World Doctors Alliance is Launched Under ACU2020 Banner [VIDEO]

ER Editor:  This video is from October 10, 2020 when Dr. Heiko Schoning of ACU2020 (along with Drs. Bodo Schiffmann, Martin Haditsch and lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich) launched the World Doctors Alliance. Here we’ll encounter some people we already know, such as Prof. Dolores Cahill from Ireland and Dr. Mohammad Adil from England.

They also have a banker on board, a former Goldman Sachs employee. We will be paying attention to this economic theme.

Here are some key statements made by four of the participants:

‘We are all doctors, scientists and peace activists and we’re all saying together that this Covid affair is just not true.’ 

‘The hospitals are not full, the people are not ill. They are tested, but the tests that are provided don’t work as they should. So we have to get this out to the public.’

‘We will arrange a new Nuremburg trial, hopefully in Nuremburg, to litigate against all the criminals behind this hoax.’

‘I would like to ask the German Medical Council and our Centre for Disease Control where is your evidence that we still have an ongoing deadly infectious disease that could justify all the restrictions that you implemented on us during the last year? Please share this information …’

Prof. Dolores Cahill delivers a very fulsome, comprehensive message from 14:00 to 16:30 mins.

We see no evidence of a medical pandemic, so it looks like a plandemic …



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19 Comments on World Doctors Alliance is Launched Under ACU2020 Banner [VIDEO]

  1. It is so hard to get past the government, politicians and MSM to find real facts on this supposed Covid “Pandemic”. All the research I have done does point to a concerted effort to control the population and give people not only non working vaccinations, but vaccinations with harmful side effects. Here in the US, with therapeutics that DO work, the emergency authorization of the vaccines should never have been done. I applaud you here fighting all the misleading and direct violations of our civil rights and freedoms world wide. I wish to see this in the MSM, as they are censuring everything that contradicts government demands.

  2. I am watching the video of the launch again and again so as to keep reminding myself that you lovely, wonderful people (and all others like you who are engaged in the same fight) are out there and doing your very best for us all.

    God with!

  3. Am peivate family doctor in texas US
    In my clinic for covid +, am giving zithtomax,hydroxychloroquin
    and budesonide
    And also intensivist that have covid unit icu patients

  4. John, this is the editor of Europe Reloaded (sister site) that originated the post. Sadly, you cannot contact Dr. Schoning through this site. Check their ACU2020 site. This is the precise link to contact them. No doubt they will be able to cope with an e-mail in English: Good luck.

  5. Dr. Heiko Schoning: I have e-mailed Jeff Berwerich (SP) of the Dollar Vigilante. I am trying to get him to unite with you, and David Icke and from a world wide political party to confront the One World Order on this illegal lock down. There is so much evidence that the Plandemic is a scam and that corruption is common place, that in a court of law the evidence will clearly show that the pandemic lockdown is unjustified and clearly unwarranted. You and the ACU 2020 are the world’s only hope to stop this illegal lockdown. UNITED WE STAND: DIVIDED WE FALL. TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER DECETION AND LIES.

  6. Thanks, Patti – we’re not sure about US doctors being involved but it’s still early days. America’s Frontline Doctors are working to the same end, we believe. We’re going to check that youtube video … we think we’ve found another version – check it out.

  7. THANK YOU for all you do…will there be any Doctors from the United States?
    Also, your video has been removed from you tube…..can you provide the video without using youtube???

  8. Thankyou for all that you are doing to awaken people up. I am with you all in mind and spirit, to bring the truth out, bring the perpetrators to justice. Kind regards.

  9. Thank you Dr.Schoning, and all you other wonderful Drs and scientists for speaking out. So proud to see you all in Berlin and with Robert f Kennedy too. Fantastic news of the launch, this is what we all need against this madness. Best wishes from N Wales, UK.

  10. Thank you all so Much I have been trying to spread the word of this global plandemic from the start of this 9 mths ago when nothing we were being told added up I did my own research away from the msm and have tried to spread the word ever since I am so happy and now have hope back in my life with all of you coming forward and I can’t wait to see the other drs and scientists come together as one and turn this terrible situation around and put the few behind this in jail but most of all I look forward to the new world that will see us live as one as free as we possibly can with love peace and unity our only concerns in the world !!! Thank you all so much from Australia and all over the world

  11. Thanks so much, Amanda. Their site is linked to in the article. Please visit that if you care to. There is an English version.

  12. Dear fabulous drs,wish you all the luck in bringing these corrupt criminal governments down.Definitely a Plandemic.We cannot see our drs for 7 months now .And people are suffering including me .Absolute Criminal liars.Thankyou all.I am in UK.

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