Karl Marx Is Alive and Well In 2024 America

May 29, 2024 0

Karl Marx is alive and well in 2024 America By: Vince Coyner Marxism was easily the most destructive political theory ever to be put into practice. Over the course of the 20th century, it was […]


The Ministry Of BS Will See You Now

April 9, 2024 0

The Ministry of BS Will See You Now By: J.B. Shurk I wonder if there is ever a moment while DHS Secretary Mayorkas is claiming that America’s borders are entirely secure and blaming “climate change” […]


An Aging Puppet

March 12, 2024 1

An Aging Puppet By: Susan D. Harris The harm President Biden is doing goes far beyond public policy and geopolitical mistakes. The damage has not only stained the presidency, but has permeated American culture and […]


Biden’s SOTU Address Was, Quite Simply, Horrible

March 8, 2024 0

Biden’s SOTU address was, quite simply, horrible By: Andrea Widburg Joe Biden’s State of the Union (“SOTU”) was unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I started watching these speeches in the mid-1980s. No president has […]


In 2024, Donald Trump Is Our Last Hope

February 7, 2024 0

In 2024, Donald Trump is our last hope By: Bob Weir We the people of these United States have been thrust into a nightmare scenario as we go through, arguably, the strangest era in our […]


The Death Of Citizenship

January 30, 2024 0

The Death of Citizenship By: Steve McCann From 1860 to 2000, in the largest legal migration in human history, over 61 million immigrants arrived in the United States. They were not only escaping poverty and […]


Why We Are Sleepwalking Into Tyranny

November 12, 2023 0

Why we are sleepwalking into tyranny By: Bryce Buchanan The world is heading quite rapidly toward tyranny. We are in a revolutionary period that will dramatically change civilization. Few people understand the gravity of our […]

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