U.S. Federal Government To Track Adult Vaccination Compliance

August 27, 2015 0

By Theresa Wrangham, NVIC Executive Director Adults Targeted as Federal Government Prepares to Track the Unvaccinated During the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s (NVAC) February meeting, American adults were put on notice by Big Brother that non-compliance […]


Geoengineering Impacts On Gulf Stream Slowdown

August 27, 2015 0

by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington Climate Engineering has been increasingly disrupting and derailing Earth’s natural systems for over six decades. The scope and scale of the ongoing geoengineering planetary assault is now on a level […]


Confirmation Tianjin Was Nuked

August 27, 2015 0

  (Before It’s News) by Ian Greenhalgh This was no chemical fire, this was China’s 9-11. Two weeks ago a devastating explosion took place in the port city of Tianjin, China. Official reports claimed a […]


Research: Plants Cure Cancer … Not Chemicals

August 26, 2015 1

By: Sayer Ji Unbeknownst to most, a Copernican revolution has already taken place in cancer theory. Today, the weight of evidence indicates that plants and not chemicals are the solution for reversing the global cancer […]

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