The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption

December 9, 2023 0

The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption By: James Bovard Covid lockdowns spurred an endless cornucopia of official hypocrisy. Top politicians brazenly violated the restrictions they inflicted on everyone else. But perhaps the most absurd aspect of […]


The Left’s Systematic Slandering Of Police

May 24, 2023 1

The Left’s Systematic Slandering of the Police By: Richard McDonough After the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd, a Black man, in the custody of Minneapolis Police, many Democrats, including Joe Biden, have said […]


A Cabal of Sociopaths

May 21, 2023 0

A Cabal of Sociopaths By: Clarice Feldman If we learned anything this past week, we’ve learned that the continued life of this Constitutional Republic is in grave danger from the cabal of sociopaths in critical […]


I, Fentanyl

January 27, 2023 0

I, Fentanyl By: Jeffrey B. Stamm In 1958, Leonard A. Read penned the timeless, iconic essay, “I, Pencil.” His eloquent message, told from the perspective of the simple pencil, has served to instruct millions of […]


Spelling Out The Problem With W-o-k-e-n-e-s-s

January 9, 2023 0

Spelling Out the Problem with W-o-k-e-n-e-s-s By: David Gordon Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America by John McWhorter Portfolio/Penguin, 2021, xv + 201 pp. John McWhorter is an eminent linguistics professor […]


What Became Of The DC Truckers’ Convoy?

March 24, 2022 1

What became of the DC truckers’ convoy? By: Michael Letts When protesters rioted in Washington, D.C. after the death of George Floyd, leftist politicians welcomed them. They even went so far as to paint “Black […]

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