‘Experts’ Fail to Argue That Mandates Worked

May 24, 2024 0

By: Ian Miller We’re in the middle of 2024, and the “experts” still won’t give up their ridiculous defense of Covid mandates. By now, the evidence against the effectiveness of Covid policies and so-called “interventions” […]


A Few Questions Mr. Biden …

May 6, 2022 0

Just a few questions, Mr. Biden By: Andrew W. Coy Things going on these days just do not make sense. One just can’t understand why Mr. Biden and his Deep State do the things they […]


How Shanghai’s Lockdown Serves The CCP

April 21, 2022 1

How the Shanghai Lockdown Serves the CCP By: Michael Senger The brutality in Shanghai is all too real. Millions of residents in China’s once-cosmopolitan financial capital have been under strict lockdown for a month. They’re […]


Rolling With … ‘The People’s Convoy’

March 10, 2022 1

Rolling with the People’s Convoy By: B. Crat After living under constant threat of termination due to being unvaxxed and watching the Canadian Trucker Protest with emotional awe (followed by horror), I felt compelled to […]

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