Why Exactly Is Washington State Passing A Wholly Unconstitutional “Assault Weapon” Ban At This Time?

Why Exactly Is Washington State Passing A Wholly Unconstitutional “Assault Weapon” Ban At This Time?

There are No Coincidences


Washington State is passing the most draconian anti-2A gun ban in all of the United States.

House Bill 1240 and Senate Bill 5265 are literally an illegal “assault weapon” ban that no State has the right to institute; in fact, States’ Rights may never supersede the Bill of Rights, and yet this is exactly what is being perpetrated by a cabal of psychotic politicians that are in effect WEF and UN “penetrators.” The sad irony is that this State is the namesake of George Washington, who must be rolling in his grave especially hard and fast as of the passing of this bill.

In section 3 of this criminal “law” the following is stated:

No person in this state may manufacture, import, distribute, sell, or offer for sale any assault weapon, except as authorized in this section.

This abomination of a bill then goes on to state:

All forms of AK47s, and all forms of AR15s, M16s and M4s.

Basically, the majority of all modern rifles are now illegal in this technocommunist hellhole State.

Timing is everything.

So why exactly is Washington State instituting this criminal power grab now?

Because the Washington State senate just passed Bill 5599 allowing the government to hide sexually confused children desiring gender reassignment surgery from their parents.

Any why has there been an explosion of sexually confused children of late? Because the illegitimate Federal along with local apparatchik politicians have been working overtime to pervert and confuse children in their government indoctrination centers commonly referred to as public schools. And many private schools have also been infiltrated by this One World Government agenda.

Washington State and their public servants psychopaths can now on the taxpayer’s dime mutilate any and all children that show up at government facilities, thus rendering them sterile, stunted, and damaged for life.

The Medical Industrial Complex and their partners-in-crime like BlackRock are clandestinely driving this pop culture phenomenon and grotesque surgeries. They stand to make billions of dollars from these confused children that will grow up to be extraordinarily sick and mentally unwell adults requiring a lifetime of expensive “treatments,” and never-ending follow-up procedures, drugs and psychological therapy.

This program dates back to the Fabian Society, and today is being coordinated by the WEF, UN, CIA, CFR, Rockefeller “nonprofit” foundations, et al.

The below Greg Reece Substack features a must-see video that lays out the scheme to destroy children, and ultimately society as a whole.

Washington To Castrate Minors Without Parental Consent As UN Pushes Legalized Pedophilia

This is the technocommunist transhumanist nightmare come home to roost.

In many ways this is the more medieval intermediate phase before the Brave New World test tube baby endgame, where whatever is left of a sexless posthuman world hopped up on DEATHVAX™, mutilation, GMO bug-food and BigPharma poisoned water, and other democidal strategies while suspended in a perpetual state of owning nothing and being happy.

Of course, the grand vision of this dystopia is that by the graces of a “magnanimous” State the deformed global citizen will be granted the ultimate freedom in an AI-determined social credit score final solution: the freedom to be euthanized .

For hundreds of years this cabal always appreciated that there can never be any guns in their Great Reset fever dream a la Hitler’s anti-gun bill. And it is these very same dark forces behind Washington State’s latest pair of unlawful bills that were behind the rise of Hitler, the Bolshevik Revolution and Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Citizens stripped of their right to bear arms will be incapable of saving their children who have been for their entire young and impressionable lives deliberately driven into a state of mental discombobulation by the very State that has left them defenseless against their transhumanist tyrannies.

We are quite literally dealing with a transgenerational evil that is hellbent on eradicating all freedom, and then eventually all of humanity.

Do NOT comply.

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  1. “Basically, the majority of all modern rifles are now illegal in this technocommunist hellhole State.”

    If this is in any way true, it’s only because ignorant people give this fraudulent state bill undue credence.

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