Government Forces Social Media To Censor Us

April 23, 2022 1

The Federal Government Forces Social Media Companies to Censor Americans By: Jenin Younes In May of 2021, the Biden Administration began a public, coordinated campaign to combat the dissemination of “health misinformation” related to Covid, […]


Your Right to Refuse a Health Passport

March 4, 2021 0

Your Right to Refuse a Health Passport By: Jenin Younes At a press conference this afternoon, New York’s now disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo provided details of the health passport program he had announced a day […]


The Faces Of Lockdown

January 24, 2021 0

Faces of Lockdowns By: Amelia Janaskie, Jenin Younes & Taleed Brown  While data, statistics, historical allusions, and appeals to morality all demonstrate the disastrous nature of lockdowns, none show the devastation as vividly as personal stories […]


Political Party Abandons the Working Class

November 7, 2020 0

The Political Parties Abandon the Working Class By: Jenin Younes About four years ago, on one of the many days I was lamenting the election of Donald Trump, a friend handed me a copy of […]