Agency Takes a Shot at Following the Law This Time

August 17, 2017 2

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt Here is a list of state exemptions to vaccination. All states except for three (California, Mississippi, and West Virginia) allow for a religious or philosophical exemption to opt out […]


State Vaccine Laws and Exemptions

March 26, 2016 1

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer . While much of America is pro vaccine, there is a growing number of people questioning vaccine effectiveness and safety. Laws that mandate vaccine vary by state […]


50 Dangers From Obamacare

December 12, 2012 0

This list contains information pulled from the first House bill HR 3200. Its mandates and threats likely survived in one form or another into the 2080 page monster from the Senate. This list therefore is […]

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