Global Banks Carve Up the World Ahead of COP21

November 19, 2015 0

By: Rusticus, Stateless Homesteading As individuals and Nations alike wait in anticipation for COP21 a month from now, described as the United Nations’ “legally binding and universal” update to the ever-deleterious Agenda 21, banksters at […]


Soros & the Elite’s: A China-Fronted NWO

September 4, 2015 0

George Soros and the elite’s China-fronted New World Order …This picture was taken during their first summit, “The G-20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy,” which was held in Washington, D.C. two months […]



April 24, 2015 0

by Rick Duarte IS GEORGE SOROS “THE PUPPET MASTER” THE MAN BEHIND JADE HELM 15? George Soros’ quote: “The main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States.” (from his book “The […]


Cracks In Washington’s Empire — Paul Craig Roberts

March 18, 2015 0

by Paul Craig Roberts Washington’s EU vassals might be finding their backbone. Britain, Germany, France, and Italy are reported to have defied Washington’s orders and applied to join the Chinese-led Asian Investment Bank. Australia, Japan, […]

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