Obama Green Lighted the Heroin Epidemic

April 23, 2016 0

Contributed to TLB By William Edstrom The Brookings Institution reported that Barack Obama ended opium eradication efforts in Afghanistan in 2009, effectively green lighting Afghan opium production and the Afghan heroin trade. By 2010, all […]


Vast experiments on humans: a forgotten document

January 21, 2015 0

Jon Rappoport People are unaware of the vast scope of human experimentation in America. Here are just a few examples: The entire field of psychiatry, which offers 300 so-called mental disorders for diagnosis and drugging, […]


DoD: Population Control Part Of US “Stability Operations”

January 23, 2013 0

A Defence Department official admitted yesterday that population control is an integral part of America’s “stability operations”. James A. Schear, deputy assistant secretary of defense for partnership strategy and stability operations, told an audience at […]

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