This All Boils Down to Our Children

November 29, 2021 0

This All Boils Down to Our Children Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB) Authors Note: This article was published at the beginning of August 2021, but has been updated and republished for its vital content. So […]


Biden’s Misplaced Anger At Unvaxxed Americans

October 15, 2021 0

Joe Biden’s Misplaced Anger At Unvaccinated Americans By: Frank Liberato Joe Biden is losing his patience with us. He’s a caring dictator and would never force us to do anything he didn’t believe was in […]


Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Speech!

September 10, 2021 0

Biden’s vaccine mandate speech! By: Patricia McCarthy Thursday, President Biden delivered the most insulting, contemptuous and divisive speech by a president in US history. We all know by now that Joe Biden does not care […]

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