Manipulating the Definition of Anti-Semitism

June 9, 2018 1

The Manipulation of the Definition of Anti-Semitism The manipulation of the definition of anti-semitism & exploitation of the concept of anti-semitism is a sinister trend. The international Zionist cabal & network are cunningly trying to […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.


August 3, 2016 0

By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William August 3, 2016 Is America looking to Israelis as role models? That’s not possible!  That’s because the Israelis are a big bunch of buffoons. Anyone who digs info knows […]

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Stop the Jewish National Fund

January 4, 2016 0

  by IJAN Stop the Jewish National Fund is an international campaign aimed at ending the role of the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet LeIsrael/JNF-KKL) in: -the on-going displacement of indigenous Palestinians from their land […]


The Rise of the “African-American Police State”

May 4, 2015 0

By Garikai Chengu Black people in America live in a police-state-within-a-state. The African American police state exercises its authority over the Black minority through an oppressive array of modern day lynchings by the police, increasing […]


Welcome to Where?

April 28, 2015 0

By Matt Mullins Imagine yourself in these shoes… you and your family live imprisoned behind concrete walls twice the height of the Berlin wall, grimly underlined with razor wire and punctuated by sniper towers. Each […]