Trump & Clinton Debates: The Circus Is In Town!

July 13, 2016 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB) The Donald is literally licking his chops in anticipation of the coming presidential debates! Never before in the history of presidential races has such a lopsided scenario been handed to a presidential […]


The Obvious: Hillary Clinton as Damaged Goods

July 9, 2016 2

Hillary Clinton as Damaged Goods By: Robert Parry Compared to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton presents herself as the well-qualified steady hand to manage U.S. foreign policy over the next four years, yet she has associated […]


Con Vs. Con

June 20, 2016 3

Con Vs. Con by: Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges During the presidential election cycle, liberals display their gutlessness. Liberal organizations, such as, become cloyingly subservient to the Democratic Party. Liberal media, epitomized by MSNBC, […]


Trump – Sanders Combine Forces. Be afraid, Hillary!

May 31, 2016 2

Published from & Next News Network [Edited inserts by TLB Staff] “Things have gotten so bad for Hillary Clinton that she’s refusing to debate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders before the California primary on June […]

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