Will the Fed-Militia Oregon Standoff become another Waco?


Will the Oregon Malhuer Refuge Standoff between the Feds and Citizens become another Waco?   A TLB Exclusive

 (Jan 19, 2016 | Grants Pass, OR)

by Cathy Geibel, TLB staff writer 

It was a cold rainy day in Grants Pass, Oregon where I met Joseph Rice, co-founder of the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) and President of the Josephine County Oregon Oathkeepers. He appeared tired, worried and deeply affected by what was reported to him earlier in the day. He had spent the day in meetings about disturbing news coming out of Burns, Oregon where there has been an armed standoff between the FBI, BLM and various Militia groups from around the nation beginning January 2, 2016 disputing the unconstitutional actions of the federal government in both the alleged illegal appropriation of lands and the prosecution of local rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven.  See Press release from U.S. Department of Justice here.

More bad news for Joseph Rice

It was reported to Rice that between 1030 and 1100 AM the FBI had requested Harney District Hospital in Burns to stock 2X more blood products, staff 3 X more trauma staff and pre position an emergency medical helicopter to the area. As an RN who has worked both in trauma settings and as a former flight nurse this can only mean one thing, the FBI is expecting trouble.

Head to head with the Fed
Oregon Fed insert

On January 9, 2016, concerned that tensions might escalate and all out war break out, Joseph Rice and a delegation of other PPN members traveled 315 miles from Grants Pass to Burns, Oregon to meet with the FBI and deliver three Articles of Resolution, key negotiation points, with the intent of sitting down and mediating an end to this standoff peacefully with no blood shed. Also in attendance were the Idaho III% Militia group who had arrived earlier that week in the role of peacekeepers between the FBI and Militias. Included in these Articles of Resolution are a Redress of Grievance of the Safety Committee which was pushed through by the county government, a formal request to launch an inquiry into prosecutory misconduct do to defense witnesses being withheld [not allowed] during the Hammond’s prosecution and the third addresses BLM misconduct and requests that BLM managed lands be transferred to local county control until these issues can be resolved. Joseph Rice also repeatedly requested that a mediator be appointed to sit down with both sides and come to a peaceful agreement.

In the video below (raw footage) see some of the final exchange at 23:00 min in.

 Ten Days + still no action from the County/State/Fed

Disturbingly as of 1/19/16, TEN DAYS after requests of mediation NOT ONE mediator has been appointed. NOT ONE. No county, state or federal official has come forward to discuss mediation. Where is Governor Kate Brown during all of this? Why have the Bureau of Land Management, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the State of Oregon with all of their resources not reached out with mediation as requested? And why are there AC-130 gunships doing practice maneuvers in the area?

Oregon C130

Will Malhuer County be the Next False Flag?

As an Oregon resident and an American I demand to know.

The  militia groups who have “occupied” the Wildlife Refuge have been called criminals, trespassers, Right Wing Radicals and more. But what I see looking into the eyes of Joseph Rice is a representative of those with a  fervent belief in the Constitution of the Republic of the United States, a willingness to confront the illegal government overreaching which is usurping our Constitutional rights on a daily basis and the wisdom to recognize that if we do not confront this now in a little known town called Burns, Oregon, we may as well surrender our Sovereignty as a country to the Global One world agenda. This United States of America, with our armed citizenry, is the last roadblock to global domination.

 A final thought…

I have a great fear, as of this writing, for the lives of the brave Militia men and women that are trying to keep the peace.  I fear our Government representatives, those who are mandated to protect us, will create a bloodbath that will dwarf Waco or Ruby Ridge and divide this country with the threat of civil war and the last reason they will need to declare mandatory gun surrender and eventual Martial Law.  I for one stand with these brave people.


About the author:

Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter based in the state of Oregon.  She is an RN, writer, researcher and activist… and a mom that wants to leave a better world for her children and their children. 



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