Amnesty whitewashes another massacre

May 10, 2015 0

by Paul de Rooij Amnesty International has issued four reports on the Israeli massacre in Gaza in 2014.1 Given the scale of the destruction and the number of fatalities, any attempt to document the crimes […]


The Rise of the “African-American Police State”

May 4, 2015 0

By Garikai Chengu Black people in America live in a police-state-within-a-state. The African American police state exercises its authority over the Black minority through an oppressive array of modern day lynchings by the police, increasing […]


Welcome to Where?

April 28, 2015 0

By Matt Mullins Imagine yourself in these shoes… you and your family live imprisoned behind concrete walls twice the height of the Berlin wall, grimly underlined with razor wire and punctuated by sniper towers. Each […]


Next Target Puerto Rico?

March 15, 2015 0

by CARLOS BORRERO, MARCH 12, 2015 The Repressive Message of the Pentagon’s “Operation Borinquen Response” The significance of a recently divulged plan of the Pentagon to carry out military exercises in Puerto Rico under the […]


The Awakening Springs Unstoppable

February 1, 2015 0

Our united stand in conscious awareness and brotherhood is exactly what they fear and are trying to dispel at every cost. by Zen Gardner People don’t realize the effects of their actions, words and decisions […]

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