A Coup Without Firing A Shot

April 20, 2024 0

A Coup Without Firing a Shot By: Jeffrey A. Tucker The last few years can be tracked at two levels: the physical reality around us and the realm of the intellectual, mental, and psychological. The […]


Hundreds Of Millions Will Die From ‘The Jab’

July 16, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance David Martin, Ph.D., presents evidence that COVID-19 injections are not vaccines, but bioweapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population The spike protein that the COVID-19 shots […]


LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E75): “Signs Everywhere!”

April 25, 2022 1

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E75): “Signs Everywhere!” WATCH ARCHIVED SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE Your Host: Luca Majno Welcome back, everyone! I am seriously in the ‘apology’ mode, after laying truths out in such a ‘brutal’ way, […]



March 16, 2022 0

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E69): BIOWEAPONS WATCH RECORDED SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE Your Host: Luca Majno Welcome back to LEARN 2 UNLEARN! One of the hardest things for me to do these days, is to ‘sit […]

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