Flashpoints Of A Second Civil War?

January 1, 2024 0

Flashpoints of a second civil war? By: Mike McDaniel The fuse is burning ever closer to a catastrophic detonation in 2024: President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed that the agency is […]


The Shriveling Of Blue States Accelerates

April 30, 2023 2

The shriveling of blue states accelerates By: Monica Showalter One of the most astonishing things about the mass flight from blue states is just how blase the ruling leftists are about it. There’s no crisis, […]


The Greatest Threat Ever to Our Liberty

November 10, 2020 0

The Greatest Threat Ever to Our Liberty By: J. Robert Smith Saturday at Newsmax, General Michael Flynn said this about the Democrats perpetrating elections fraud on an unprecedented scale: “Right now, we are at risk,” […]