Trump has softened his talk on open conflict in recent days.

But he’s also bristled at reports that have said there are splinters in his foreign policy team.

“The Fake News Washington Post, and even more Fake News New York Times, are writing stories that there is infighting with respect to my strong policy in the Middle East. There is no fighting whatsoever,” Trump tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

“Different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision – it is a very simple process. All sides, views, and policies are covered. I’m sure that Iran will want to talk soon.”


A Pisser for Bolton

Being the go-to Star of the Wonderful World of Warriors, John Bolton would certainly have us believe he has the “Iran War” Button. While President Trump does not come right out and say he has “the” Button in hand… when push comes to shove… it is within the POTUS’s reach and He is the One that has to Push It. That must be a real Pisser for Bolton. (RE/TLB)


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