Don’t Let Them Scare Your Freedoms Away !!!

December 1, 2021 0

Don’t Let Them Scare Your Freedoms Away By Paul Krause Another new day, another new variant of the coronavirus, another new scare campaign by the tyrannical medical establishment and their media lackeys (the South African […]


Big Pharma Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

November 30, 2021 0

Story at-a-glance The American Medical Association explicitly teaches doctors how to deceive patients and the media when asked tough questions about COVID-19, treatment options and COVID shots The AMA also supports expansion of COVID jab […]


Pretrial “Justice” … Is Anything But

November 20, 2021 0

Pretrial “Justice” Is Anything But By: Laura Williams Last week, Matthew Chalkley walked out of a Georgia jail, having been held there, without bond, for more than three years. A jury of his peers exonerated […]

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