God’s Gonna Want ‘Em Back

November 23, 2022 0

God’s Gonna Want ‘Em Back Commentary by: Bill the Butcher There was a storm. . . •••• Picking up the pieces of your life I’m going to digress for a moment today, and be an […]



June 5, 2020 0

NOW “THIS” IS AMERICA … !!! … a few quick points: This is Not a new Crisis. This does not have to take long. This does not need to be detailed. This is in no […]


DONALD TRUMP, DICTATOR [Adopting dictatorial mindsets?]

February 5, 2019 0

DONALD TRUMP, DICTATOR An American president adopting dictatorial mindsets and policies to oppose the dictatorial mindsets and policies of a foreign dictator. Recall what they taught us in our high-school civics classes… by Jacob G. Hornberger […]

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