Confessions Of A Deprogrammed Trump Supporter [Video]

January 24, 2021 0

Confessions of A Deprogrammed Trump Supporter [Satirically] by Matthew Ehret As many people are aware, CNN recently aired a wonderful interview by former Moonie-turned-cult-deprogrammer Steve Hassan giving advice to Americans wishing to deprogram their MAGA-hat wearing […]


Apps Under Development for Global Vaccine Passport

January 8, 2021 1

Apps Now Being Developed for Global Vaccine Passport Story at-a-glance Vaccine passports are here and expected to become “widely available” during the first half of 2021 The passports will be attached to cellphone apps that […]


Freedom or Serfdom? It’s up to us

December 30, 2020 0

by Steve Cook We hear talk of the New World Order and the Great Reset and so forth and whatever these things are exactly is anybody’s guess – especially as whatever we are told about […]

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