Joe Biden’s DOJ & FBI Are On A Roll

September 10, 2022 0

Biden’s Department of Justice and FBI are on a roll By: Andrea Widburg Across America, an epidemic of violent crime is shattering Americans’ security. Much of it has a racial slant, as Whites and Asians […]


Biden So Bad Even Californians Want To Drop Him

August 20, 2022 0

Biden is so bad even Californians want to drop him By: Andrea Widburg The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies conducted a poll with a very large sample size—9,254 registered California voters. They asked whether voters […]


No, Trump Did Not Commit Actionable Treason Or Espionage

August 13, 2022 0

No, Trump didn’t commit actionable treason or espionage By: Andrea Widburg The headlines are damning: Trump had national security documents or classified documents or nuclear secret documents in his possession, a clear criminal violation. One […]


‘All Your Child Are Belong To Us’

July 10, 2022 0

‘All your child are belong to us’ By: Andrea Widburg No Democrat has actually said “all your child are belong to us,” but every time I read a story about the Democrat push to sever […]

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