2024: The Trump Boom vs. The Biden Bust

October 5, 2023 0

2024: The Trump Boom vs. the Biden Bust By: Michael G. Zey Nothing focuses the minds of American voters more than an economy gone sour. As voters watch their chances of living the American dream […]


Obama Calls Dems ‘Buzzkills’ [Video]

October 16, 2022 0

Obama Calls Democrats ‘Buzzkills’ Dems Make People ‘Walk On Eggshells’ ZERO HEDGE Former President Barack Obama slammed Democrats in a recent podcast, calling them “buzzkills” whose identity politics and cancel culture rhetoric force people to “walk […]


Biden Job Approval Hits New Low

July 5, 2022 0

Biden Job Approval Hits New Low It’s sunk to Negative 27% Paul Joseph Watson As Americans celebrated July the 4th, a new poll shows that President Biden’s job approval has sunk to its lowest level […]

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