Children … In Sadistic Covid Captivity

July 14, 2020 1

Children in Sadistic Covid Captivity By: Julian Rose Of all the depressing sights witnessed during this insane process of Covid home imprisonment, stupid social distancing and mask madness, the regimentation of children into predesignated playground […]


It’s Easy To Hate On Trump

November 21, 2017 0

It’s Easy To Hate On Trump BY: DEPLORABLY CONSERVATIVE  Our millennials in this country, who are the youngest generation that can vote, will always find the new trendy thing to follow. At their young age they […]


The Massively Manipulative Marketing Meme

November 18, 2014 1

By: Zen Gardner This may seem to be common knowledge to most, but to what degree? Do people really see the depths and breadths these wicked conniving controllers are willing to stoop to in order […]