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    1. Hello Admin,

      Hope you have a nice day! I want to post an article on your popular website. Would you don’t mind if I know what’s the process of the blog post on your website?? I mean price, TAT, permanent post???

      Best regards

    2. Thank you Ann. Please go to our website and submit your information in the upper right side to Subscribe

    3. Hello sir/mam,
      I have visit your site. I like your site.
      I want to publish my article on your site.let me know.
      what is the post price of this site …………..

      Normal post price?
      Casino post price?
      Existing link post price?
      Permanent post price ?
      Home page link price?

      I am waiting for your reply?
      Thanks for regards.  

    4. Despite the technical problems, Roger’s segment on aluminium intake, causes and effects, in the first hour of Barry Prince’s ‘Big Puzzle’ on People’s Internet Radio last night (11th August 2019) was absolutely brilliant. Is there any way I can find a copy of the show to download and share? I’ve searched and looked at the most obvious places – YouTube, yours and PIR websites, etc – but with no luck. Do you know of anyone out there who uploads/will upload this show as a video or podcast somewhere?

      Many thanks


    5. Thank you for checking in. Due to some technical issues that option is not available at this time. We are hoping for a resolution in the near future.

    6. Hello Donald- We usually have a button to click on to sign up for Email Alerts, however that portion of our site is being redesigned. As to “joining” about the only thing close to that is for you to put a few nickles in our piggy bank [Donations]. If you have a Facebook account you can see our post-link at >>>
      Thank’s for checking in with us.

    7. I am very interested in your instructing the public. I am victim of outrageous government misconduct. Keep up the awesome work in spreading the truth.

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