What Our Founders Meant by Equality

November 4, 2022 0

What the American Founders Meant by Equality The Declaration of Independence was not egalitarian in the modern sense. By: Dan Sanchez The Declaration of Independence famously proclaimed that “all men are created equal.” Thanks in […]


Whiteness Is The New Evil

May 26, 2019 0

Whiteness Is The New Evil Paul Craig Roberts The assault on whiteness is now part of official educational policy.  In New York City the head of the education department, Richard Carranza, a son of Mexican immigrants, […]


The Left’s Romance with Violence

March 6, 2017 0

  The Left’s Romance with Violence By Philip Ahlrich  The political Left is a dangerous place for the free expression of ideas. Its activists immediately assume bigotry in anyone who disagrees with them, and that […]