The Media-Deep State Mind Meld

April 8, 2023 0

The media-Deep State mind meld By: Eric Utter Elon Musk’s Twitter recently officially branded NPR “state-affiliated media.” The label is not only undeniably true, but probably an understatement. Nonetheless, the designation predictably caused John Lansing, […]


My Evening With Michelle Obama

December 17, 2022 0

My Evening with Michelle Obama By: Joel Gilbert I attended Michelle Obama’s final book release event this week in Los Angeles at sold-out YouTube Theater. Her celebrity interviewer was Oprah Winfrey. This evening was ostensibly […]


Controlling the Department of Justice

December 13, 2022 0

Controlling the Department of Justice By: Steve McCann The unabashed political persecution and unconscionable years of pre-trial incarceration for some January 6th protesters in direct violation of the Sixth Amendment. The near-psychotic obsession to indict […]


TLBTalk Radio: When Being Concerned Becomes Seditious

October 24, 2022 0

TLBTalk Radio: When Being Concerned Becomes Seditious (Archived) Listen to Archived Show below Intro Article See Reference Links below Archived Show •••• (SHOW SPONSOR) •••• Show Preface by Host: Roger Landry (TLB) Hello, welcome to […]


WITNESS: A Massive Indictment of the Democrat Party

October 8, 2022 2

A massive indictment of the Democrat party By: Ed Brodow The U.S. Constitution, by limiting federal power, is designed to protect the individual citizen from external coercion. “Man should not be in the service of […]


The FBI: A Democrat Party Campaign Arm

August 29, 2022 0

The FBI: A Campaign Arm of the Democrat Party By: Brian C. Joondeph “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity” is the FBI motto. According to the FBI website, this motto, “Succinctly describes the motivating force behind the […]

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