KEN’S CORNER: Solitude vs Loneliness

May 4, 2023 0

KEN’S CORNER: Solitude vs Loneliness Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive The lockdowns of the not to distant past taught us something profound, and what that is, is a reflection of what motivates us. […]


WITNESS: The Ruination of Children

March 9, 2023 2

The Ruination of Children By: Christine Black •••• •••• Imagining the worlds of an 11, 14, or 16-year-old in one of my classes over the last three years strikes me with grief at times. Suddenly, […]


Loneliness Is an Epidemic

January 26, 2023 0

Story at-a-glance Loneliness has been at “epidemic” levels for several years. In a 2018 survey of Americans aged 18 and older, 46% reported “sometimes” or “always” feeling lonely A World Health Organization study published in […]


The Psychology of Totalitarianism

July 3, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance Mass formation is a form of mass hypnosis that emerges when specific conditions are met, and almost always precede the rise of totalitarian systems Four central conditions that need to exist in order […]


Why Do I Feel So Alone?

June 2, 2017 0

Why Do I Feel So Alone?  By TLB Contributing Author: Alan Morrison First, let me say this: Spiritual aloneness is not the same as loneliness. People very often communicate to me how lonely and isolated […]