Biden Decomposing Right Before Our Eyes

November 3, 2022 0

Joe Biden is decomposing right before our eyes By: Andrea Widburg Currently, Democrat hopes of retaining the House and gaining in the Senate are circling the drain. Therefore, party leaders have apparently decided that trotting […]


Democrat Dilemma – What To Do About Joe

October 25, 2022 0

The Democrat Dilemma — What to Do about Joe By: John Green The red wave is building and the political landscape next January is going to be a bit different after the 118th Congress is […]


What’s The Shelf Life Of A ‘Useful Idiot’

July 23, 2022 1

What is the Shelf Life of a Useful Idiot? By: Steve Feinstein “President” Biden is often described as a useful idiot. The term originated during the Cold War and is defined as a person perceived […]


Who Really Thinks Biden is a War Leader

March 30, 2022 0

Who Thinks Biden is a War Leader? By: J. Robert Smith You have to wonder what great disconnect happened in the minds of conservatives who are agitating for war with Russia. Given their rhetoric, war […]

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