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    1. Just remember, how in December 2021 the Ruskies said “no no, we’re not going to invade Ukraine, we’re just having military exercises, don’t you worry, we Russians don’t do this”; hey Ruskie, the saying goes “once a liar, always a liar”. ‌Putin didn’t randomly come to power, because Putin is not random, but he’s part of an ancient SwiSS medieval Order of the Nazi Templars of Octogon, who have deliberately put him there; it’s not some sort of a mistake, that Putin got there, where he is today, which it isn’t, as everything went according to plan. For total intel on Putin watch the 8 hour documentary “The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 7 Switzerland’s Sleeper Agent Putin” on Youtube channel “HomieLand Sickurity”. The Ukrainian “Trident” seal is the crest of King Volodymyr the Great from the year 1.000, who raped thousands of Ukrainian women. So my humble question is. Do y’all really want to wear the crest of a Rapist King? For total intel on the Ukrainian rapist crest watch Youtube video “Pharaoh Zelensky Hammer & The Global State of Mob Rule” on Youtube channel “HomieLand Sickurity”. All world leaders are friends with each other and come from the same ancient bloodlines; Mad Vlad is good friends with Glad Vlad. Rise up against this evil, all together now humanity.

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    3. All Power is Inherent in the People

      It is Up to the Good and the Righteous People vs. Evil Persons

      As of March, 2022 a Grand Jury from our jury pool of men and women on Oregon has brought forth 3 presentments – the most recent, against the Oregon Health Authority’s 46 top persons. In 2021, a Grand Jury and a Trial Jury – consisting of non-U.S. citizen men and women from our jury pool – brought forth Presentments, 3 True Bills against evil doers Kate Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Suzanne Bonamici on Oregon.
      Then we implemented Article III. Amendment VII., tried our 1 governor, 2 Senators, 1 House Representative and all but one* of the 90 Oregon Legislators. We found them all guilty as oath breakers, without honor and may not hold a position of trust; and guilty of due process violation 18 USC 3571 250K for each incident. Mike Nearman is the exception. We are waiting for 38 de facto Prosecutors to do their job post our trial and convictions of these bad actors..
      We are the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly. We meet on Skype most Mondays at 7:00PM. You will be notified. Our function is to return Oregon to a Constitutional republican form of government thru a Grand Jury process this year, 2022! The following is a five-minute read. Then there are some attachments. We are seeking Grand Jury/Trial Jury members to take these ogres to trial. Our documents are found at
      Briefly: We are in a malevolent, predatory form of martial law from D.C./United States* INCORPO-RATED governance in some form since 1861. Its name is the Lieber Code from Lincoln’s Executive Order 100 in color of law. We had a Constitutional republican form of government from 1819 to 1860 or 1861. From 1776 to 1819 it was changing from an overthrown monarchy. Most of the “people from 1776 to 1819, the people at large” were not convinced for a long time.
      There really is an active conspiracy, the industrial/military/judicial/legislative/executive/banker/ BAR/royalist/Nazi/communist/Catholic/Muslim/Kazarian/Georgia Guidestone complex.
      This does not involve the true Constitutional republican form of government on each of the several states. As long as there are still “people” — that is the flesh-blood-soul, body-mind-Spirit, as juxta-posed to “person” — the ALL-CAP NAME CORPORATE fiction — all power is inherent in the people.
      Rather than being subdivisions of the U.S., INC., each state is an autonomous Nation, each with its own Constitution! All power is inherent in the people. The number of people is not specified and a majority is not required as we are NOT a Democracy. The several states of the Union are the creator party to “The United States of America’s Constitution.” The “people at large” are beneficiaries. The “people at large” are the creator party to their State’s Constitutions. On Oregon, that is Article I. Section1.
      The STATE OF OREGON’s incorporated governance is color of law Article VII amended. It is operated by the Salem oligarchy, aka Kate Brown et al, which is a subdivision of the D.C./United States* as originally incorporated during Lincoln’s era.
      I think each STATE (33) or TERRITORY (17) OF THE OTHER 49 is about the same. A little more carrot or a little more stick.
      To remove the Lieber Code/martial law/FEMA the method is clear and written down by the de facto. The Lieber code of Lincoln’s EO 100 is nullified by a Civilian Court on the land. So says SCOTUS in Ex parte Milligan. There was no — none, zero! — Civilian Courts on the land of Oregon — until ours! I was told there are one on Texas, one on Philadelphia and one on Georgia. I have been unable to prove this. I do know there is no Article III court that will claim original jurisdiction. They have acquiesced so “we, the people, must do it ourselves, no one can do it for us, we cannot do it alone.”
      The Army Heritage Center 717-245-3972/3949 verified the Lieber Code was updated and still in effect in 2015. No known changes since then. The Judge Advocate General attorney, acronym JAG, knew exactly what I was talking about.
      A method of returning Oregon to a Constitutional republican form of government was/is: We assembled our 1st amendment Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly 4 years ago. We notified the DOJ, USMS, FBI, USMC, 36 Sheriffs, 30 Senators, A.G, governor, Secretary of State lawfully and none rebutted our claim. They all acquiesced and defaulted. We have proven our claims. See
      We formed Article I; Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution and informed all the same ones. We formed our Civilian Court of record and informed all the same ones. Through Ex Parte Milligan’s authority we nullified Lieber Code/martial law/FEMA. Not one rebuttal.
      We informed the Oregon National Guard/Oregon Organized Militia’s JAG and they are not happy and have talked back and hung up. We are awaiting an appointment with their Commanding General. Therefore, we formed our 2nd Amendment well regulated militia on Oregon. No rebuttals.
      Ex Parte Milligan, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 2 (1866), was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court that ruled the application of military tribunals to citizens when civilian courts are still operating as unconstitutional.
      Prepared by Francis Lieber, promulgated as General Orders No.100 by President Lincoln, 24 April 1863. Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field, prepared by Francis Lieber, LL.D., Originally Issued as General Orders No. 100, Adjutant General’s Office, 1863, Washington 1898: Government Printing Office.
      Article I Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution Natural rights inherent in people.
      We declare that all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper. —
      *See (8) The United States is located in Washington the District of Columbia.

    4. Dear Daniel McAdams,

      I enjoy reading your articles and I much appreciate your work!

      You probably find propaganda and its machinations to be as vile as I do. Yet I noticed they’ve roped even you into using the terms they created.

      A term you might want to stop using is “elite”. Much better choices are “parasite class”, “tyrant”, “dictator”, “overlord” or “control freak”. People know what those mean and understand the negative connotation. You can apply these terms to very rich owners, corporate CEOs, banksters, media propagandists and political puppets. Elites, on the other hand, are good people. Olympic athletes are elite. Special Forces Soldiers are elite. Elite is the top of the best people. “Elite” is the term they want you to use to describe them. Truthfully, they are far from elite – they are psychopath owners of people, property and things. They are power hungry nutjobs yet desperate and weak. I use the term “Cabal” for them (as it is the term they use for themselves), but most people won’t easily recognize “Cabal”. Another term they use for themselves is “The Kahal”.

      The term the Cabal is most misusing in their propaganda campaign right now is “vaccine”. NONE of the injections they are forcing onto people are vaccines. The truth is that in each of the patent applications for these injections, they list them as either “gene therapy” or “genetic treatment”. Not one says “vaccine”. Only the FDA calls them “vaccines” in order to run cover for BigPharma, because if the FDA calls them “vaccine” then BigPharma is completely protected from all liability, including permanent disability and death. I strongly suggest you use the word “poison” instead. It turns out readers do not need explanation of the change in terms, it being completely understood in context. It is also completely accurate as these are poisons.

      Further, replace “vaxxed” with “poisoned”, “un-vaxxed” with “poison-free”, and “face mask” with “slave muzzle”.

      You may also wish to consider something other than the term “woke” as it is a term they created. Since the 1970’s the freedom and patriot movements have tried to “wake people up” to the reality of the world around us. In all these decades, we were finally starting to have some success. This, of course, terrifies the parasite class so the Davos crowd in 2016 created the term “woke” to subvert the idea that people are finally waking up, and their corporate media outlets started hammering it out in late 2019. Now, being “woke” does not mean what we want it to mean. Further, these people are hardly “woke” – rather, they are somnambulant. Instead of “woke” I would suggest using the terms we’ve always used for them: “leftist” or “liberal”. Alternatively you might consider “controlling”, “brainwashed”, “manipulated”, “propaganda-addled” or simply “sheeple”. I also like H. L. Mencken’s term: “Boobus Americanus”.

      “Main stream media” is also a phrase they created. It has positive feeling – everyone wants to be part of the main stream and it is obviously the media everyone uses, so it must be good, right? A much better term that is gaining widespread use is the term “corporate media”. It is entirely accurate and instantly understood by the reader. “Corporate media” has negative connotations of a huge, heartless entity that will lie to achieve its goals and serves its own interests. “Corporate media” also covers broadcast, cable and Internet outlets. Individuals within the corporate media might be correctly called “propagandist” or “collaborator”.

      The phrase “alternative media” is another created by them. The tone is some hippie commune or some goth kids at a rave party. Use “independent media” or “liberty media” instead. Those are entirely accurate and have a long history of being taught in schools (“an independent media is necessary for democracy to flourish”). It is instantly understood by the reader and has positive connotations of the truth-teller fighting for the people. Further, underdogs are loved by Americans.

      Instead of “gun control”, use “gun removal” instead. It is more accurate and conveys their appropriate goal along with the negative meaning.

      The Cabal are experts at propaganda. They invent terms which paint themselves in a positive light and other terms to portray anyone that disagrees with them in a negative tone (for example, “conspiracy theorist”). Then they use their corporate media to hammer the terms they created into public consciousness. Only independent media serves the truth. btw if you’re ever in a debate and your opponent attempts to slander you with “conspiracy theorist”, then ask them if there has ever been any conspiracies in history. If they answer, “yes”, you win. If they answer “no” your audience instantly knows they’re an idiot and you win.

      Let me give you an example. A story the Cabal might want you to write:

      “Today the main stream media reported that woke leaders managed to silence alternative media outlet Parler due to their false reporting on the vaccines. Elite members of Congress applauded the accomplishment.”

      Now, as it should be more accurately reported, exactly the same paragraph but with more accurate terms:

      “Today the corporate media reported that brainwashed leaders managed to silence independent media outlet Parler due to their accurate reporting on the poisons. Tyrant members of Congress applauded the accomplishment.”

      A new term the Cabal created recently and is currently being hammered home by the corporate media is “vaccine hesitancy”. I am not “hesitant” about vaccines at all; I am a poison rejector and a very strong one at that.

      In order to combat this constant propaganda and manipulation of our language by the Cabal, perhaps all the independent media outlets should form an organization of their own and decide which terms more accurately describe the vile machinations of the Cabal. Something to think about. A good example might be “filthy propagandist”. Currently the term “propagandist” conjures an image of someone well-to-do, clean cut, well dressed, but evil. We need to change that image to more accurately reflect the gutter creatures they are.

      Please keep up the fine work! What you do is vitally important.

      Best Regards,


      p.s. no need to reply as this is a temporary email address.

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    6. Let’s endorse the theory, “fraud vitiates all contracts.” You and I appear in Amendment X of The United States of America’s Constitution. Apart from that, we are the beneficiaries of a contract federally between the Congress assembled as The United States of America and its creation the United States. This is an un-incorporated government service company. Located in Washington District of Columbia.We are party to the actual, lawful Constitution of our State. That is one autonomous nation state among the several states of the Union.

      Most importantly you and I are Sovereigns without subject or ruler. Most people are actually persons, they have not gained sufficient knowledge to declare their status and just roll along giving lip service. PINO Patriot in name only. A free man, woman and child can expatriate from the ALL CAP CORPORATE FICTION of the de facto. Then they may enter the de jure. It is a good idea to read the complete definitions of de facto and de jure in a Law dictionary. I use Black’s 6th.

      We do not need a license, certificate, registration, permission, rules, ordinances, statutes or regulation to comport ourselves properly. When we are private, such as in a PMA private membership assembly, we need no 501 C3 or C8 or any public status declaration. Members of the general public and public at large are private.
      I CLAIM!
      All power is inherent in the people. The United States is a legal fiction created by the several states in union together in a Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union. The Union is styled The United States of America. It!! as a group created the Constitution which created the United States.

      The last lawful State is Oregon. There is only color of law from Washington District of Columbia since March 1861. That is the location of the United States.

      A path to returning to a United States as a Constitutionally bound government is: to assemble a quorum of the several states that were States, in 1860 prior to South Carolina seceding. However a Civilian Court of record is required to implement Ex Parte Milligan and nullify martial law/Lieber code and FEMA. In the de facto and establishing the fact in the de jure.
      Therefore, we have 33 lawful states. A lawful quorum can open a lawful Congress. That precludes color of law.

      The elected delegate from the Congress Assembled is titled President of The United States of America.

      Promulgate to your heart’s content. I am finding no rebuttal.

    7. Thank you Adam. We appreciate your comment. Keep coming back!! Ralph Ely, SR. Editor

    8. I am sorry to inform everyone I was faced with the truth that last week while taking a friend to the VA hospital in Livermore CA for his appt to take a covid test, but this was after he was given the Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks prior. That struck me as extremely odd. Before taking him, I had asked him which vaccine he was given and he said he didn’t know or “remember”. I was very upset to hear this from him and my initial response to him was “what do you mean you don’t remember?” I had been doing research on these vaccines for months and learned some disturbing facts about the Pfizer vaccine, and how many were becoming injured after having the shot some even death, so hearing that my friend didn’t “know” was very upsetting. So upon arriving at his appt we were directed to an area you drive up to and park. It was a covered tent outside of the hospital. A little while passed by until even acknowledged. The first to approach my car was a male, when he came within talking distance he asked what the name was that had the appt. after that was established, I asked him why was a covid test necessary after his vaccination shot 2 from weeks ago. I was not happy with his answer and I wanted to know which vaccine he was given 2 weeks ago and he had to go back into the main hospital to get that information. A few more minutes went by before we learned which vaccine my friend was given and the male nurse said “Pfizer”. I became immediately alarmed because of the disturbing information I learned about that vaccine. I then demanded the information they had about this vaccine and anything they give to patients about informed consent and to be sure my friend was given proper information before he decided to take the shot. This seemed to cause quite a stir among the medical staff because suddenly a lot of running around and panic began. It took a while before anyone returned with the information I wanted. My best guess is there were some additional pages that were added in the folder given to me, compared to the information folder my friend received 2 weeks earlier. I asked my friend does this look familiar to the information you were showed or given prior to getting the shot? He said “I don’t remember seeing all this in my consent folder”.
      If they were even the slightest bit concerned about the safety of giving this vaccine to my friend, you would think him being on blood thinners would have been considered, but these people didn’t even know that, they just shot him with this vaccine. How can the same hospital that prescribed the blood thinners not know he was on blood thinners? This is outrageous and negligent of this Veterans Hospital to be so dangerous.
      The first thing I noticed was the section stating who should NOT be given the Pfizer vaccine, and it said “anyone on blood thinners.” My friend is on blood thinners, I know this because I was administering shots in his stomach to thin his blood. So I immediately yelled out the car window, “why in the hell was he given the Pfizer vaccine?” because he is on blood thinners?? I saw fear and confusion in their faces. They left and went back into the main hospital and it was a while before they returned. During that time, I compared my research to the folder I was given by the VA hospital nurses and discovered that the Pfizer vaccine had 6 out of 10 poisons in it that are exactly the same as what inmates on death row, being executed are given. Now someone better explain this to me immediately. What is going on and why are these vaccinations being pushed. Because right on top of the Pfizer vaccine folder states “this is not an approved vaccine” and has not been tested on animals” I shook my head in disbelief. Finally, 2 nurses came out but this time they were in full hazmat suits, masks/muzzle mouthpieces, shield guards, hair shower cap, that came complete with crime scene shoe coverings. I proceeded to tell them exactly what I know about these vaccines and the fact that my friend was on blood thinners at the time they gave him their Pfizer shot and that they no longer have plausible deniability in giving these vaccines to their patients and they will be held responsible. I demand those giving these vaccines to our people be held on war crimes and face the firing squad. It appears this is war being waged on Americans.

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    13. Despite the technical problems, Roger’s segment on aluminium intake, causes and effects, in the first hour of Barry Prince’s ‘Big Puzzle’ on People’s Internet Radio last night (11th August 2019) was absolutely brilliant. Is there any way I can find a copy of the show to download and share? I’ve searched and looked at the most obvious places – YouTube, yours and PIR websites, etc – but with no luck. Do you know of anyone out there who uploads/will upload this show as a video or podcast somewhere?

      Many thanks


    14. Thank you for checking in. Due to some technical issues that option is not available at this time. We are hoping for a resolution in the near future.

    15. Hello Donald- We usually have a button to click on to sign up for Email Alerts, however that portion of our site is being redesigned. As to “joining” about the only thing close to that is for you to put a few nickles in our piggy bank [Donations]. If you have a Facebook account you can see our post-link at >>>
      Thank’s for checking in with us.

    16. I am very interested in your instructing the public. I am victim of outrageous government misconduct. Keep up the awesome work in spreading the truth.

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