KEN’S CORNER: The Politics Of Energy

October 5, 2021 0

KEN’S CORNER: The Politics Of Energy Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive Good Morning Vietnam. What we face seems daunting as we wake up in a world that will do anything for money. International […]


Power Generation: Renewables & Reliability

March 6, 2021 1

Renewables and Reliability By: Todd Royal Without reliable electricity, modern life doesn’t exist. This is why the move to an all-electric society is such a bad idea. Most leaders in the West do not understand […]


Europe Simply Can’t Afford A New “Green Deal”

February 11, 2020 0

ER Editor: Our only hope is that another Brexit (Italexit? Frexit?) will happen before this madness truly gets underway, making everybody poorer. ******** Europe Can’t Afford A New “Green Deal” ANDREW MORAN Today’s brand of […]