2021 – Time for America to Grow Up

January 5, 2021 0

Time for America to Grow Up in the New Year By: David Almasi Amid all the stress of 2020, the American people seem to have aged faster than usual. But with age, there must also […]


All About Smartmatic

December 23, 2020 0

All About Smartmatic By: Brian Tomlinson American Thinker published my article about Smartmatic voting systems in Venezuela on Sept. 5, 2017, titled How the Venezuelan Elections Were Rigged. The other day Andrea Widburg published an […]


Institutionalizing Election Fraud

December 18, 2020 0

The Institutionalization of Election Fraud By: Jon N. Hall Many Americans, including this writer, contend that the 2020 presidential election is being stolen. About 70 percent of Republicans and even some Democrats believe that such […]

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