How The “Unvaccinated” Got It Right

January 31, 2023 1

How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right By: Robin Koerner Scott Adams is the creator of the famous cartoon strip, Dilbert. It is a strip whose brilliance derives from close observation and understanding of human behavior. […]


Bill Gates Global Takeover Is Official

December 26, 2022 0

STORY AT-A-GLANCE The World Health Organization has become extraordinarily conflicted, primarily through its funding, and by serving corporate masters, it fails miserably at promoting global health The WHO will form the foundation for a one […]


LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E95): Integrity – A Work-In-Progress

September 7, 2022 0

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E95): Integrity – A Work-In-Progress Shows Originally Broadcast Live On: ShakeAndWake Radio ~ Episode XI WATCH ARCHIVED SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE •••• Your Host: Luca Majno And I welcome everyone back to […]


On Human Rights . . .

June 26, 2022 1

by Watchdog I am working on a project to see if I can figure out what the policies and basic principles would be of an honest government that sincerely works to raise the survival level […]


How the Pandemic Response Changed My Thinking

June 4, 2022 1

How the Pandemic Response Changed My Thinking By: Jeffrey A. Tucker Looking back to the “before times” – meaning before the middle of March 2020 – we were all quite naive about liberty, technology, the […]


Interview: Students Against Mandates

March 24, 2022 0

Interview: Students Against Mandates Jeffrey Tucker (BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE)  interviews Leigh Vossen and Brandon Paradoski Leigh Vossen, President & Founder and Brandon Paradoski, VP & Head of Science at Students Against Mandates join with Jeffrey Tucker […]


How 70 Years of Progress … Ended

March 12, 2022 0

How Seventy Years of Progress Came to an End By: Jeffrey A. Tucker The new inflation numbers are out. It’s 8 percent on consumer prices, or so they say. Not even that is believable. More […]


WITNESS: A New Age of Barbarism

February 26, 2022 1

A New Age of Barbarism By: Jeffrey A. Tucker Political leaders in the US, Canada, Germany, and France – all NATO countries – got back on script yesterday. They could not wait to get to […]

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