DeSantis Down

July 14, 2023 0

DeSantis Down By: J. Robert Smith In case you didn’t notice, Ron DeSantis is trailing Donald Trump in Florida by a whopping 20 points. For DeSantis to have won a landslide gubernatorial reelection last November, […]



November 12, 2022 1

Time for NEW GOP LEADERSHIP With some Fight & Imagination… By TLB Contributing Author: Joseph M. Lenard Idiot RINO Kevin McCarthy is now running around saying WE WON THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE this cycle, Republicans […]


Can We Trust Polling Results?

October 1, 2022 4

Can we trust Polling Results? Can we trust Polling Results? I still don’t know, but I finally started getting Poll calls for Survey in 2018 Election cycle! By TLB Contributing Author: Joseph M. Lenard Before […]


So, How Big Is The … Angry Majority?

August 20, 2021 0

How Big Is the Angry Majority? By John Green In an article last week, I posited that the silent majority in America is angry and becoming loud. A reader — we’ll call him Lloyd — […]


You Can Forget about Booting Biden

July 16, 2021 2

Forget about Booting Biden By: George Walsh As the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, winds down, expectations are rising that the defects of the 2020 election will finally be addressed. A recent poll reports […]


Witness the Tyrannical Transformation of America

April 18, 2021 1

The tyrannical transformation of America By: David Zukerman Democrats seek an increase membership on the Supreme Court of the United States from nine to 13. At present, the high court is divided among 6 Republican […]

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