Rosenstein, Doublespeak and Doublecross

August 4, 2018 0

Rosenstein, Doublespeak and Doublecross Rosenstein is the consummate Bureaucrat.. slippery as a fresh caught 20 lb Carp.. he says one thing and does another. We know for sure what his answer would be if the […]


Rod Rosenstein Blackmailing Members of Congress

July 6, 2018 1

Rod Rosenstein Blackmailing Members of Congress by Tony Elliott It did not take long for Heinrich Himmler lookalike, Rod Rosenstein to get even with Rep. Jim Jordan’s hard-line questioning during the House Judiciary Committee hearing […]


Problems With FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

December 21, 2017 0

McCabe and Mr. Mueller By: Daniel John Sobieski As Fox News has reported, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has rescheduled his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee with the Justice Department telling the network that […]

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