Test less accurate than PCR test discovered!

April 6, 2021 0

by Jon Davy The arch loon in Downing Street, Borifice McMuppet has come up with another brilliant wheeze according to the front page of today’s Times (5th April 2021). Everybody in the UK will be […]


A nice little earner: the invention of diseases

March 31, 2021 0

A nice little earner: the invention of diseases Intro by Jon Davy The following article makes a fascinating read. The current destructive debacle of the Covid/Vaccine psychological warfare attack on the people of Earth has […]


Ask questions! Your life may depend on it.

February 25, 2021 0

Intro by Jon Davy The main problem we are up against in this attack upon human civilisation by its enemies is our failure to ask the obvious glaring questions and to keep right on asking […]


Gov false Covid claims rumbled

January 27, 2021 1

Introduction by Jon Davy Per the following article, the pathologically dishonest gang of subversives posing as our government have spent over £100 million of OUR money on advertising that forwards the blitz of untruths, half […]


Moving over to Cause

January 7, 2021 2

by Jon Davy A few days ago we published this article Here’s another Wild Idea: if it was good enough for Thomas Paine . . . at A fair number of people seemed to […]

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