1 Million Surge In Part-Time Jobs As Full-Timers Crash

August 5, 2023 0

1 Million Surge In Part-Time Jobs As Full-Timers Crash Disastrous Jobs Report: Staggering Downward Revisions While the prevailing post-payrolls narrative has focused on the divergence between the soggy headline payrolls print (which at 187K not […]


Kamala Harris’s … Population Bomb

July 22, 2023 0

Kamala Harris’s Population Bomb By: Jeffrey Folks Kamala Harris recently came out with another shocking statement, and one that made it clear just where progressives stand on euthanasia, the right to life, and related issues. […]


Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid To Act

May 19, 2023 1

Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid to Act By: Steve Feinstein Another example of indisputably corrupt and unscrupulous Democrat behavior has erupted onto the national scene with the release of the years-long Durham probe into the alleged […]


Leftist Media Polls Are Often Wrong

October 2, 2022 1

Remember: Leftist Media Polls Are Often Wrong By: Jeffrey Folks The usual election spin has begun. “Biden’s not really so bad. Democrats will retain the House and Senate. Newsom will step in for the ’24 […]


Unbelievable … This Can’t Be True

November 1, 2021 3

This Can’t Be True By: Steve Feinstein Unbelievable. That’s really the only way to describe the never-ending onslaught of bad news and incredible occurrences that are exploding in our daily lives. Just when you think […]


Witness – Our Mounting Orwellian Nightmare

January 16, 2021 0

Our Mounting Orwellian Nightmare Commentary by: Jeffrey Folks So we are to imagine that those who objected to Biden’s having stolen the election are responsible for the violence at the Capitol? And that, going forward, […]

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