The Death Throes of the Empire

March 27, 2014 0

The following article is interesting and well worth considering for several reasons: Firstly it presents the theory that the “NWO/Bankster Empire is actually in its death throes. We certainly concur with that contention and have […]


“I’ve Decided to Drug my Kids” says Local Dad

March 27, 2014 0

by Steve Cook Local campaigner, Dave Halfwit, today announced to a hushed and largely indifferent world that, having weighed up the pros and cons in the child-drugging debate, he has decided to throw parenting to […]


CHEMTRAILS: Covert And Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

March 26, 2014 0

By: stateofthenation2012 Of all the ongoing assaults against the American people, none is so pernicious and surreptitious, so pervasive and profound, so offensive and outrageous, so deliberate and yet unnecessary as the geo-engineering and weather […]


Pin drop! Obama Lawyer Stuns Supreme Justice

March 26, 2014 0

Greg Corombos In a dramatic moment at the Supreme Court Tuesday, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told justices that U.S. business owners have no religious freedom to reject government mandates forcing them to cover abortions. Justices […]

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