12 Reasons Things Aren’t Going Well In America

March 18, 2023 4

Twelve reasons things are not going well in America By: Molly Slag Anyone paying attention to the news, even if following only mainstream outlets, knows that something is terribly wrong in America. Day by day […]


Beware The Jabberwocky

June 29, 2022 0

Beware The Jabberwocky The Texas GOP platform gives us a good idea what such a paradise for Christian nationalists would look like. Texas would officially declare that “homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.” It would […]


Memorial Day, Lest We Forget

May 30, 2022 1

Memorial Day, Lest We Forget Post by Tyler Durden | Written by John Kass via We had some fine traditions in America, though many have been pushed aside because they get in the way of […]


America is Having a Heart Attack!

May 18, 2022 0

America is Having a Heart Attack! By: Bill the Butcher Ever since the beginning America has been the hope of the hopeless. From the Pilgrims to those landing at Ellis Island to a woman pushing […]

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