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By John Vibes

It is election time again in the United States, and millions of people are getting swept up into the cult of one candidate or another, despite the fact that they are all generally the same when it comes to the fundamentals of the power structure that they work in and benefit from. Even activists who are awake and aware of what is going on in the world, are still getting sucked into the trap of politics, and showing support for some of the more edgy candidates such as Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders.

However, despite the lip service that these candidates pay to make small “reforms” to the system, they fail to question even the basic tools of oppression employed by the government. In reality, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are not much different than Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton,they just have different marketing schemes that appeal to different demographics. This is an age old tactic that has been used by the establishment since the early days of democracy, and it was used as recently as the last election, with the cult of Barack Obama.


As we saw with Obama, he paid lip service to popular issues, and led people to believe that he was an anti-war candidate, who wanted to legalize drugs, fix the economy and bring more freedom to the people of America. Sadly, people learned very quickly that Obama was no different than Bush, he was just another smooth talking politician who did exactly what the ruling class wanted him to do, just as every politician has done before him.

Now in the new election, why is it that anyone thinks that anything is going to be different, especially when none of the candidates will even address the oppressive institutions and ideas that are at the root of our suffering? Below are some of the topics that show that all politicians have the same mindset, and playing for the same team, regardless of their party or marketing scheme.


1. Military

Hawaii's Stryker Brigade soldiers conduct realistic combined live fire exercise

At one point or another, every politician has voted for some military funding or military action. In the current election, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump have all been vocal about their desire to kill people in other parts of the world, but so have some of the candidates that are more popular among activists. Bernie Sanders for example, has consistently voted to send billions of dollars worth of funding and weapons to Israel so they can terrorize the Middle East on behalf of the military industrial complex of the Western world, despite the fact that he is now positioning himself as an anti-war candidate. Rand Paul has also positioned himself an anti-war candidate, but he too has promoted senseless war in the Middle East, even writing his own declaration of war in the midst of the ISIS hysteria. Each of these candidates has failed to make a serious stand against the very concept of war, and in many ways continue to perpetuate the fear-based notion that military is needed and keeps us safe.


2. Police

when did

Police brutality and oppression has become a trending topic in the United States because more people are recording police and holding them accountable. The brutality that is seen by people around the world on a daily basis is so bad at this point that most politicians are forced to make slight concessions on their rhetoric about police. Many candidates are now pushing for “reform”, which still leaves them in control, but none of them is pointing towards the real solution, which is the outright abolition of the police. The police as an institution is a monopoly that has roots in slave hunting in American culture. All throughout the world police are known as agents of oppression, from Ceasar’s guards to Hitler’s Nazis, the police have always been the bad guys. The institution is not broken, it is inherently corrupt and has no place in a free society, but this is not a perspective that you will hear during a political debate, even from the edgy candidates like Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul.


3. Centralized Currency


Having a centralized currency is one of the major tactics that the ruling class has used to control populations economically, and one way or another every political candidate supports some form of centralized currency. Even candidates that criticize the Federal Reserve still want the currency to be centralized and controlled by Congress, instead of central banks. These politicians, known as “green backers” believe that Congress would be somehow less corrupt and more accountable than central banks, when in reality, these two institutions are both composed of ruling class individuals who share the same interests, and in many cases, even hold positions in both organizations at different times in their life. You will not hear a candidate ever promote the idea of allowing people to freely develop decentralized currencies on their own, because this would shake the foundation of the economy, and bring power and wealth from the ruling class back to the people.


4. Government Indoctrination (Public Schooling)

i dont want

Public schooling is one of the biggest sacred cows of government, and it is incredibly rare for a politician ever to recognize how damaging it is to children, and that its real intention is to indoctrinate, not educate. Politicians like Bernie Sanders want to pour more money into schooling, as if schooling is a positive thing, however, this is simply not true.

The education system in America and most of the rest of the world is a corrupt establishment that does a lot more harm than it does good. The main focus of public education is to mold young minds into accepting authority and to teach them the very basic skills that they will need to be a part of the workforce. Schools do not teach people how to think, but only what to think, or more accurately how to remember and regurgitate information that has been fed to them. The useful information that is taught in schools would realistically only take a few months per year to go over, but passing along this information is not what’s important to the public school system. What is important to them is the day to day structure of how the school is run that “socializes” and indoctrinates the children. This structure is designed to break the child’s spirit and teach them to be submissive to authority figures.

It is also specifically designed to groom working class children for their future jobs, which will be at a corporation or bureaucracy of their choosing. Surprisingly, this fact has been recognized to some extent by Rand Paul, but instead of promoting ideas like homeschooling, unschooling, or Montessori schooling, he seems to want the same type of government school structure, but just in a private setting. So again, while he may pay lip service to reform, he fails to go far enough and strike at the root of the issue or bring forward any radical solutions. He has suggested abolishing the Department of Education, though which I must admit is a decent start.


5. Prosecution of Victimless Crimes


In some way or another, every politician out there supports legal penalties against people who have not harmed anyone or violated anyone’s property. Even politicians who want to legalize marijuana, still advocate legal penalties against other drugs or other nonviolent actions. Furthermore, even the politicians who do wish to legalize certain nonviolent crimes, still refuse to legalize anything fully without writing regulations and imposing taxes on it. Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, and all of the other major candidates have failed to make a clear stand and differentiate victimless crimes from crimes with victims, because they each have pet laws that they wish to keep intact, although they may be willing to make small compromises on rare occasions.


6. Majority Rule

a democ

Although we were taught through school, media and popular culture, that democracy is freedom, it istruly oppressive. As has been pointed out in the past “democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner” and “democracy is mob rule.Put simply, democracy is the process by which 51% of the population violently imposes their will on the other 49% that want to do things differently. It is the process by which neighbors oppress one another using the middleman of government, and the principle stands the same even in countries that adopt a “direct democracy.”

There is no reason why people should be bound by the whims and preferences of their neighbors, or of politicians, so long as they are not hurting anyone and not interfering with another person’s property. Don’t you agree? This is another thing that a politician will never recognize or call attention to, because this system is where they derive their power and wealth, even if they don’t explicitly realize it. The power structure itself, and the underlying violence and coercion that it embodies is not recognized by politicians, and until it is, none of them are worth our time or attention.

About the Author

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war.




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Obama-Monsanto 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Monsanto is a member of a very exclusive club whereby they enjoy privileged status and protection from their transgressions, regardless of whether these transgressions are based on negligence, bad practices or hidden and altered science. Thus it would appear they are ultimately free to terrorize and bully competing farmers completely out of their livelihood, with these same farmers unable to defend themselves, or continuously unsuccessful at retaliation via the law.

Here we find the most dangerous non military industry existing today on issues of critical health and environmental hazards, with what appears to be just about zero accountability, and total support by an extremely corrupt and complicit government including the Supreme Court, Congress and the Executive branch (a perfect trifecta). Their Teflon coating extends far beyond the reach of any citizen or organized protest group.

Here are a few examples of the blatant conflicts of interest that should never be allowed to exist within a government or health/regulatory agencies mandated to serve and protect We The People …


And another blatant example …

Clarence Thomas

And one more for good measure …

Monsantos revolving door

Today a virtual cornucopia of recent and peer reviewed research proves unequivocally the lurking dangers with GMO’s, but this means absolutely nothing to this government so entrenched in complicity.

As more and more of the rest of the world bans or severely restricts Monsanto’s dangerous and even deadly products to protect their environment and citizens, our government, supposedly bound by that same concept of representing the will of, and protecting the health of, We The People, ignores these issues, and supports this entity knowing full well the massive harm to Americans and the biosphere they are responsible for!

Well just how can they accomplish this continuous rein of bio-terror …

When you own the mechanism that makes the laws … You can easily exist outside those laws !!!

Are you freaking ANGRY yet ???

Monsanto’s Government Orgy

Abby Martin takes a closer look at the incestuous relationship between the White House and Monsanto, by calling out Romney and Obama’s longstanding ties with the company.

“Monsanto has a very incestuous relationship with the U.S. government which goes back decades…”

See original video here:

Cheyenne-460Cheyenne with her father Randy Davis before their separation. Image source: Reunite Cheyenne Davis Facebook page.


Contributed to TLB by: Health Impact News and Medical Kidnap

Whistleblower’s Daughter is Terrorized, Detained, and Kidnapped

The following two videos recorded the scene on the night of April 14, 2014, when Cheyenne and Randy Davis were followed for at least a mile by law enforcement, pulled over, and brutally separated by Sampson County Deputies. No reasons were given for the stop and subsequent arrest of Randy, nor the abduction of his daughter, Cheyenne.

The first video shows the initial stop:

The second video shows officers assaulting and forcibly removing Cheyenne from the car and away from her father. Another adult female, along with her son, were also in the vehicle, and the officers removed her child also. There was apparently no court order from a judge to take the children into custody. The officers were simply following directions from CPS social workers. This is what we refer to as legal kidnapping in the United States today.

Warning! This second video contains graphic audio and visual materials which may not be suitable for some viewers:

Cheyenne was placed back into foster care where she had previously reported abuse at the hands of her alleged care takers. Randy ended up in jail without being charged, and although the judge authorized his release, the Sampson County Sheriff decided that Randy would be detained further after his daughter, whom he had not seen since that night, escaped from her foster home.

The sheriff allegedly decided that Randy knew Cheyenne’s whereabouts and that he could hold him until he disclosed her location.

How is this allowed to happen in America?

On the surface it appears to be another horribly routine abduction by state authorities across the country vying for federal funding by placing children into foster care while removing parental rights and making these children wards of the state—much like the abduction of Isaiah by Illinois DCFS when he actually resides in Missouri:

See – Fight Rages for Teenager Isaiah Rider’s Freedom – His Mother Commits “Cardinal Sin” Of Questioning Doctors

Also see – BREAKING – Illinois Social Worker Threatens to Arrest Teen Isaiah Rider When He Turns 18

However, when one looks into the story behind Randy and Cheyenne Davis, you will learn that they are Native American Chaotan Indians. This is important to know.

Biological Parents Viewed As “Red Tape”?

When CPS takes a child, the parents no longer have a right to determine who, how, or with what their child will be treated, or if the treatment is actually necessary in the case of medical kidnappings—leaving medical researchers an open opportunity to push experimental drugs into the hospitals and clinics without objection.

These children are often given experimental drugs in adult dosages and a lot of the drugs are not recommended for children under the age of 18 years. Drug companies can get around parental ‘red tape’ by serving up these cocktails to state wards whether medical treatment is actually needed or not.

A second child was also taken in these videos—he too was abducted while kicking and screaming out in terror. We are not sure who he is, nor where he was taken. But it is clear that these children are being traumatized and placed in unfamiliar surroundings. In many of these situations, they later being diagnosed with emotional disorders, while the cause for these disorders is blamed on innocent parents rather than the blatant abductions. These children are then treated with experimental drugs.

However, if an Indian child is taken from a reservation it generates even more federal money.

How Many Native Americans Does It Take to Fund A State Government?

In South Dakota the magic number is 750 per year according to reports from Lee Stranahan on Tammi Stefano’s radio show which aired August 7, 2015. More interesting was the idea of ‘special needs’ children generating a greater amount of revenue. Of course, Stranahan connected the dots, citing George Bush’s declaration that all Lakota Native American children should be deemed special needs because they all failed a racially biased test that was based in Texas. Daniel Sheehan of the Lakota Law Project states:

The Department of Social Services makes up 53% of the entire budget for the state of South Dakota every year, right on the backs of the Native people.

Just how much money North Carolina generates from abducting Indian and other children is still being determined.

It is far too easy for state agencies to come in and take your children based on CPS’ inability to determine abuse from hospital rhetoric designed to parallel abuse and give custodial and experimental rights to hospitals which then are paid by pharmaceutical companies to administer their product—approved or not.

Taking Cheyenne was a bit different—not the fact that they took her, but the alleged reasons behind her abduction. What Randy claims is that his daughter, Cheyenne, was kidnapped, and that Cheyenne’s mother was used as the catalyst for her kidnapping when she repeatedly called from an undisclosed location.

Randy also believes that Cheyenne was taken in retaliation for his many ‘whistle-blower’ articles about corruption in Sampson County, North Carolina, and its footprints that lead straight to Washington D.C.

The smoke that follows these seemingly vindictive and retaliatory abductions is more likely to focus observers’ attentions on the abductions themselves which leave readers believing that something had to be wrong with the parents because, naively, most Americans believe in America and all it stands for, and find it hard to believe that these children were taken without reason.

Cheyenne-and-Randy-Davis2-460Father and daughter on a family outing. Image source: Reunite Cheyenne Davis Facebook page.


Randy and Cheyenne were planning a family day when they were visited several times by the Sampson County Sheriff’s Department according to a report published on

 “… officer…explained that he was there to do a ‘welfare check’ on Cheyenne. When Cheyenne asked him who called for this welfare check, the officer advised, ‘Your mother, Theresa Davis.’”

Mr. Randy walked in the room to see this happening and asked Cheyenne to call her mother, as he had already talked to her mother once earlier in the day and he was clueless as to why this was happening, and so was Cheyenne. The Sampson County officer stated there was no need to explain, but Mr. Randy insisted that Cheyenne call her mother and the officer listen, which he did.

Cheyenne asked her mother why she was doing this silly business and Theresa Davis said,

“Because everybody down there is calling me and telling me how your Daddy is crazy and out of his mind and that it is worse than before.”

Cheyenne asked who

“everybody” was, who was calling Theresa. Theresa Davis refused to answer as to who “they” were.”

Following this incident Randy and Cheyenne left their home and were eventually followed and stopped, leading to Cheyenne’s abduction and Randy’s incarceration (see videos above).

North Carolina Doesn’t Want Their “Dirty Laundry” Aired – At Any Cost

Randy refused to be quiet about corruption and his family was allegedly detained by the Sampson County North Carolina Sheriff’s Department as a result. Cheyenne also refused to be quiet about her abuse while in foster care. Randy was arrested and placed in jail while his daughter was placed back into foster care, where she eventually escaped.

This doesn’t appear to just be a case of a placement because her father is being incarcerated and her mother had already lost custodial rights. It does not appear to be a case of ‘just doing one’s job.’ This case was allegedly founded on solicited false allegations and hearsay in order to keep Randy from exposing additional corruption and little known to Theresa Davis, her calls would put her daughter on the run.

Has anybody seen Randy since he was hauled off to jail and accused of concealing his daughter’s whereabouts after she escaped from foster care?

Cheyenne intends to stay away from North Carolina until she reaches the untouchable age of eighteen. Randy hasn’t seen his daughter since the night of the video and it’s said that he told the Sheriff as much. It’s hard to believe that law enforcement would go to such lengths to stop someone from exercising their Constitutional rights.

If what Randy says is true, then Cheyenne was a double bonus. Scaring the father into silence by taking the daughter, while getting more federal money during the process appears to be the potential solution in this case.

Refusing to be silenced, Randy Davis has given up his freedom. Yet, he has still exposed additional mechanisms used to control people who speak up about what’s wrong in the country—CPS, police, sheriffs, state, county, and federal agencies, and tribal councils.

Refusing to become a part of the protective services system, Cheyenne vows to stay away from North Carolina until her eighteenth birthday. She won’t allow herself to be abused or manipulated. She is strong and resourceful.

Cheyenne-Davis-460Cheyenne Davis, still in hiding from Sampson County CPS says, “I am where I am because I want to be here, I’m here of my own free will and I’m well outside North Carolina agency jurisdiction.” Image source YouTube video: Copy of CPS Exploitation Movie Trailer by Cheyenne Davis.


Who is Randy Davis, the Whistle-Blower Ruffling Feathers?

Randy Davis is a Native American Chaotan Indian who was last reported to be living in Sampson County North Carolina. His Facebook page says he likes fishing, Chuck Negron, and documentaries like CPS, and a film called “Persecuted.” Randy is much like you. He likes what he likes and he doesn’t like what he finds inhumane.

Here you are—exercising your rights—when, unknown to you, there is a target on your back. Randy was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He wrote articles for Watchdog Wire. Randy was a whistle-blower who was not afraid to speak his mind, or expose corruption where he found it. He wrote several articles on corruption and misappropriation of funds and ‘ideas,’ referring to his written comments on November 1, 2013, when he wrote the article entitled:

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Instructs Indians on racial slurs?


On Wednesday October 30, 2013, Farrell Howard and I, both Croatan Indians from Sampson County, attended the Sirius XM Radio’s Madison Show in Washington, D.C. We made the five-hour trip to D.C. because I was invited to be a guest at the Urban View Roundtable with Joe Madison’s “Washington Redskins: What’s in a Name?”

We are very grateful and thankful to Madison and Sirius XM Radio. It was an opportunity for the Croatan Indians of Sampson County to be heard; something our Democratic and Republican officials and representatives in North Carolina have denied us for the past two years.

I disagree 100% with both of Norton’s assumptions. US government involvement in Native American affairs has historically shown the reverse of the intended government “help.”

Even now in North Carolina, government programs and NC Commission of Indian Affairs are the problem, not the cure.

See the full article and many more by Randy Davis here.

Whistleblower Says NC Misappropriating Funds – Money Doesn’t “Go Missing”

Randy would go on to say that his input into this meeting to which he was invited would be ignored by those who sat on the panel. This was the panel trying to determine if Native American Indians had been insulted by the use of the team name applied to the Washington football team—the Redskins. Randy stated he wasn’t insulted by that, but was insulted by Bin Laden being referred to as being like Geronimo by President Obama.

Over the next eighteen months or more Randy Davis would write several additional articles about the state of North Carolina, the government, and missing funding. Here’s where it gets tricky. Missing money. Money does not go missing. Everybody knows what to do with money. You spend it. Someone didn’t spend the money earmarked for housing use on the North Carolina reservations on the housing and Randy wrote about that too, in an article titled:


Randy Davis reported that over $740,000.00 were unaccounted for. Read the full report at:


Money is strange. Everybody wants it, but no one will admit to having it. Randy reported this alleged corruption under the guise of a 501c3 and refused to let the matter be swept under the carpet. Although he himself is a Native American, he claims that this Coharie nation only recently came into recognition and the two nations Coharie and Choatan were combined, but still recognizes his Choatan heritage. (The State of North Carolina recognized the Coharie in 1971.) See here.

That’s two different groups of people Randy Davis has alienated by choosing to exercise his first amendment rights rather than ignore the world around him.

Randy continued to speak out…

GOP Sen. Jackson Ignores North Carolina Native Indians’ pleas for justice


NC: Coharie Leaders intimidate Special needs child of whistleblower

after time,

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Instructs Indians on racial slurs?

after times…

Video: NC Tribal Council Loses Three Quarters of Million HUD Funds

NC Attorney General Supports Gay Rights, Forgets Native American …

NC: Coharie Whistleblower Scandal, Another GOP State Senator Involved

NC Senator Sponsor of ‘AG GAG Whistle Blower Bill’ Meets with Felon USDA Inspector

NC: Governor Pat McCrory Embraces Convicted Felon who says “We Can Sway Election” (video)

Video: Lumbee Federal Recognition bill writer advises Tribal Council to Violate Federal and NC law

Read all of these stories and more at WATCHDOG.ORG

Exposing Racketeering One Day, Feel the Consequences the Next

Randy Davis angered a lot of people for disclosing what he believed to be the truth behind their politics. This created a Rico type of vindictiveness that permeated across boundaries.

The Rico Act was implemented to reprimand and defend those seemingly unrelated entities who conspire to defraud for different reasons, but with the same goal and intention:

It is this factor of continuity plus relationship which combines to produce a pattern.” S. Rep. No. 91-617, p. 158 (1969) (emphasis added). Similarly, the sponsor of the Senate bill, after quoting this portion of the Report, pointed out to his colleagues that “[t]he term ‘pattern’ itself requires the showing of a relationship . . . . So, therefore, proof of two acts of racketeering activity, without more, does not establish a pattern . . . .” 116 Cong. Rec. 18940 (1970)  (statement of Sen. McClellan).

See also:

id . , at 35193 (statement of Rep. Poff) (RICO “not aimed at the isolated offender”);

House Hearings, at 665. Significantly, in defining “pattern” in a later provision of the same bill, Congress was more enlightening: “[C]riminal conduct forms a pattern if it embraces  criminal acts that have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or  methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated events.” 18 U.S.C. § 3575(e). (Source.)

Under the far-reaching influence of the RICO statute, an enterprise or person can be convicted of and face charges for racketeering in any territory or possession of the US, allowing the act’s authority to be exercised across all state lines as well as in areas such as Guam and Puerto Rico.

Those charged under the law face fines, imprisonment, or both, as well as the mandate to surrender to the federal government any enterprise and assets acquired by means of racketeering activity. Under this set of penalties, the federal government is not only able to prosecute crime syndicate bosses, but to prosecute criminal associates as well as seize the actual operations beneath them. This enables the statute to deal a considerable blow to the entirety of a corrupt organization. (A racketeer is someone who is involved in multiple criminal enterprises.) (Source.)

In legal terms, racketeering refers to conducting a business, or business activities, in an illegal manner or by using illegal means. Sometimes the entire business itself is illegal, such as drug trafficking, child pornography, or human trafficking. In other examples, however, the business itself may be legal, but the tactics or practices used in the business are illegal, such as extortion or money laundering.

There are a number of crimes that may be part of an illegal enterprise, such as loan sharking, theft, and embezzlement, as well as bribery, counterfeiting, and kidnapping. Embezzlement and obstruction of justice appear on the list, as do mail, wire, bankruptcy, and securities fraud. (Source.)

Some will say that it is Randy’s fault that his daughter is on the run, and he was incarcerated, but others will recognize conviction and an uncontrollable direction towards ‘truth.’ Still others will recognize that the truth sets us all free.

Cheyenne has several videos on the web expounding on the corruption taking place within the North Carolina CPS. The videos show her father discussing the issues and CPS trying to ignore the issues about his daughter’s detention.

See one of Cheyenne’s self released YouTube videos (below):

“Help Me Get Back To My Dad”

Whistleblower’s Daughter Escaped, Still on the Run

The judge had already stated that Cheyenne was to be released from custody, yet North Carolina was still holding on to her and intervening much the same as was done to Elissa Maple (See her story here.) and Isaiah Rider.

Randy and Cheyenne Davis are two resourceful and intelligent people. They are not afraid to speak the truth, despite what that truth is costing them. Wherever Cheyenne is, she is safe. But in North Carolina, where is Randy Davis?


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hillary-wink 1

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

After writing one of my most recent articles with regard to what typically happens when a currency collapse occurs, due to a currency devaluation, takes down a country’s economy as the Chinese are gobbling up all of our important economic assets, many people wrote to me asking me when is the total collapse going to happen. The short answer is that I have a hard time predicting the actions of psychopaths. All of us have a hard time predicting the action of others who are so different from the mainstream of America because most of us do not.

t think like psychopaths. However, I can state with certainty that when the last mortgage has been stolen and the last pension has been confiscated, then it will be time to collapse the dollar and plunge this country into a hellish nightmare.

Our country should be dubbed, the United States of Psychopathology. Psychopaths are at the root of the world’s problems. They kill hundreds of millions in wars which serves no purpose except to enrich themselves. Subsequently, psychopaths such as the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s recruit already compromised psychopaths to do their bidding in both elected office and as the CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations as well as key administrative positions.

The Whole Country Is Going Crazy

The United States of America is presently undergoing a mental health crisis. An estimated 26.2% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This figure translates to almost 60 million people who have a diagnosable mental illness. Even though mental disorders are widespread within the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion, which is confined to about 6% of the population, or about 1 in 17 who suffer from a serious mental illness. In nearly half (45%) of those with any mental disorder, they meet criteria for two or more disorders. In the U.S., mental disorders are diagnosed based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-V).

Most (over 65%) of the diagnosed mental health disorders are reactive in nature to a faulty environment and are common to a population being placed under dire stress. As would be expected, anxiety disorders lead the way and can manifest themselves in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (common to veterans in combat), various social phobias, eating disorders (at record levels) and depression (rising at an alarming rate).

Genetic factors are thought to generally play a role in mental illness in about 30-50% of all mental illnesses. However, the bulk of symptoms are maladaptive responses to a negative environment. In other words, the sheep may not be outwardly rebelling, but their unconscious minds are stating that the New World Order is not fit to live in.

Psychopath or Sociopath?

The terms psychopath and sociopath were in vogue 30 years ago in the mental health field. We still see the use of these terms to describe morally deprived people who commit heinous acts of some sort against other human beings. However, on an official level, the terms have been rolled up into one clinical term, Anti Social Personal Disorder (ASPD)..

I contend that most of the mental illnesses that we are seeing in today’s America are reactive to the depraved nature of those that seek power over others. It is becoming quite clear that when we closely examine the mental health of many in power, they exhibit the hallmark traits of people with diagnosable ASPD.


Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by an individual’s disregard for social rules and cultural norms, impulsive behavior, and indifference to the rights and feelings of others. Mental health researchers estimate that approximately 3% of males and 1% of females, aged 18 or over, have ASPD (Lenzenweger, M.F., Lane, M.C., Loranger, A.W., Kessler, R.C., 2007). DSM-IV personality disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Biological Psychiatry, 62(6), 553-564).

The National Institute of Mental Health diagnoses Anti-Social Personality Disorder by having four of the following seven characteristics:

  • Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest.

  • Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure.

  • Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead.

  • Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults.

  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others.

  • Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations.

  • Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.

ASPD Is Fertile Recruiting Ground for Today’s Leaders

If I were a power broker in the emerging New World Order and I needed politicians to carry out my agenda of controlling every person and every resource on the planet, I would seek individuals who have previously earned their stripes as being both mentally ill and highly ambitious individuals who will move to get ahead at all costs. I would seek out people who have the traits of an ASPD individual because I could count on them to pursue power at all costs in the pursuit of the NWO agenda. And when they are caught violating the public’s trust, I would just replace them with another person who exhibits the same exact ASPD traits. And it is ideal if these “public servants” already have a litany of behaviors emanating from their ASPD symptoms that I could use to blackmail them when the need arises. In a nutshell, I have just described the American political scene.

Whereas, 75% of Americans are emotionally stable and 25% are not, I think these are the exact inverse numbers of what we see in Congress and other key elected positions such as the governors of states. I believe that if we did a mental status exam on George Bush I, George Bush II, Bill Clinton and President Obama, we would see all four individuals with completely diagnosable ASPD. Millions have died, who did not have to under these criminally insane leaders. We have lived through three completely avoidable wars in which several million have perished as we whip a little democracy on these countries as we misappropriate these victimized country’s resources.

ASPD in Corporate Circles and Local Politics

When institutions engage in illegal business practices designed to deprive people of their homes, the leaders and their minions of these organizations are exhibiting ASPD.

Richard Eskow, senior fellow for Campaign for America’s Future, relates how former employees of Bank of America submitted sworn affidavits to a civil lawsuit claiming that “the financial institution purposely stalled, delayed or denied home loan modifications.” They also claimed that the bank enforced foreclosure quotas and gave bonuses to those with the highest foreclosure rate. So will Bank of America pay for these alleged practices? No, because Federal judges are appointed by the criminally orientated mentally ill as well, or they would not be selected.

This parallels what the Federal Reserve is doing. Since September of 2012, the Fed has been purchasing $40 billion dollars worth of mortgage backed securities each month. This is nothing but a modern day version of feudalism in which the Lords are buying up all the land so they can exploit even more serfs who pay tribute to live on the land that has been stolen from them.

The Weiner


Then who could ever forget Anthony Weiner? You remember Weiner don’t you? He was forced to resign from Congress for publicly displaying his last name in a text to show what a man he is. Interesting, when one urinates in public and are caught, they must register as a sex offender. Weiner’s actions impacted far more people and gets to politically recycle himself with impunity, again and again. You can bet he will run for something in 2016.


Tiny Tim


Three years ago for Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geithner, received $400,000 for three speeches which he gave to his fellow banksters. And he was paid and is enriching himself with your money! He was charged with tax evasion and he was part o of a cabal from the World Bank that defrauded U.S. taxpayers involving foreign investments using taxpayer money.

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton


“What does it matter?”

Benghazi is not Clinton’s only treacherous act. Recently, it has been revealed that Hillary fought to keep the al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Boko Haram off of its official list of foreign terrorist organizations for nearly two years despite a history of blowing up Abuha’s UN headquarters and now the abduction of several hundred girls targeted for delivery to child sex slavery rings. Clinton’s refusal to identify this terror group, as being such, transpired despite the urging of Nigeria’s government, the Justice Department and the CIA, FBI  and over a dozen congressmen and senators. 

Please reread the symptoms of ASPD.  Every president in recent history, most of Congress and various “Weiners” such as Clinton, Feinstein and Geithner have ASPD and you are their victims. 


Despite all my scandals, I will be the President in 2016!

Feinstein the Kleptomaniac


Senator Feinstein entered the Senate with only a net worth of only about a million dollars. Today, because of her conflicts of interest involving her husband’s business interests and her insider trading, she is now worth $200 million dollars courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Additionally, she wants to shut down any justifiable criticism through her relentless proposals to control the Internet.

In short, people of America, we are ruled by what used to be called psychopaths and you are their victims on an accelerated basis.

We wonder why things do not change. Why are we continuing to comply with these criminally mentally ill? These psychopaths are literally and figuratively driving the country crazy as proven by our skyrocketing rates of mental illness among the general population.

Isn’t it time that we begin to impose standards of moral conduct such as when you are caught with a prostitute, that you are ineligible to run for public office. Shouldn’t the murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi be enough to keep co-conspirator Hillary Clinton from becoming the President of the United States. Yet, she is the heir apparent in 2016. When one publicly exposes themselves before God and country, shouldn’t this prohibit this person from becoming a mayor?

And to the sheep of America, don’t your children deserve better than to be ruled over by a bunch of perverted psychopaths? These actions are not the exception, they are the norm (see Hillary, Weiner, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, etc.)


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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump participates in the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Reality Check: Anchor Babies’ And Trump’s U.S. Citizenship Claims

Contributed to TLB by: Ben Swann & Truth In Media

The two words that have lit up the political world over the past week: anchor babies.

2016 presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump says he is going to not only round up and deport 12 million people, but also change the 14th Amendment to our constitution.

How much of this could actually happen under a President Trump?

Trump has been making his case. The claim? That women who come to the United States and have a baby here on U.S. soil in order for their child to become a U.S. citizen are not protected by the constitution.

This edition of Ben Swann’s Reality Check explores claims by 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump that “anchor babies” are not U.S. citizens.

What’s more, those babies—called “anchor babies“—he says are actually not citizens. He also claims some very good lawyers would agree with him.

So what does the 14th Amendment actually say?

The 14th Amendment came into being after the civil war as Congress in 1868 passed the amendment to enfranchise former slaves in the South. It reads …

All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States.”

In 1898, the Supreme Court ruled …

the amendment, in clear words and in manifest intent, includes children born within the territory of the United States of all other persons (except children born to enemy aliens and diplomats), of whatever race or color, domiciled within the United States.”

So, clearly stated, if you are born in the United States, you are a U.S. citizen. Right?

Well, believe it or not, Trump may be on to something.

I don’t think they have American citizenship, and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers, some would disagree,” Trump says in the video above. But many of them agree with me. You’re going to find they do not have American citizenship.”

Reality Check: Under the 14th Amendment, not everyone born within the United States has a citizen’s birthright. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution says Congress shall have power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.

So the question is, can Congress, without changing the constitution, define who is a citizen and who is not?

Yes, because they have.

In 1868 when the 14th Amendment was passed, it excluded American Indians because they would have allegiance to their own native nation. But in 1923, without changing the constitution, Congress redefined requirements for citizenship by extending citizenship to American Indians.

Here’s what you need to know:

Yes, Trump is right that birthright citizenship is not guaranteed under our constitution.

But where he is wrong is in the idea that the children of immigrants who are already here are not really citizens. Because the current understanding of the 14th Amendment they have been granted citizenship.

In order to change that, Congress would have to attempt to strip citizenship from millions of Americans, something congress would not do. And even if they did, that attempt would have to go through the courts and almost certainly the Supreme Court would not allow that to happen.

That’s Reality Check. Let’s talk about this on Twitter @BenSwann_


Ben SwannBen Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at


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By Theresa Wrangham, NVIC Executive Director

Adults Targeted as Federal Government Prepares to Track the Unvaccinated

During the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s (NVAC) February meeting, American adults were put on notice by Big Brother that non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations will not be tolerated. Public health officials have unveiled a new plan to launch a massive nationwide vaccination promotion campaign involving private business and non-profit organizations to pressure all adults to comply with the adult vaccination schedule approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).1
CDC Adult Vaccination Schedule 2015
click on image to enlarge
NVAC has authored the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) and, once finalized, the plan will be turned over to the Interagency Adult Immunization Task Force (AIFT) to create an implementation plan. Notably, this task force is composed of “vested interest” stakeholders and no consumer representation for those groups concerned with vaccine safety and informed consent.
NVIC has submitted our public comments and recommendations for the NVAC’s draft National Adult Immunization Plan.2 Your opportunity to submit your comments and concerns about this plan has been extended to March 23rd. We encourage all of our readers to participate in the public comment process and submit comments to the NVAC on the NAIP. Please forward this article to family and friends and encourage them to submit public comments, too.

What you need to know – the nutshell.

Healthy People 2020 Goals
The basis of the NAIP rests on Healthy People 2020 Goals,3 many of which are arbitrary.4 The key fact the plan seems to lose sight of in using these goals as its foundation is …THEY ARE GOALS. These goals have no legal authority over your healthcare decisions and are being used by government officials to shape public health policy, which in turn is spurring legal mandates to force you to comply with them.5
The adult immunization plan also “incentivizes” doctors and other vaccine providers to convert patient data into Electronic Health Record (EHR) formats that can then be shared across state and federal electronic databases to track national vaccine coverage rates and also track and identify who is and is not vaccinated. Many states already have electronic vaccine tracking registries (Immunization Information Systems – IIS) in place, but do not share this information due to laws preventing the sharing of personal medical information and/or limited vaccination data on adults. This is where financial and other types of incentives come in to convince vaccine providers and state legislators to participate in the gathering of this private medical information on all adults.

Big Government is Partnering with Your Employer, Community & Religious Organizations

Church & State Graphic
The NAIP states that it will take more than providers raising awareness about the adult schedule and encouraging compliance to meet Healthy People 2020 goals. So the NAIP contains objectives that foster partnerships with your employer and your community and religious organizations to make you and all adults get every federally recommended vaccine according to the government-approved schedule.
The NAIP makes it clear that in the future, all American adults will be informed of the recommended adult schedule at every possible opportunity outside the healthcare provider domain. You will be encouraged to comply with the adult schedule not only by your healthcare provider, but also via community-based partnerships to ensure that you have the opportunity to roll up your sleeve at work, school, church and other community gatherings.
NVIC has always supported awareness and access to preventative healthcare options, including access to vaccines for everyone who wants to use them. However, there is a difference between awareness, access, recommendations and mandates. In the past, these types of government vaccine use plans do not just seek to increase awareness and access but also make recommendations that foster vaccine mandates without flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions that  align with the informed consent ethic.

Tracking Vaccination Status Raises Privacy Concerns

Patient Data Hacked
Adults should examine this plan carefully because the U.S. Constitution guarantees American citizens the right to privacy.6 In that context, it is important to understand that the NAIP objectives include electronically harnessing your personal medical information and that of all adults for the purpose of increasing adult vaccine uptake in the U.S. by tracking your vaccination status, with little regard for your privacy.7
There is no language in the plan that provides for consumer privacy protections. This is a glaring omission given the acknowledged and known risks for patient data being hacked (security breaches) by malicious outside entities.8 The plan does not include provisions for raising consumer awareness of their ability to opt out of electronic tracking and patient data sharing schemes.9 10

Closing Vaccine Safety Research Gaps Not Included in Plan

While the NAIP also supports increased reporting to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and ongoing analysis of claims submitted to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), it is hollow support. For this to be meaningful, stronger language is needed to support closing vaccine safety research gaps highlighted by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) series of vaccine safety reports 11 to lessen the number of VICP off-the-table compensation claims.
These off-the-table claims are a direct result of the continued expansion of the numbers of government recommended adult (and childhood) vaccines without the accompanying identification of vaccine side effects and injury outcomes to expand the federal Vaccine Injury Table (VIT) that governs the awarding of vaccine injury compensation. Off-the-table adult vaccine injury claims now represent the majority of claims12 filed with the VICP and the compensation process has become  highly adversarial and costly.
As NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher stated at the U.S. Health Freedom Congress last year when pointing out that responses to vaccines and infectious diseases are individual:
“We do not all respond the same way to infectious diseases13 and we do not all respond the same way to pharmaceutical products like vaccines.14 15 16 17 Public health laws that fail to respect biodiversity and force everyone to be treated the same are unethical and dangerous.”
The NAIP fails to acknowledge these facts.

Compliance at the Expense of Bodily Autonomy

Big Brother Pointing
Vaccine mandates are made at a state level and the NAIP is a federal vaccine use promotion plan that is has no legal authority to turn government vaccine use recommendations into vaccine use mandates.
However, much like the recommendations made by NVAC a few years ago for healthcare workers to receive annual flu shots,18 these recommendations are likely to result in future de facto vaccine mandates for adults, whether through employer requirements,19 or actual state laws. Given the introduction of legislation20 this year in many states to remove non-medical vaccine exemptions and restrict medical exemptions for school age children in an effort to force parents to comply with the CDC’srecommended childhood vaccine schedule, there is little doubt that that the NVAC’s latest plan will result in similar actions to force adults to use all federally recommended vaccines.
One only has to read stories posted NVIC’s Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall by healthcare workers who have refused flu shots and are being fired from their jobs to understand the threat posed by the NAIP. Is your profession next? The short answer is yes.
Make no mistake about this plan’s intent, if “awareness” efforts and “incentivization” of vaccine policy do not increase adult vaccine uptake, the partnering with your employer and other community groups is meant to lower the hammer and force you to comply. The electronic tracking systems that are enthusiastically being embraced by not only the federal government but also state governments and employers, without regard for your privacy, will be used to identify noncompliers.

Informed Consent Freedom at Risk

Dissolving Illusions Book Cover
If you haven’t read Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book Dissolving Illusions,21 you may not realize that history is about to repeat itself. Government enforced vaccination through identification and door-to-door efforts to make everyone comply, like was seen with smallpox vaccination campaigns a century ago, is a real possibility again in America. Only this time it won’t just be about one vaccine – it will be about a lot of vaccines you will be forced to get.
The noose being tightened around the necks of our children is being thrown over the necks of adults as well. The tightening of that noose is growing daily in an attempt to strangle vaccine freedom of choice by eradicating the ethical principle of informed consent.
Adults and their children are being asked to accept a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule that does not allow for the ability to delay or decline one or more vaccines for religious and conscientious beliefs. This is very dangerous when the medical exemption has been narrowed by government so that almost no health condition qualifies for a medical exemption anymore. Families already personally impacted by vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths will be faced with more loss, including their financial stability if they are forced to be revaccinated.
The human right to protect bodily integrity and autonomy – the core value of the informed consent ethic – is at stake.
This battle is not about an anti- or pro- vaccine position. It is a battle over freedom, values and beliefs.22 What is at risk is your ability as a parent and individual to decide what medical risks you are willing to accept and vaccination is the forefront of this battle.
For over three decades NVIC has supported informed consent protections in all U.S. vaccine laws and policies, which means that parents and individuals must receive full and accurate information on vaccine risks and benefits and retain the right to make voluntary decisions to accept, delay or decline one or more vaccines without being sanctioned for they decision they make.

NVIC Vaccine Freedom Rally

What You Can Do Today – Get Involved!

Your rights are being eroded and vaccine exemptions are under aggressive attack in many states. NVIC will continue to advocate for your freedom as we have done for over 30 years, but this battle will not be won without your voice and action.

Submit your comments on the NAIP by March 23rd to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and forward this article to your friends and family.(NVIC NOTE 3/20/15: We have become aware that the NVAC’s representative assigned to receive your comments email account is autoresponding that she is out of the office until the 25th. NVIC has contacted the National Vaccine Program Office and has been assured that comments sent by the 23rd are being collected and forwarded to the NVAC for their consideration. Please ignore the autoresponder – your comments are getting through and will be a part of the record. Many thanks to everyone for making us aware of this situation and for sending in comments on the NAIP! Keep sending in those comments!)

Most importantly, register and encourage others to register on NVIC’s Advocacy Portal today and join with other concerned Americans to protect informed consent rights. This resource is free and will keep you informed on legislative actions underway in your state, provide guidance on what action to take, and connect you with your legislators.

There is no time to waste. Please do not wait for someone else to do this…that someone is you and you can make a difference!

5 CDC. Vaccines and Immunizations. State Immunization Laws for Healthcare Workers and Patients. Nov. 19, 2014.
7 TEDxTraverseCity 2014. Designing Technology to Restore Privacy. Deborah C. Peel, MD.
9 Health information exchanges introduce patient consent questions. K. Terry. Medical Economics. Jul. 8, 2014
11 National Vaccine Advisory Committee – White Paper on U.S. Vaccine Safety System. Sep. 2011.
12 Report from the Department of Justice. Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) Certified Minutes. Pg 8. Sep. 2014.
13 Hill AVS. Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Disease Susceptibility. British Medical Bulletin 1999; 55(2): 401-413.
14 Kinman TG, Vandebriel RJ, Hoebee B. Genetic variation in the response to vaccination. Community Genet 2007; 10(4): 201-217.
15 Lemaire D, Barbosa T, Rihet P. Coping with genetic diversity: the contribution of pathogen and human genomics to modern vaccinology. Braz J Med Biol Res 2012; 45(5): 376-385.
16 Institute of Medicine Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines. Adverse Effects of Vaccinations: Evidence and Causality. Evaluating Biological Mechanisms of Adverse Events: Increased Susceptibility. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press 2012.
17 DHHS. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Data and Statistics. HRSA Updated monthly.
18 University of Minnesota. NVAC approves recommendations on health worker flu vaccination. Lisa Schnirring. CIDRAP News & Perspective. Feb. 8, 2012.
19 NVIC. Forcing Flu Shots on Health Care Workers: Who Is Next?. NVIC eNewsletter. Barbara Loe Fisher. Sep. 29, 2010.
21 Humphries, S. MD. Bystrianyk, R. Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. Jul. 27 2013.
22 NVIC. The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?. NVIC eNewsletter. Barbara Loe Fisher. Mar. 8, 2015


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By Matt Agorist

North Dakota — Nothing says “police state” quite like unmanned aerial vehicles patrolling the sky ready to deploy 80,000 volts to the nearest protester or dose entire crowds with chemical weapons.

The idea of weaponized drones has long been a dystopian, yet fictional idea. However, thanks to House Bill 1328, in North Dakota, this police state hell from above is now a horrid reality.

Thanks to a police union lobbyist, the idea of police using drones for “less than lethal” weapons is now written into North Dakota law.

According to the Daily Beast,

The bill’s stated intent was to require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge in order to use a drone to search for criminal evidence. In fact, the original draft of Rep. Rick Becker’s bill would have banned all weapons on police drones.

Then Bruce Burkett of North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association was allowed by the state house committee to amend HB 1328 and limit the prohibition only to lethal weapons. “Less than lethal” weapons like rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers are therefore permitted on police drones.

The term “less than lethal” is thrown around to make tasers, which have been responsible for hundreds of deaths since 2001, seem like they are okay to be deployed on infants.

The reality is that “less than lethal” weapons are only slightly less lethal than the real thing. Now that these weapons will be put on drones, entire new safety concerns arise, such as accuracy and the simple issue of a drone falling into a crowd.

After being duped by the police lobby into passing a bill allowing cops to equip drones with weapons, Rep Becker is worried. He spoke up about police deploying these weapons when they aren’t near the intended target.

“When you’re not on the ground, and you’re making decisions, you’re sort of separate,” Becker said. “Depersonalized.”

One need only look at the Middle East and the thousands of innocent women and children who’ve been slaughtered by US drones to imagine the grim reality of such legislation.

Law enforcement and their union lobbyists are assuring lawmakers that drones would only be used in non-criminal situations, like a missing person case or for photographing crime scenes. This begs the question of why they would need such ominous legislation if they say they’ll never use it?

According to Keith Lund of the Grand Forks Regional Economic Development Corporation, laws like this one are to combat restrictions in drone development to create jobs.

North Dakota has been hit hard by the oil bust, and more drones equal more jobs.

“It’s really all about the commercial development, which is where all of this is heading,” Lund replied. “If [a law] is somehow limiting commercial, law enforcement development… that is a negative in terms of companies looking and investing in opportunities in the state of North Dakota,” Lund said, according to the Daily Beast.

It’s not only weapons attached to drones that are raising issues in the state either. Police and their lobbyists are putting up a big fight to allow the use of drones for spying without a warrant.

“Requiring a search warrant for surveillance is ‘restricting development?’” asked Rep. Gary Paur, a Republican, at a hearing.

It seems that corporate and state collusion, at the expense of the people’s liberties, doesn’t even have to happen behind closed doors anymore.

Get ready, because if we know anything about the military-industrial complex, it’s that it spreads like a virus. It is only a matter of time before other slimeball politicians sell out civil liberties to prop up “Big Drone.”

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(Before It’s News)

by Ian Greenhalgh

This was no chemical fire, this was China’s 9-11.

Two weeks ago a devastating explosion took place in the port city of Tianjin, China. Official reports claimed a chemical storage facility had caught fire and exploded. Mobile phone footage taken by residents showed an enormous blast and fireball.

Within days, aerial photos revealed the stunning extent of the damage. A steaming black crater marks ground zero, while the apocalyptic surrounding landscape is charred and flattened. Rows of burnt-out cars and twisted shipping containers stretch into the distance on all sides.

The total burned area spans 20,000 square meters and continues to be dangerous—more explosions were reported by Chinese authorities on the 15th of August. Residents within a 3-mile radius have been relocated; at least 85 victims of the accident have been reported dead.



We were immediately suspicious, such huge explosions have to be viewed with suspicion these days when tactical nuclear weapons can and are used with alarming frequency – 9-11, The Khobar Towers, the Haiti Earthquake and most recently, air dropped on Yemen.

The mobile phone as radiation detector

The key clue that allowed us to identify the use of a nuke in Yemen was the presence of scintillating pixels – white dots that flashed on and off briefly in the mobile phone videos of the explosion. The CCD imaging sensor within the camera phone is being struck by radiation thus causing a pixel to overload and appear white; in this way a mobile phone can serve double duty as a crude but effective radiation detector.

When the Tianjin blast occurred I immediately looked at the mobile phone footage of the blast and tried to find scintillating pixels; I couldn’t find any, but the huge white hot fireball and sheer size of the blast effect apparent in the footage (shaken buildings, breaking windows etc.) certainly didn’t feel like a conventional explosion to my relatively untrained eyes.

It was actually VT Contributor and expert on all things nuclear, Jeff Smith who taught us about scintillating pixels and the use of a mobile phone camera to detect radiation; therefore I consulted him about the lack of scintillation in the Tianjin footage:

Scintillation is based on the distance from the blast. The farther you get away from the blast the less neutron exposure you get. CCD Cameras will detect scintillation but only at high levels. They are not sensitive to far field radiation patterns. All CCD cameras were too far away to be sensitive enough to show scintillation properly.

So you have to look at the white out in the centre of the photo. This is where the brightness is so great that it overloads the ccd pickup chip causing a clipping effect. The fact that the fireball was whited out or clipped indicates that the colour temperature was over 4,000 degrees C. Only achievable in a nuclear blast. The cameras auto gain circuit clips the video level for being too bright so you get a white out on the screen.


No scintillation but a clear piece of evidence indicating a nuclear explosion in the form of the huge white fireball – once again, mobile phone footage proves useful in deciphering the truth.

The parking lots full of toasted cars

As reports and images became available, we studied them carefully for evidence of the use of a nuclear weapon and sadly, it was not long before we found it – the first big clue coming with the pictures of the thousands of toasted cars that looked eerily like those seen on 9-11.


While a layman like myself can recognise the overall similarity, it takes an expert to fully analyse the evidence contained in the pictures; luckily, at VT we have such an expert in the erstwhile Jeff Smith who provided the following analysis:

Normal people are not trained in what to look at so they simply ignore the obvious. However, once you see enough explosions like this you begin to spot the artefacts in the photos real fast. Unfortunately all of these people that know this stuff usually work for the government. Just like I did.

The big clue is in the ash produced and the exploding radiators on the cars. They show the radiation and the blast patterns the best. All melted rubber, glass, and aluminium but no melted steel? This tells you it is from radiation and not from a gasoline fire. Temps between 1500 degrees C for melting aluminium and less than 3,000 degrees C for melting steel. Everything organic ashes below 450 degrees C.

This had a plasma fireball that was over 4,000C! Only a nuke can do that. The clue is in the white ash leftover from the thermal blast.


A. The fuel tanks did not explode.

B. The rubber tires were ashed not burned see the white powder residue around the cars.

C. The radiators are all gone; indicating Freon explosions.

D. All the glass is ashed or melted; also the the glass was blown out not in.

E. All new white cars show extreme effects from very high temperature heating. The paint is badly damaged due to a very high oxidation rate effect.

F. Silicone rubber tires ash at 500 degrees centigrade. Glass ashes at 1500 degrees centigrade. Gasoline at 250 degrees centigrade. Tires melted but no gas tank explosions; just like on 911.

G. Yellow Volkswagen Beetle cars untouched due to location indicating radiation shielding from a nearby building. Just like on 911….

H. Finally and most important is all of the nano particle sized ash on the ground everywhere. Purple haze in photo is an indication of toxic levels of the gases fluorine, chlorine and sodium.

Conclusion; The damage to the cars was produced by neutron radiation damage and not by conventional explosives or a fuel-air explosion. The distance from ground zero is too great for a standard blast to melt the glass and tires. Also the cars fuel tanks were shielded from the heat of the ignition source.


So there you have it, the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of a nuke is to be found among the smoking wreckage of those incinerated cars. However, the pictures of burnt out cars contain more evidence to be analysed before we move on to the other evidence.

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by David Swanson


Stabenow Yes takes potential No list down to 14. But Blumenthal is still undecided, so it’s 15.


This is an update to “Which U.S. Senators Want War on Iran.” But Blumenthal is still undecided, so it’s 15.

I’ve found there isn’t really any way to touch on this topic without misunderstanding, but here’s a try. Iran has never had a nuclear weapons program or threatened to launch a war against the U.S. or Israel. Many opponents of the Iran deal in the U.S. Congress and nearly every, if not every single, proponent of the agreement in the U.S. Congress has proposed war as the alternative. Some examples are here. The White House is even telling Congress that the agreement will make a future war easier — as a selling point in favor of the deal.

Of course, war is NOT the only alternative to the agreement. The threat of war comes from the U.S. An alternative to that would be to simply stop threatening it. No deal is actually needed. The purpose it serves is to slow down a U.S. push for war.

Of course, many ordinary supporters and opponents of the agreement do not want a war. But with Washington offering two courses of action toward Iran: a deal that imposes tougher inspections than anyone else has to deal with, or bombs, one has to choose the inspections.

That is, a moral person does. The “I want a better deal” argument is cynically put forward by people who want no deal at all, even if supported by well-meaning people who have the misfortune to own televisions or read newspapers.

Of course, the Iranian government can be criticized in many areas, none of which are subject to improvement by bombing.

Here are people who have said they oppose the agreement or can’t make up their mind about it yet:

Every Republican in the U.S. Senate plus these Democrats (the first two have said No, the rest Undecided):
Menendez (NJ)
Schumer (NY)
Wyden (OR)
Bennet (CO)
Booker (NJ)
Cantwell (WA)
Cardin (MD)
Casey (PA)
Coons (DE)
Heitkamp (ND)
Mikulski (MD)
Murray (WA)
Peters (MI)
Stabenow (MI)
Warner (VA)

This is a much shorter list than what it was when I previously wrote on this topic. In fact, it’s at 15, which is almost down to the 13 needed to kill the agreement. Get it down to 12 and the agreement survives. That means two more Democratic senators can come around to the Yes position on the Iran deal and the deal still die. Almost certainly at least those two will. Whether a third does, or more do, is the real question.

When measures voted on are popular with funders but unpopular with the public, they very often pass with no more than exactly the votes needed. Sometimes word leaks out about the deals that have been cut. Senators and House members take their turns giving the unpopular votes demanded by funders and “leadership.” The trick here is that the “leadership” is split between Obama’s and Biden’s YES and (would be Senate leader) Schumer’s NO.

The fifteen people named above have had PLENTY of time to conclude that many of their colleagues want to risk a war and to understand that the agreement is preferable to that. It’s time for us to let them know we will not stand for them getting this wrong and will never forget it if they do. Here’s what I’m asking about my senator, Mark Warner:


Here’s what World Beyond War is doing to try to correct the myth that Iran is the origin of the threat of war in this affair:




We must uphold the Iran agreement, but upholding it while pretending that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, or is threatening anyone, will not create a stable and lasting foundation for peace. Upholding an agreement with both proponents and opponents threatening war as an alternative is perilous as well as immoral, illegal, and — given the outcome of similar recent wars based on similar recent propaganda — insane.

You can spread the above message on Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here, Tumblr here, and Google+ here.

In the U.S. sign these petitions: one, two, and join these events.

More events all over the world, and tools for creating your own are here.

Outside the U.S., people can contact the nearest U.S. Embassy.


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In the current deluge of wannabe leaders clamoring for attention and trying to convince us that they are the boss who should be applying rules to us, it strikes me that all of them are looking backward and none are looking forward. (I do not consider “My administration will give you more bennies” to be seriously forward-looking.)

So, since none of this crowd is going to venture anywhere outside of their hermetically sealed status quo, I’d like to give you an example of something a real leader might say.

Late summer 2015, Anytown, USA: A small platform stands at the edge of a cornfield. A very average-looking person steps up to a microphone and speaks:


I stand here, not to praise you, but to acquaint you with reality, at least as well as I am able. Perhaps that means I should be killed or at least run out of town. But if that’s so, then so be it. I am tired of living a life other than my own – the pre-scripted, advertiser-generated life that is shoved before my eyes day by day. And I suspect that some of you are tired of it as well.

Please allow me to begin by pointing out that all the fights from all the platforms this election cycle will concern trivialities – Team Red versus Team Blue – and competing varieties of fears – terrorists versus outlawed unions versus less free stuff versus whatever works in your little corner of the world. At most, these are fights over personalities – He’s an arrogant ass, she’s a conniving witch, and so on  – all of which really come down to, “My opponent is scarier than I am.”

None of these bobbleheads will ask the questions that matter: Who are we? What do we want? Where should we be headed?

You see, once we get past all the publicized fears – some real, but most imaginary – the dialog we’re having, if we care to admit it, is mostly self-praise. We laud our great “democracy,” even though not one in a thousand can define it. Or we brag about our wonderful “freedom” but avoid defining it, knowing that our definition wouldn’t stand up to the test. Freedom is “what we have,” and further questions are evidence of stupidity, bordering on treason.

The truth is that we’ve trained ourselves to evade reality. Praising ourselves is so much easier: Team America!

By doing this, my friends, we’ve been blind to the greatest opportunity that has ever stood before a human generation: If we wanted to, we could quickly and easily step into a golden age. In fact, we’ve been doing just that, half by accident, for a long time. If we bothered to work at it, even halfheartedly, we’d go down in history as the generation that transformed humanity forever.

But perhaps most of us wouldn’t like that. And if so, that’s our choice to make. My objection is that no one bothers to talk about it.

I’d like for you, for just a few seconds, to take a look at two graphs, which I pulled out of Julian Simon’s The State of Humanity. The first graph shows how much wheat is not grown, because our production capacity is so much greater than our demand for wheat.

graph1 466x300

This second one shows the price of wheat measured in wages.

graph2 466x300

And I have others like this, for other commodities.

There is one message that comes screaming through here, and it’s one that I know can be deeply troubling. Nonetheless, that message is true: Scarcity on planet Earth is dying.

I’ll pause to allow you a small freakout over that, to let all those prerecorded messages run screaming through your mind.

You see, our ruling systems have been built on the assumption of scarcity, and the idea that scarcity may be failing throws us into crisis.

Isn’t it odd that good news should upset us?

Scarcity, sadly, became more than a sad fact to us; it became a psychological necessity. But what if we no longer need to fight over resources? Is that a concept that we should rush to eliminate?

And in actual fact, there are fewer and fewer starving people all the time, and most of those are starving because of political distortions, not because of insufficient production technology.

All of this reminds me of a comment from Buckminster Fuller that I like to condense:

I decided man was operating on a fundamental fallacy: that he was destined to be a failure. I decided that man was, in fact, designed to be an extraordinary success. His characteristics were magnificent; what he needed was to discover the comprehensive patterns operating in the universe.

So, what if humanity is designed to be an extraordinary success? Why should this thought repel us, even before we honestly consider it?

You see, these are things we need to discuss.

We are, whether we like it or not, stepping out of scarcity, and it seems to me that we should decide whether or not that’s a good thing.

Our problem – our real problem, if we can muster the courage to admit it – is that we’re living with space-age technology and bronze-age rulership. But we can get past this problem if we wish, and we can easily meet all of humanity’s basic needs… if we wish.

But perhaps we don’t want to. Maybe it’s more important to us that we should be the biggest dog in town and that everyone else should be a little yap-yap dog.

And if that’s the case, we need to admit it to ourselves. Perhaps we’ll decide that what we really need is to be the dominant dog, and that all the morality stuff we talk about – golden rules and loving our neighbors – was all juvenile blather; that what we really want is to dominate everyone else.

And if that’s the case, we should get busy rebuilding our civilization in the form of the Roman Empire. We should get serious about beating the hell out of everyone else… at least until a new Christ comes along (or perhaps just people who remember the old one) and convinces our subjects that there’s a better way to live.

But in the meantime, we could kick the crap out of a billion brown people for a century or two, minimum. That’s our choice to make, of course, I’m only suggesting that we be forthright about it.

So, my friends, let me conclude by saying this:

If what we really want is to be the big dog, to feast on the fact that we’re able to kick all the smaller dogs around, then let’s do it. Let’s go full-Caesar on ’em. Let’s conquer everything, steal what we like, and live it up.

Or, if that’s not what we really want, then let’s get the golden age started; let’s dump the hierarchies that steal half our earnings and labor to keep fear alive. Let’s build and plant and thrive; and let’s welcome others to thrive with us.

Thank you for not shooting me.

Paul Rosenberg
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