You Really Want to Go Back to the Way It Was … ???

You Really Want to Go Back to the Way It Was … ???

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

In today’s world of lockdown, economic, mental and spiritual unrest and a bleak, frightening future where the powers that shouldn’t be have almost fulfilled their goal of enslavement, it becomes natural to sink back into recent past and long for it.

Many are protesting to go back to work and be free to go outside, be close to each other, go to restaurants, send the kids to school and all that we cherish as life in America, despite its problems. We were (are!) the greatest country on the planet. We need never forget that. And we need to keep protesting. We are seeing results.

By the way, it’s quite disturbing to see posts from people harshly critical of all those who want to go back to work, etc. They say we are “selfish” and contributing to putting others at risk of getting ill. Right, all those selfish people who refuse to let their lives and their family’s lives go down the drain for the sake of a virus no worse than the flu and the insanity created from the false propaganda.

Who are these critics listening to? Whatever “experts” they follow, they are pawns of the New World Order as they contribute to a world divided, the worst thing that could happen in this struggle to overcome mass oppression. We need laser-like focus.

We may cherish the past even more now as, each day, this situation moves many into a daily life similar to looking with grief at pictures of long-lost and loved friends and relatives. Gone forever.

Well, maybe it is. But what is really wrong with that? Well, I’d say the first thing wrong with it is we are focused on the past, especially when it seems so rosy compared to today’s terrifying world. Truth and reality are always relative.

Living for the past comes from unhappiness, fear and loss. It comes from a desperate need to escape. I’m not saying we all feel that way. I’d like to think that I, as many other patriots, are looking squarely at the present and working to create the future.

The future is boss.

However, when so many decent, hard-working people all over the planet have lost so much, some to the point of suicide, it begs their question – Why bother? It’s so much more comfortable to dwell in that recent past, filled with the falsity of freedom, as if we truly had human rights.

So that’s the point. It was mostly illusion, the Matrix, spun by puppet masters pulling the strings to cause us to do, say and behave as they wish and we consider those dictates as if they are all our own thoughts and creations.

It has been vicious and evil from the get go, just masked enough so that we go about our lives in a kind of drugged amnesia state, with or without drugs, though they prefer we be numbed even further by them. Isn’t this why many people take drugs, from the street or prescribed? To avoid a painful present?

This current evil has been under the surface but too overwhelming to look at. So, many drift back into their lives as they used to be. It was familiar, it was all we knew so we try to recreate it intact.

But now, as that mass takeover of our innate freedom to think and be appears imminent through horrors like RFID chips, we need to act and not daydream with no other purpose than temporary relief as some call this a preposterous conspiracy theory, no more dangerous than a sci-fi movie.

Over the centuries, the main approach to oppression has been to fight, most often literally and with violence. What has this gotten us? Pain and death. And more wars. Most of us know this very well. Needless to say, many who suffered during these wars do not truly recover but are stuck in the past with all its pain, unable to create a happy future.

Force has been the answer to the threats and destruction of our peace and freedom. It doesn’t work. It distracts us from our lives and, worse, it too often gets us to mimic the behavior of the very people we are opposing. You see? No win.

What do we do instead?

We skip the hate, revenge and fear forced onto us along with the impulse to fight back with the same force. And then we use our minds to create a better world. If that sounds like “not facing the truth”, I’d like you to look at this video showing how sci-fi concepts resulted in eventual reality. They all began in someone’s mind, using imagination, the invisible power that created this whole planet to begin with. It was NOT spontaneous combustion.

We don’t have to be sci-fi writers and film makers to do the same thing. We all have this innate ability. It just needs some mental exercise and belief in oneself.

The point is if we use force against force, it keeps it there. It festers in our heart and soul as poison, denying life as it should be. Bypass it and use your God-given genius to make good things happen.

In this time and in this place with the whole world about to be extinguished, don’t forget these nasty fools will be destroying themselves as well. Insanity at its best. But we want to deal with them before this all-encompassing death has a chance to happen. We don’t sink to the level of anarchists; that is all part of “force against force”.

Reveal their crimes and watch them run off to their havens under the earth or wherever they plan to hide out. Good. A perfect prison to keep them contained.

Well that may not happen; at this moment, it’s part of my own future-creating thoughts. In any event, the bullies need to be confronted.

As we show the world who they are and what they have done, we never lose sight of the purpose which is:

What are we doing that for?

Find out by envisioning the world the way you want it, not overcrowded with battles. There’s much talk of how it will get much worse before it gets better. Well, I’m not going to deny that. We are in a war like no other. Just keep outdoing them by putting a future there. To say the very least, it cushions the blow. More importantly, it fuels us as we create our own new world and granting others the freedom to do the same.

However you mock up your future, whether with your religion, simply with your mind or with your spirit, it’s all good. It’s a universal ability which sits at the core, waiting for us to use it.


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