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by Cassius Methyl

Throughout human history, governments have been interested in “mastering the human domain”—in fully understanding how to control the minds of their populations. In 2015, DARPA’s Narrative Networks” ( or N2) program is in full swing.

The project is intended to analyze how “narratives” play into human psychology, delving into the way these constructs affect the mind. A narrative is a way of phrasing something, a choice of words, for example, that is likely a biased strategy to frame information.

“Narratives exert a powerful influence on human thoughts, emotions and behavior and can be particularly important in security contexts,” DARPA researchers said in a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

They discussed…conflict resolution and counterterrorism scenarios [and] detecting the neural response underlying empathy induced by stories is of critical importance.”

Mastery of “narratives” could potentially be used to manipulate the perception of a population using platforms of communication like television to subtly and potently make a person think a certain way. Many people know this tactic by a more familiar term: propaganda.

“Governments often use stories to present information, so understanding how we comprehend them is important,” said co-author Eric Schumacher, an associate professor of psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In addition to narratives, the study focused on fear. Researchers observed a phenomenon of “tunnel vision,” or impaired reasoning, triggered in the brain when suspects processed, for example, a suspenseful moment in a movie.

As the Washington Post summarized,

“When suspense grew, brain activity in viewers’ peripheral vision decreased. Schumacher called it the ‘neural signature of tunnel vision.’ Moments of increasing suspense were also associated with greater interference with a secondary task. In this case, responding by pressing a button when hearing a tone.”

It is likely that predatory actions of war could come out of this particular accumulation of knowledge.  The U.S. Military has a long history of funding psychological experiments, some entrenched in human rights violations (like the experiments performed during the Project MK Ultra era).

Now we have the Pentagon-funded DARPA program, which pays researchers at colleges and other scientists millions of dollars to enhance and bolster methods of war. Such work places great technological power in the hands of a demonstrably criminal government and military.

DARPA paying geniuses to work for them could be considered an exploitation of intellectual capability to further consolidate government and military power.

This is but a sliver of information in the full timeline of the U.S. Military’s acquisition of propaganda techniques, but even that smallest sliver of information is a necessary piece of the puzzle.


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By Ethan Nadelmann

The following is a transcript of a TED talk by Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. 

What has the War on Drugs done to the world? Look at the murder and mayhem in Mexico, Central America, so many other parts of the planet, the global black market estimated at 300 billion dollars a year, prisons packed in the United States and elsewhere, police and military drawn into an unwinnable war that violates basic rights, and ordinary citizens just hope they don’t get caught in the crossfire, and meanwhile, more people using more drugs than ever. It’s my country’s history with alcohol prohibitionand Al Capone, times 50.

Which is why it’s particularly galling to me as an American that we’ve been the driving force behind this global drug war. Ask why so many countries criminalize drugs they’d never heard of, why the U.N. drug treaties emphasize criminalization over health, even why most of the money worldwide for dealing with drug abuse goes not to helping agencies but those that punish, and you’ll find the good old U.S. of A.

Why did we do this? Some people, especially in Latin America, think it’s not really about drugs. It’s just a subterfuge for advancing the realpolitik interests of the U.S. But by and large, that’s not it. We don’t want gangsters and guerrillas funded with illegal drug money terrorizing and taking over other nations. No, the fact is, America really is crazy when it comes to drugs. I mean, don’t forget, we’re the ones who thoughtthat we could prohibit alcohol. So think about our global drug war not as any sort of rational policy, but as the international projection of a domestic psychosis.

But here’s the good news. Now it’s the Russians leading the Drug War and not us. Most politicians in my country want to roll back the Drug War now, put fewer people behind bars, not more, and I’m proud to say as an American that we now lead the world in reforming marijuana policies. It’s now legal for medical purposes in almost half our 50 states, millions of people can purchase their marijuana, their medicine, in government- licensed dispensaries, and over half my fellow citizens now say it’s time to legally regulate and tax marijuana more or less like alcohol. That’s what Colorado and Washington are doing, and Uruguay, and others are sure to follow.

So that’s what I do: work to end the Drug War. I think it all started growing up in a fairly religious, moral family, eldest son of a rabbi, going off to university where I smoked some marijuana and I liked it. And I liked drinking too, but it was obvious that alcohol was really the more dangerous of the two, but my friends and I could get busted for smoking a joint.

Now, that hypocrisy kept bugging me, so I wrote my Ph.D dissertation on international drug control. I talked my way into the State Department. I got a security clearance. I interviewed hundreds of DEA and other law enforcement agents all around Europe and the Americas, and I’d ask them, “What do you think the answer is?” Well, in Latin America, they’d say to me, “You can’t really cut off the supply. The answer lies back in the U.S., in cutting off the demand.” So then I go back home and I talk to people involved in anti-drug efforts there, and they’d say, “You know, Ethan, you can’t really cut off the demand. The answer lies over there. You’ve got to cut off the supply.” Then I’d go and talk to the guys in customs trying to stop drugs at the borders, and they’d say, “You’re not going to stop it here. The answer lies over there, in cutting off supply and demand.” And it hit me: Everybody involved in this thought the answer lay in that area about which they knew the least.

So that’s when I started reading everything I could about psychoactive drugs: the history, the science,the politics, all of it, and the more one read, the more it hit you how a thoughtful, enlightened, intelligent approach took you over here, whereas the politics and laws of my country were taking you over here. And that disparity struck me as this incredible intellectual and moral puzzle.

There’s probably never been a drug-free society. Virtually every society has ingested psychoactive substances to deal with pain, increase our energy, socialize, even commune with God. Our desire to alter our consciousness may be as fundamental as our desires for food, companionship and sex. So our true challenge is to learn how to live with drugs so they cause the least possible harm and in some cases the greatest possible benefit.

I’ll tell you something else I learned, that the reason some drugs are legal and others not has almost nothing to do with science or health or the relative risk of drugs, and almost everything to do with who uses and who is perceived to use particular drugs. In the late 19th century, when most of the drugs that are now illegal were legal, the principal consumers of opiates in my country and others were middle-aged white women, using them to alleviate aches and pains when few other analgesics were available. And nobody thought about criminalizing it back then because nobody wanted to put Grandma behind bars.

But when hundreds of thousands of Chinese started showing up in my country, working hard on the railroads and the mines and then kicking back in the evening just like they had in the old country with a few puffs on that opium pipe, that’s when you saw the first drug prohibition laws in California and Nevada, driven by racist fears of Chinese transforming white women into opium-addicted sex slaves. The first cocaine prohibition laws, similarly prompted by racist fears of black men sniffing that white powderand forgetting their proper place in Southern society. And the first marijuana prohibition laws, all about fears of Mexican migrants in the West and the Southwest. And what was true in my country, is true in so many others as well, with both the origins of these laws and their implementation. Put it this way, and I exaggerate only slightly: If the principal smokers of cocaine were affluent older white men and the principal consumers of Viagra were poor young black men, then smokable cocaine would be easy to get with a prescription from your doctor and selling Viagra would get you five to 10 years behind bars.

I used to be a professor teaching about this. Now I’m an activist, a human rights activist, and what drives me is my shame at living in an otherwise great nation that has less than five percent of the world’s population but almost 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population. It’s the people I meet who have lost someone they love to drug-related violence or prison or overdose or AIDS because our drug policies emphasize criminalization over health. It’s good people who have lost their jobs, their homes, their freedom, even their children to the state, not because they hurt anyone but solely because they chose to use one drug instead of another.

So is legalization the answer? On that, I’m torn: three days a week I think yes, three days a week I think no, and on Sundays I’m agnostic. But since today is Tuesday, let me just say that legally regulating and taxing most of the drugs that are now criminalized would radically reduce the crime, violence, corruption and black markets, and the problems of adulterated and unregulated drugs, and improve public safety,and allow taxpayer resources to be developed to more useful purposes. I mean, look, the markets in marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are global commodities markets just like the global markets in alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sugar, and so many other things. Where there is a demand, there will be a supply. Knock out one source and another inevitably emerges. People tend to think of prohibition as the ultimate form of regulation when in fact it represents the abdication of regulation with criminals filling the void. Which is why putting criminal laws and police front and center in trying to control a dynamic global commodities market is a recipe for disaster. And what we really need to do is to bring the underground drug markets as much as possible above ground and regulate them as intelligently as we can to minimize both the harms of drugs and the harms of prohibitionist policies.

Now, with marijuana, that obviously means legally regulating and taxing it like alcohol. The benefits of doing so are enormous, the risks minimal. Will more people use marijuana? Maybe, but it’s not going to be young people, because it’s not going to be legalized for them, and quite frankly, they already have the best access to marijuana. I think it’s going to be older people. It’s going to be people in their 40s and 60sand 80s who find they prefer a little marijuana to that drink in the evening or the sleeping pill or that it helps with their arthritis or diabetes or maybe helps spice up a long-term marriage. And that just might be a net public health benefit.

As for the other drugs, look at Portugal, where nobody goes to jail for possessing drugs, and the government’s made a serious commitment to treating addiction as a health issue. Look at Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, England, where people who have been addicted to heroin for many years and repeatedly tried to quit and failed can get pharmaceutical heroin and helping services in medical clinics, and the results are in: Illegal drug abuse and disease and overdoses and crime and arrests all go down, health and well-being improve, taxpayers benefit, and many drug users even put their addictions behind them.

Look at New Zealand, which recently enacted a law allowing certain recreational drugs to be sold legally provided their safety had been established. Look here in Brazil, and some other countries, where a remarkable psychoactive substance, ayahuasca, can be legally bought and consumed provided it’s done so within a religious context. Look in Bolivia and Peru, where all sorts of products made from the coca leaf, the source of cocaine, are sold legally over the counter with no apparent harm to people’s public health. I mean, don’t forget, Coca-Cola had cocaine in it until 1900, and so far as we know was no more addictive than Coca-Cola is today.

Conversely, think about cigarettes: Nothing can both hook you and kill you like cigarettes. When researchers ask heroin addicts what’s the toughest drug to quit, most say cigarettes. Yet in my country and many others, half of all the people who were ever addicted to cigarettes have quit without anyone being arrested or put in jail or sent to a “treatment program” by a prosecutor or a judge. What did it were higher taxes and time and place restrictions on sale and use and effective anti-smoking campaigns. Now, could we reduce smoking even more by making it totally illegal? Probably. But just imagine the drug war nightmare that would result.

So the challenges we face today are twofold. The first is the policy challenge of designing and implementing alternatives to ineffective prohibitionist policies, even as we need to get better at regulatingand living with the drugs that are now legal. But the second challenge is tougher, because it’s about us.The obstacles to reform lie not just out there in the power of the prison industrial complex or other vested interests that want to keep things the way they are, but within each and every one of us. It’s our fears and our lack of knowledge and imagination that stands in the way of real reform. And ultimately, I think that boils down to the kids, and to every parent’s desire to put our baby in a bubble, and the fear that somehow drugs will pierce that bubble and put our young ones at risk. In fact, sometimes it seems like the entire War on Drugs gets justified as one great big child protection act, which any young person can tell you it’s not.

So here’s what I say to teenagers. First, don’t do drugs. Second, don’t do drugs. Third, if you do do drugs, there’s some things I want you to know, because my bottom line as your parent is, come home safely at the end of the night and grow up and lead a healthy and good adulthood. That’s my drug education mantra: Safety first.

So this is what I’ve dedicated my life to, to building an organization and a movement of people who believe we need to turn our backs on the failed prohibitions of the past and embrace new drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights, where people who come from across the political spectrum and every other spectrum as well, where people who love our drugs, people who hate drugs, and people who don’t give a damn about drugs, but every one of us believes that this War on Drugs, this backward, heartless, disastrous War on Drugs, has got to end.

Thank you.

Chris Anderson: Ethan, congrats — quite the reaction. That was a powerful talk. Not quite a complete standing O, though, and I’m guessing that some people here and maybe a few watching online, maybe someone knows a teenager or a friend or whatever who got sick, maybe died from some drug overdose.I’m sure you’ve had these people approach you before. What do you say to them?

Ethan Nadelmann: Chris, the most amazing thing that’s happened of late is that I’ve met a growing number of people who have actually lost a sibling or a child to a drug overdose, and 10 years ago, those people just wanted to say, let’s line up all the drug dealers and shoot them and that will solve it. And what they’ve come to understand is that the Drug War did nothing to protect their kids. If anything, it made it more likely that those kids were put at risk. And so they’re now becoming part of this drug policy reform movement. There’s other people who have kids, one’s addicted to alcohol, the other one’s addicted to cocaine or heroin, and they ask themselves the question: Why does this kid get to take one step at a timeand try to get better and that one’s got to deal with jail and police and criminals all the time? So everybody’s understanding, the Drug War’s not protecting anybody.

CA: Certainly in the U.S., you’ve got political gridlock on most issues. Is there any realistic chance of anything actually shifting on this issue in the next five years?

EN: I’d say it’s quite remarkable. I’m getting all these calls from journalists now who are saying to me,”Ethan, it seems like the only two issues advancing politically in America right now are marijuana law reform and gay marriage. What are you doing right?” And then you’re looking at bipartisanship breaking out with, actually, Republicans in the Congress and state legislatures allowing bills to be enacted with majority Democratic support, so we’ve gone from being sort of the third rail, the most fearful issue of American politics, to becoming one of the most successful.

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By Jon Schwarz

August 02, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “The Intercept


Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show theThom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.”Carter was responding to a question from Hartmann about recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign financing like Citizens United.Transcript:


HARTMANN: Our Supreme Court has now said, “unlimited money in politics.” It seems like a violation of principles of democracy. … Your thoughts on that?


CARTER: It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. senators and congress members. So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect and sometimes get favors for themselves after the election’s over. … The incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves. Somebody’s who’s already in Congress has a lot more to sell to an avid contributor than somebody who’s just a challenger.



I’ve added Carter’s statement to this list of politicians acknowledging that money controls politics. Please let me know if you have other good examples.

(Thanks to Sam Sacks for pointing this out.)


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Preface by: TLB

As we move further into 2015 we see America facing multiple game changing scenarios. Global war, Rampant disease, Martial law, Economic collapse, Social breakdown and the eminent collapse of our biosphere. Never before in the history of this country have We The People faced a more uncertain future fraught with so much danger and uncertainty.

Looking back over time always facilitates nostalgic thoughts of the past … what have we experienced or suffered, what do we see in our reflection. So lets look back and understand how we got to where we are today and what has transpired to put us and this once great country in the position we now find ourselves today.

Please understand we at The Liberty Beacon project are not fatalists, but you cannot progress to workable solutions, unless or until, you understand the events that transpired to facilitate the present circumstances.

What you are exposed to in this full length documentary is ground shattering … is it worth the over two hours required to watch it …

You decide …

See original video here

The article that follows was originally written about two years ago, but has been seriously updated to reflect some of the most pertinent events that have transpired recently, some of the historical changes to our ability to live a free and prosperous life in today’s America. This article does not by any means contain a complete list of the changes that have been perpetrated upon us … but what it does contain is of a significance beyond merely important.


Not allowed 01a

The Truth Of Tyranny: What We Have Already Lost

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated and republished on August 2, 2015

What follows is a statement of present day reality, NOT what could be! So please read, and I invite one and all to challenge any part of this article they feel is falsely stated!

Since the turn of the century, and especially in the last six plus years, aided by Congress, there has been an accelerated paradigm shift in America away from a Republic to a soft dictatorship with more power being consolidated into the hands of a single individual than any American patriot would have ever believed! This has all been accomplished in the name of global oligarchs who now control or outright own our leaders. This is not a guess but a fact!

Where was the massive outcry from We The People that should have followed a study released by Princeton University clearly showing that we as Americans no longer live in a Republic governed by Democratic process … but instead exist in a country Ruled by Oligarchs: Princeton Makes It Official: USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy? This clearly indicates We The People are no longer captains of this ship called America, but instead our elected officials (who they select) and by default us, serve at their whim, command, and to only their benefit.

This fact alone does more to explain the massive changes in America than anything else possibly could. What you also need to understand is that this is not a recent development but a program several centuries in progress … just now accelerated by these corporatists to take advantage of the global and national conditions that prevail, all facilitated by their hands.

So what have we already lost beyond the very Republic our forefathers bequeathed to us?

This is a partial list of unalienable rights and freedoms we can now, by law or by executive order, be denied in the land of the (used to be) free, and the circumstances that prevail for the powers that be to enforce this tyranny! It is not an all-inclusive list, but enough to scare the holy crap out of any patriot …

We have lost our rights via the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. But in a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 (in Heien v. State of North Carolina) that police officers are permitted to violate our Fourth Amendment rights if the violation results from a “reasonable” mistake about the law on the part of law enforcement. Acting contrary to the venerable principle that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” the Court ruled that evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop that was not “legally justified” can be used to prosecute the person if police were reasonably mistaken that the person had violated the law.

So to put this in a clear perspective, YOU and I are required to know and follow the law … Ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse in the eyes of the police or the courts. BUT the very people whose job it is to uphold the law are not required to know and understand the law. What the Supreme Court has in fact done is give law enforcement the ability to circumvent the law under the smokescreen of ignorance, but good intent (Yea this will never be abused (satire)). Welcome to the American Police state

You now have lost your right to assembly or protest through HR 347, giving government the ability to arrest and bring felony charges against anyone engaged in political protests outside their allowed or permitted definition of protest! Passed by Congress!

What we now see on college campuses and protest rallies such as the Bundy ranch, is exclusion zones where free speech is not permitted via local or federal government intervention. This unalienable right must now be practiced as a (government) granted privilege in designated “Free Speech Zones” … REALLY ??? How can something be called Free Speech if the government defines when and where THEY will permit it? But if you violate their restrictions again you can suffer arrest and felony charges.

The exclusion zones (where exercising free speech is NOT permitted) imposed by Section 1752 of this law have no set boundaries. They can be as expansive as local or federal government deem necessary. The “Free Speech Zone” will always be an area designated outside the focal point of the desired protest … and isolated from appropriate press coverage and broadcast media. So by losing your right to protest, haven’t you also lost (or fatally damaged) your right to free speech through HR 347,  Passed by Congress!

The president no longer requires the Senate to approve all his Czars, and can appoint any crony or political ally to certain high-ranking government positions now with impunity from congressional checks and balances with the passage of S 679. This will allow him to consolidate powers never before even considered, due to the relationships he may have with these appointed individuals or their organizations! Passed By congress!

You no longer have the right to due process in any way, shape, or form if our president or his appointed government officials declare you an enemy of the state through the NDAA bill (section 1032/1021). Now this in itself is not so new … But the NDAA bill for 2013 military spending included a clause to protect the rights of American citizens for due process … this (under pressure from the president/White House) was subsequently stripped from the bill leaving the tyranny of the bill intact, WHY ??? There remains no requirement for the burden of proof, as you have no due process and can be locked away indefinitely, without the prospects of a trial. Passed by congress!

You can now be targeted for assassination, as an American via Executive Order 12333, by the president or his appointed representatives if for any reason you are deemed an enemy of the state, and there again is no burden of proof, no oversight and no requirement for due process! My God doesn’t this sound like the political machinations of a Dictatorial Banana Republic? Passed by presidential executive order (but of course)!

This president has made law his power to declare a national emergency, (defined by him) or martial law in an emergency, (also defined by him) with the ability to completely subjugate We The People via Executive order 13603, National Defense Resources Preparedness , This tyrannical order calls for civilian conscription under the Department of the Labor … without compensation! Can you say “Labor Camps”, or “Total Subjugation”!

Also consider under this supposed national emergency, that this EO gives this president TOTAL and absolute control over all food, food production and storage in American … So if you wish to eat, or feed your family, you had better tow the line !!!

His EO states said government would exercise TOTAL CONTROL over the following:

e)  “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.

(f)  “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…”

Also consider that that Section 201(b) of  EO 13603 clearly states that it is enforceable under both “emergency ” and “NON-emergency conditions” … REALLY ??? … WHY ???

This president has signed a plethora of executive orders since he entered office, with some having immense power centralizing implications, but no clear definition of boundaries he may not exceed! Here is a partial list that shows the immense authority he would control over this country at his whim (pay particular attention to EO#11000)…

  • EO#10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
  • EO#10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
  • EO#10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
  • EO#10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
  • EO#11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
  • EO#11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.
  • EO#11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration
  • EO#11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
  • EO#11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
  • EO#11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

Add to the above list the constant and fervent attack on our second amendment rights, a right our founders felt critical for We The People to keep an otherwise tyrannical government in check. A right that must be defeated and rendered obsolete in order to allow the progression of tyranny to come to fruition in America. Why, because we as a society own hundreds of millions of guns … more than just about any standing army on this planet, and this poses a serious threat to the fundamental change promised to America, change that does NOT bode well for Americans.

Now consider that this government has bought, paid for and staffed over 600 internment centers, built under contract by Halliburton industries, strategically placed around the country, and capable of holding millions of patriots for forced reeducation and relocation purposes, without due process and for an indefinite period of time as detailed in DOD report FM 3-39.40 (please research this, it is very real).

Your right to reasonable privacy is gone as, through the patriot act and other legislation we are not privileged to, government agencies may spy on you and collect your personal data with legal impunity. Whether it be through social media, phone conversations, internet searches, street lights, appliances in your home, your automobile, or high flying drones etc… Even if you wish to be, you will never be truly alone again!

The government has been, and continues to actively hire tens of thousands of goons, thugs and self proclaimed mercenaries, to man an internal army called by their soft names, the TSA and Homeland Security. These troops are being armed as well as the best combat troops we send abroad to fight our illegal, imperialistic wars, including battle-proven automatic weapons, 2.2 BILLION rounds of ammunition (enough to fight a ten year war of the scope we are involved in across the middle east) including a massive number of .40 caliber hollow point rounds (only meant to kill and outlawed by the Geneva convention even for use in times of war), body armor, armored vehicles, aerial surveillance (drones) etc…!

These internal forces are currently being stationed across the country at strategic locations such as airports, train and bus stations, shopping malls, checkpoints on major highways and even sports events. So, basically, in any place there is significant gathering, or the flow of population!

Also Via the 1033 program (the Department of Defense Excess Property Program), hometown police departments are obtaining massive amounts military equipment, training and funds … all with strings back to the federal government (nothing the feds give you is ultimately free). So what we in fact are ending up with is the federalization of local police forces available to the feds to accomplish what they themselves cant or don’t have the resources to.

The Military is in the process of training as many as 40,000 returning soldiers in crowd control and riot termination to be used to augment the internal forces mentioned above, even though this is in direct violation of Posse Comitatus and the Constitution, which clearly states the standing army is to be used for foreign conflicts and not against the American people!

Now this list, as long and comprehensive as it is, only shows the surface of the preparations being made to subjugate the American population … Question, COULD THESE LAWS AND EO’S EVEN EXIST IN AMERICA without tyrannical presidents and a complicit congress?


Here is a list of things tyrannical governments throughout history have found cannot be tolerated in order to maintain and protect their hold on absolute power …

The right to Freedom of speech

The right to bear arms

The right to assemble (protest)

The right to due process

The right to reasonable privacy

The right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures

The right to ownership of critical properties

The right of citizens to choose their leaders

No please go back over the above article and see just how many of the list above are covered … If this does not shock the hell out of you, then you are brain dead!

What is also clearly shown in this article is that this is not the result of one corrupt branch of our government. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are all complicit in the erosion and circumventing of what are supposed to be unalienable rights and freedoms enjoyed by, and freely practiced by all Americans.

So please look at the above title again … Need I say more. Is the title of this article making more sense to you now?

Are you angry yet?

So in fact what all this is saying is that the governance by a democratic process, by We The People, in this Republic has been supplanted by almost total oligarchical or corporate power.

Or in plain English … America is now ruled by Fascism!

All of this is mind boggling, and most would truly believe this cannot happen in America! But America has no magical immunity against tyranny. Just like all republics before us, any government not held accountable by its true governors (the people) will eventually accumulate power unto themselves and tyranny WILL result!

This could never have happened if We The People had not grown so apathetic and detached from our true responsibility as the governors of this Republic! American today has the most ignorant and disconnected society from the political process that govern their country on this planet.

In America Today

Take a serious look at what has been presented here and understand that this is “What We Have Already Lost”! It is not by a large margin Everything, but it is enough to know that it is well past time to wake up and push back !!!

At present the line “Land of the Free and home of the Brave” is a cruel joke! It is obvious to anyone aware of the above that we are no longer free … and as far as being brave, well where is the massive push-back against this obvious tyranny, where are the masses of the Brave ???

The cost of Liberty

Please remember, as bleak as this seems, there is hope, because regardless of their power and preparation, the most powerful force in this country has always been, and still remains the 315 million Americans! Together we constitute an unstoppable force that cannot be silenced!

One voice may speak



Asked the right question, a suspect will often incriminate himself. Asked why the Iran deal isn’t a treaty, Secretary of State John Kerry basically answered it’s because we’ve killed the Constitution.

It’s been quipped that the “Living Constitution” liberals believe in so deeply means that the real Constitution is dead. Its words as written can be twisted by judges, and the non-existent — such as rights to abortion and same-sex marriage — can be found written between its lines by the Supreme Court.

But Secretary Kerry, testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, pumped another bullet into the legal foundation of the American system of government ratified by We the People nearly 227 years ago.

Asked by Rep. Reid Ribble, R-Wis., “Why is this not considered a treaty?” — which would mean 67 senators would have to agree before the Iran deal would take effect — former Sen. Kerry’s startling and telling reply was:

“Well, congressman, I spent quite a few years trying to get a lot of treaties through the United States Senate, and frankly it’s become physically impossible. That’s why. Because you can’t pass a treaty anymore. And it’s become impossible to, you know, schedule. It’s become impossible to pass.”

Kerry recalled how “I sat there leading the charge on the Disabilities Treaty which fell to, basically, ideology and politics.” That treaty was blocked in the Senate last year.

The treaty clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, is very clear: The president “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur.”

But according to Kerry, the Senate isn’t passing treaties anymore, so we can just forget that pesky little section of our underlying legal document. Let’s parse Kerry’s words:

“Frankly it’s become physically impossible.” A treaty with Mexico helping us keep illegal aliens from crossing our border wouldn’t be physically impossible to schedule and pass; tens of thousands of demonstrators would probably gather at the Capitol steps from all across the country to demand it be ratified yesterday.

But a treaty that appeases the world’s foremost terrorist regime, allowing it to keep the ability to become nuclear-armed; or a treaty that gets the United Nations involved in handicapped parking spaces at the local mall? Yes, Mr. Secretary, that kind of treaty is impossible. It has something to do with the people electing our lawmakers.

“The Disabilities Treaty fell to ideology and politics,” the secretary of state complained, obviously wary of the Iran deal falling to the same. But his problem is with the Framers of our Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 69 noted that the “prerogative of making treaties exists in the crown in its utmost plenitude; and that the compacts entered into by the royal authority have the most complete legal validity and perfection, independent of any other sanction.”

Hamilton added that “there is no comparison between the intended power of the president and the actual power of the British sovereign. The one can perform alone what the other can do only with the concurrence of a branch of the legislature.”

But what President Obama, assisted by Secretary Kerry, is doing in the Iran deal is reverting back to the system before American independence. They want the president, in practical terms, to have the near-absolute treaty-making powers of an 18th century British sovereign.

Just don’t call it a treaty, and you can get your treaty without having to get the votes of 67 senators, as the Constitution requires. Looks like you don’t have to be a judge anymore to take a hatchet to the Constitution.




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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Many of us are aware of the Corporate stranglehold on our Republic. A Princeton Study has clearly stated America is no longer governed by a Democratic process, but instead is ruled by a Global Oligarchy

And nothing happens … Not even a whimper, or an iota of push back.

It barely makes the news, and certainly not the mainstream news!

Where were the patriots crowing the streets saying “Hell No, Not in my America” … ?


Martin Gilens is Professor of Politics at Princeton University together with Benjamin I. Page Professor at Northwestern University have published results of a unique analysis “using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.” The study concludes that, “Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination…”

Their study further concluded, “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

Finally they conclude, “…Our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise. But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.”

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Princeton Makes It Official: USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy


There can be little doubt as to this fact via the laws we see passed continuously denigrating and disenfranchising We The People in favor of Corporate interests. America today is the most powerful and longest lived Fascist nation in the history of this planet.


Today we see an ever increasing corporate stranglehold of control exercised on our food, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, water, environment, property, life savings, freedoms and more. Laws are no longer passed to the benefit of the people, but for the enrichment and control of the corporatist that literally own our leaders. Money does indeed talk in America and the cost of true freedom is only affordable by a very select few.

Cost of freedom

Anyone who feels this a conspiracy theory has no respect for Princeton University or belief in historical fact. The truth has always been hidden in plain sight, but these days less people have the testicular fortitude to ferret it out.

This process has unfolded in America since its inception starting with the first two (failed) attempts at a central banks, exacerbated by the Civil War and the act of 1871, and accelerated by the Federal Reserve act and institution of the income tax in 1913, then shifted into high gear by the declaration of a state of national emergency in 1933 (which still exists), and I could easily continue up to 9/11 and even more recent tyranny including the NDAA and Patriot act.

But instead what I will present you is an outstanding video looking at this topic from a historical perspective.

Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government.

See featured video HERE

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely

If We The People decide to ignore this mother of all threats, and out of apathy, complacency or fear of self preservation, do nothing … May God have mercy on our undeserving souls!

Please learn, understand and speak out because …

In America Today


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

So Our Commander In Chief (C.I.C.) has decided via Executive action, to allow illegal immigrants into the military and is even pushing the idea with gusto as a means to fast-track to citizenship.

Now before you jump bad and and say this is prejudice or bigotry and ask …

“So what is wrong with that?”

Have you taken into account that by the Constitution only Congress has the power to accomplish this, and they have not, and may never do so?

Have you considered that by the action of entering this country illegally they are in fact felons, immediately disqualifying them from serving in the US military, as any American citizen would be … Or is there once again special privilege for illegals over US citizens?

Have you considered that none have a history of loyalty to the America or the Constitution they must swear an oath to, and by entering this country illegally, they have in fact violated said Constitution?

But since when did following the Constitution by acting only within the limits of power granted him by said constitution, or following the law of the land, ever stop B.H. Obama from doing, as any wanna-be dictator would …

Exactly as he pleases?

Also consider that our C.I.C. has set in motion plans to draw our military down by another 90,000 people, making this the weakest military (personnel wise) America has possessed since just prior to world war one!

Yet one of the stated reasons he has for initiating this program is to fill critical positions that are currently vacant …

WAIT … He is already in the process of forcing 90,000 TRAINED Americans out of the military, but feels it is necessary to allow illegals to fill those vacant but critical positions?

Does anyone else see the pure insanity of this?

Having been associated with (either in or working directly for) the military for almost thirty years of my life I can state the following with absolute certainty … We were promised fundamental transformation by our C.I.C., and …

Nothing gets more fundamental than transforming our military!

Please listen as a retired Colonel explains the fault and dangers associated with this madness … and the possible actual motives behind it …

What follows (attached article) are the thoughts of another individual I came across while looking into this topic. Please read on …


Obama Orders the Military to Recruit Illegals

By: Michael Becker

He said he was going to fundamentally transform the country, and he’s doing it.  No part of the nation has felt the brunt of “Hope and Change” more than the US Military.

First it was the elimination of “don’t ask don’t tell” for homosexuals in the military. Then it was openly recruiting homosexuals in the military. Next came opening up slots front-line combat units for women. That required reducing physical requirements to be in those units putting were fighters at risk. But that’s a small price to pay when you’re transforming the military.

General officers who are war fighters had been under attack by their “Commander-in-Chief” for the last six years and can expect to continue to be for at least the next two.

The commander of the Air Force is a woman who is much more interested in enforcing quotas for female combat pilots, and redesigning fighter aircraft cockpits so they’re more comfortable for women, than she is in maintaining the ability of the Air Force to support close quarter combat with the A-10 Warthog.

The top priority of the U.S. Army in 2015 is [drumroll please] fighting sexual assault. Fighting Islamic terrorists is unlikely to be on their top ten list.

And now we have the “Commander-in-Chief” ordering the services to recruit illegal aliens. Were pretty sure this president thinks serving in the military is apparently a “job Americans won’t do.”

The Pentagon is speeding up its recruitment of illegal immigrants in a program that fast-tracks them to U.S. citizenship, as Congress debates allowing the military to do so.

Since January, the Pentagon has enlisted 81 illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children and qualify for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, according to figures provided by the Army on Thursday.

Between January and April 8, only 43 had been enlisted, an Army spokesman said.

Since then, at least 38 more recruits have signed up.

Fortunately, some members of Congress are trying to limit the president’s ability to force the Army to continue to recruit illegal aliens. We expect that will go nowhere. Republican leadership in Congress hasn’t shown itself willing to fight Obama over anything.

But we shouldn’t be worried. An Army spokesman said the current enlistees are not yet officially Army soldiers. They will have to complete a “very thorough” background check. Pardon us while we LAUGH!

Would that be the same background check that Bradley/Chelsea Manning passed to get a top-secret clearance?


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By Mac Slavo

Another small step for authoritarian bureaucracy, another massive leap forward in the destruction of Americans rights to due process and full protection under the law.

Increasingly, designations on watchlists, but official and unofficial, are replacing due process of suspicion, investigation, arrest, charge and trial, and skipping ahead to simply blacklist individuals and deny them equal rights.

This time, the legislation centers around passports, which would now be revoked upon any suspicion, whatsoever and despite a lack of evidence of wrongdoing, of links to foreign terrorists groups. But these links to ‘terrorism’ are not legally defined or limited, nor do they result as a penalty for criminal convictions, but from being added to a list. Gestapo, anyone?

Police State USA reports:

A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would allow the government to restrict Americans’ travel through the revocation of passports based upon mere suspicions of unscrupulous activity. This bill represents another dangerous step forward in the war on terror and the disintegration of American due process.

H.R. 237, the “FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) Passport Revocation Act of 2015,” will allow the U.S. Secretary of State the unchecked authority to prohibit individuals from traveling internationally. According to the bill, the Secretary may unilaterally revoke (or refuse to issue) a passport from “any individual whom the Secretary has determined has aided, assisted, abetted, or otherwise helped an organization the Secretary has designated as a foreign terrorist organization pursuant to section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189).”

The bill did not bother to define what the terms “aided, assisted, abetted, or otherwise helped” actually mean, in legal terms.
The power has been left open-ended so that it can mean whatever the secretary wants it to mean. Needless to say, a bill like this would be easily abused.

The travel restriction requires no presumption of innocence for the targeted individual; no explanation; no public presentation of evidence; no opportunity for a defense; no checks and balances on the power. The bill does not outline any appeals process for the targeted individual. The only stipulation is that the Secretary of State must issue a report to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs — “classified or unclassified.” The bill does not state that either committee can reverse the secretary’s decisions.

In over the top language, the bill’s sponsor Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) vows to go after “turned Americans” and subjecting them to a legal status backwards enough to predate the Magna Carta:

“The House has now acted to locate and contain these traitors,” Rep. Poe said in a press release. “These Benedict Arnold traitors who have turned against America and joined the ranks of foreign radical terrorist armies should lose all rights afforded to our citizens.”

Poe’s statement about “losing all rights” is rather startling, considering that about half of the Bill of Rights is explicitly written to protect people suspected of crimes from being abused by overzealous government! The dangers of a government wantonly revoking the rights of citizens just because the a bureaucrat puts them on a list would be severe indeed; fitting of a police state. Recall that these individuals can be targeted without even facing official charges of wrongdoing.

If trying to defend”freedom”, he has missed the point.

If owing allegiance to the fascist oligarchy, then be warned. Anyone deemed an “enemy” of the state, rightly or wrongly, has been targeted, while the entire population has been designated a potential enemy, monitored for suspicion and “examples.”

Poe’s bill is in close keeping with Sen. Lindsay Graham’s stunning endorsement of the NDAA, adamantly stating that “enemy combatants” do not get American rights, and do not get a lawyer, regardless of birthplace.

Consider what this could mean in cases where the person of interest is not a suspected member of ISIS, but a suspected patriot/militia/Constitutionalist/sovereign citizen. Can you be stripped of your rights for criticizing your leaders or speaking out about issues?

Already, millions of Americans have been placed on watchlists; many have found themselves denied the right to travel or participate in other activities, and unable to get off the watchlist, even if they were placed on the list by mistake, or if they were placed there without any legal charge of wrongdoing.

These concepts, even if cheered on in the context of fighting a terrorist enemy, are poorly defined and inviting abuse, and speeding up the destruction of our rights.

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By Rosa Koire

While I was traveling across the US giving speeches I often met unusual people.  In Palm Springs, CA I met two DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) engineers after hearing them discussing something they were working on as I was sitting nearby.  I interrupted them and asked a simple question:  “Do you ever stop work on a project because of moral or ethical concerns?”  They looked at me as if I were crazy and said “No.”  One told me that he wasn’t ever concerned no matter what he was working on because that wasn’t his job.  Others were supposed to be thinking about ethics, not him.  They both agreed that they would pursue any lead as far as they could without regard for consequences to life.  Their complacency was chilling in light of the fact that they were working on weaponry and futuristic control of human beings.

“Situational ethics” is a term often used to describe the conundrum of something being alright in one context but not in another—for instance it is not acceptable to kill a person but if one is at war this is acceptable.  But situational ethics is an excuse to create tension and uncertainty in children who are told that there is no ‘right or wrong’ just a consideration for the issue of the moment.  Of course religion, with its rigid certainty that ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ and other prohibitions is a roadblock to institutionalizing situational ethics in the human psyche.  Nothing that declares that behavior is wrong regardless of the situation will fit with the new world of UN Agenda 21.

The video below highlights two computer hackers (funded by DARPA) working with a Wired Magazine reporter to remotely control his car while he is driving it. They can do this without the knowledge of the driver by hacking into the wireless system in the car.  They can shut the car off, speed it up, freeze the brakes, lock the doors, operate or shut down any of the systems in the vehicle; they can kill the driver.  This capability is known, and I believe, was known before the car was built. Many cars can be hacked this way: cars with On-Star can be shut off remotely, newer cars with wireless can be controlled remotely.  Situational ethics.

Do you remember the Cash for Clunkers program through the Department of Motor Vehicles?  All of those old cars—destroyed.  What did they have in common? No wireless capability.

UN Agenda 21 is about inventory and control.

Rosa Koire, ASA, is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute and the author of BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21. She is a retired forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. As a District Branch Chief at the California Department of Transportation her nearly 30 years analyzing land use and property value enabled her to recognize the planning revolution sweeping the country. While fighting to stop a huge redevelopment project in her city she researched the corporate, political, and financial interests behind it and found UN Agenda 21. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan. Rosa speaks across the world and is a regular blogger on her website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. Her book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 is available on, Kindle, and Nook, at her websites:

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