The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption

December 9, 2023 0

The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption By: James Bovard Covid lockdowns spurred an endless cornucopia of official hypocrisy. Top politicians brazenly violated the restrictions they inflicted on everyone else. But perhaps the most absurd aspect of […]


FBI = Following Biden’s Instructions?

November 5, 2023 0

FBI = Following Biden’s Instructions? Does “FBI” now stand for “Following Biden’s Instructions”? By James Bovard via The FBI is doing backflips to boost Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Unfortunately, federal courts don’t recognize law […]


Celebrate Fourth Of July By Cussing Politicians

July 4, 2023 0

Celebrate Fourth Of July By Cussing Politicians By James Bovard via America was founded by rowdy folks who enjoyed nothing better than applying tar and feathers to British tax collectors. For a couple centuries, Independence […]


Endangering Washington’s Divine Right To Deceive

April 18, 2023 0

Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive By: James Bovard Do Americans have the right to know if the $100 billion in their tax dollars that the Biden administration is delivering to Ukraine is being wasted? […]


There’s No Cure For Washington’s Arrogance

March 17, 2023 0

There is No Cure for Washington’s Arrogance By: James Bovard •••• •••• Why were so many smart people so very servile and intolerant during Covid-19 crackdowns? Federal pandemic follies were the natural result of the […]


Biden’s Crackdown on Thought Crimes

November 27, 2021 0

The Biden Crackdown on Thought Crimes By: James Bovard The Biden administration is seeking to radically narrow the boundaries of respectable American political thought. The administration has repeatedly issued statements and reports that could automatically […]


Absolute Power Is Not A Covid Safety Net

August 31, 2021 0

Absolute Power Is No Covid Safety Net By: James Bovard Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown champions have perennially invoked “science and data” to sanctify any mandate politicians impose. Hard facts have recently […]


The Coming ‘January 6’ Train Wreck

July 24, 2021 0

The Coming ‘January 6’ Train Wreck With the DOJ’s first sentencing, the legal realities are disappointing the left’s lust for blood. by James Bovard The January 6 Capitol clash may be the gift that keeps […]

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